I know you’re out there! I have the stats that prove people really do read my blog!

However, I would love it if more people posted comments. Even moreso if people would speak up about what they would like to read. I teased you with four stories… Anyone else want to put in their two cents/pence/pesos worth in on a story choice?

Life has been very hectic, so you have until Friday to make your choices known. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Alright…

Add yours

  1. i’m sorry, sweetie…

    life has been flat out for me of late, and i’ve had just one day this week to do any sort of reading…and then the factory called with another bit of work and that ended that!

    i read mostly via email, since it is fast that way, and i don’t often get time to zing back here to comment.

    But i am reading!


  2. I’ll be honest, I love your writing, but there is so much of it I despair ever catching up or keeping up, so I tend to browse quickly and move on in a desperate attempt to get my “undread posts” count under 30 or so.

    So please don’t take it personally. I’ll try and do better.

    1. Dear, just take it a story or a bit at a time. It isn’t going away. And the longer ones always get put in the Series section. And no, I don’t take it personally. I just hope you enjoy what you do read.

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