Left For Dead part 10

“Slow and easy or fast and furious,” Jason asked.

“Huh?” said Willow.

“Undressing. Piece by piece or just strip off and dive under the covers?” he clarified.

“Umm…Piece by piece? You take off one and I’ll take off one?” she said a little uncertain.

“Alright. Shoes and socks first,” said Jason. He knew that would relieve a little tension and plus make it a little less awkward when they got down to jeans. He sat down and removed his shoes and socks.

“Jeans but not undies next?” asked Willow.

“Fine by me,” said Jason. He pulled off his jeans and put them on his chair next to the bed. That left him in his sports briefs, flannel shirt and teeshirt.

Willow slowly pulled off her jeans. It wasn’t to tease or tantalize, she was nervous and trying not to show it. While she’d wanted to do this, part of her was having second thoughts. She put her jeans on the trunk.

“Top shirt?” Jason asked. Willow nodded and now they were both down to an undershirt of some sort and undies. Willow was beginning to look a little nervous. “How about we get into bed and just touch for a bit before we take off any more clothes?” Jason asked.

“Okay. Plus, it’s a little cold,” said Willow.

They climbed into bed and Jason checked the drawer for condoms, although he didn’t pull one out. He had some, but didn’t think they’d get that far tonight. Honestly, he was amazed they got this far. Jason turned to Willow and kissed her.

Willow kissed back. She felt safe in his arms and snuggled up closer. He put one arm around her and held her close. It still felt good. Her hand touched his arm and then slowly glided down his chest to his hip.

Jason steeled himself to keep calm. The last thing he needed right now was an erection with a mind of it’s own. He pulled Willow close and they kissed. He smiled when her arm stroked his side. He let his own hand rest first on her shoulder and then on her back. When Willow’s hand began to touch his ass, he let his own hand touch hers. She didn’t flinch, which was good. They kept on kissing.

Willow wanted to touch him. His cock. He wasn’t real hard, but she wanted to feel the weight of his cock in her hand, but she felt shy about the whole process. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to have him touch her in the same way now that they were to this point. Slowly, she brought her hand down to his cock and let her fingers trail over the thin cotton.

Jason tried not to gasp when he felt her hand touch him. He just kept on kissing her and stroking her back. “Would you like me to take off my teeshirt?” he asked.

“Um…” she hesitated.

“You don’t have to take anything else off yet,” he said trying to relieve a bit of tension.

“Oh. Okay,” she said and removed her hand from his cock.

Jason took a deep breath as the shirt went over his head. It gave him a few seconds to calm things down. He dropped the shirt to the floor.

Willow looked at Jason’s chest. There was the typical farmer’s tan evident even in winter, scars, and very little body hair. “You’re not very hairy,” she said.

“No, Part Nez Perce. So, I missed out on that,” he said.

“Oh. And where did all these scars come from?” she asked as she traced some of them.

“Barbed wire, a bb gun, dog bite, tree,” he said as he named the scars Willow touched. He didn’t mind, because she was touching him and not worrying about it like she had a few minutes ago.

Willow nodded and then put her hand on his stomach and cuddled close. She lay there with her head on his chest and listened to his heart. Her own was racing and she relaxed hearing the slow steady pace of his. After a minute, she moved her had a little lower until it was resting just above the elastic of his briefs.

Jason did his best to keep his breathing steady. He could feel her heart racing under his hand and knew everything depended on him keeping calm. In spite of thinking about everything from killing chickens to Betsy, he could feel his erection growing. The tip was sitting just below her hand, and if he got any stiffer, it would poke out of his briefs.

Willow looked down and grazed the edge of her hand across his briefs. She brushed his cock through the material and it twitched. She did it again, and the head of his cock began to peek out of his briefs. She did it a third time and smiled as it twitched more than the first time. Willow giggled.

“What’s so funny?” asked Jason.

“Your… your cock,” she said as she touched him again and it bounced.

Jason sighed. “Okay, it has a mind of it’s own. Okay?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said.

Jason looked at her and stripped off his briefs with one hand and kicked them off. His cock stood proud and bobbed up and down.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re a bit bigger than my last boyfriend.”

“Okay. Does that bother you?” he asked.

“No, not really. It’s just that um… May I touch it?” she asked.

“Why stop now? You were touching me earlier. That’s how I got in this condition,” he said in a joking tone. “Please let her be okay with this,” he thought.

“Oh yeah,” she said almost absentmindedly. She traced her fingers up and down his cock, and across his balls. Willow touched him a little more each trip. Tentatively, she wrapped her hand around his cock and gently stroked up and down.

Jason moaned. It felt so good to have her touch him. He worked at keeping calm, and it wasn’t very affective. His heart beat faster and as she continued to stroke his cock, his breathing became faster and a bit ragged.

Willow watched as his cock responded to her touch. It became firmer and then the first drop of pre-cum pearled at the tip. She touched it and rubbed it on his cock. She could feel his heart beating faster under her head. When he gasped, she turned to look at him.

“You okay with me touching you and you not touching me?” she asked.

“Yyyes, just don’t stop,” Jason said. He could feel an orgasm building and the last thing he wanted her to do was stop.

“Oh. Okay,” Willow said. She stroked his cock a little more firmly. It had been a long time since she’d given anyone a hand job. She watched his cock turn a deeper red and then it pulsed under her hand and he began to come in spurts that arched up his stomach and across her hand. She kept stroking him until there was no more.

“Uhhh,” Jason moaned.

Willow released his cock, and went to the bathroom. She came back in a minute with a warm washcloth and started to clean him off.

“I’ll do that,” said Jason.

“No, I made that mess and I’ll clean it up,” she said with a shy smile on her face.

“Alright, I won’t protest. Your hand feels very nice,” Jason said.

Willow smiled again and finished cleaning up the sticky sperm. Then she went back to the bathroom and crawled into bed on her side. Jason rolled over to face her.

“Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” answered Willow.

“Do you want touched?” he asked.

“Um, yes. Just your fingers?” she asked.

“You decide. You are the one in charge,” Jason said.

Willow nodded and under the covers she took off her top and undies. Then she took Jason’s hand and put it on her mound. Jason just cupped her for a moment and then slowly stroked her thighs and mound. Willow opened her legs and he let his hand move between them.

Willow was a little tense, but Jason was going slowly and she tried to relax. It was like he was reading her and when she got a little freaked, he slowed down. Very slowly, he moved one finger between her lips and let it graze her clit. She wasn’t as wet as she might be, but he didn’t worry. They had time. He touched her clit a little more.

“Oh,” Willow said softly.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes, and that feels nice,” she answered.

Jason kissed her and let his fingertips slide downwards until they came to her pussy. He slid just a tip inside of her and then back up to her clit. He did this several times, listening to her heart and breathing.

“Jason,” she gasped.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Please make me come,” she begged and arched her hips so that his fingers went in deeper.

“You sure?” he asked. The last thing he wanted to do was rush her or make her feel she had to let him touch her.

“Yes!” she said.

Jason increased the speed of his fingers and added his thumb to the movement. In a moment, Willow was arching up off the bed in orgasm.

“Ohhhh,” she cried as she came. Her body shuddered and then she lay there breathing shallowly.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

Willow smiled and then curled up in his arms. Within moments, she was asleep. Jason turned so that he could switch off the bedside lamp and went to sleep with Willow in his arms.

4 thoughts on “Left For Dead part 10

  1. SS, I agree with you 100%. I was just thinking that people really miss out when they don’t have these experiences. I know I would take some of it right now, no questions asked. Tip

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