The Cabin part 3

Chapter 6

Sawny woke with a start. There was a noise downstairs. Ian she wondered? She looked over the loft rail and didn’t see anyone. Looking at her clock, she realized it was 5am. Damn. Creeping downstairs she headed for the sounds. Looking in the kitchen, she saw the window was open and the tail end of a raccoon headed out with the loaf of bread. She grabbed the broom and headed out the door. Blasted wildlife! She ran out the door swinging the broom at the raccoon. It chattered as it ran off with her bread.

Headed back towards the cabin, she reached for the door as a voice spoke out of the darkness. “I really do like those early morning broom outfits of yours,” Ian said.

She screamed because he startled her. Dropping the broom she turned and didn’t

know whether to hug him or hit him. “Damn you! You scared the hell out of me!” she said. “Why can’t you show up at normal times like everyone else?” Then she realized what he had said, looked down and thought, “I’ve done it again!” She sprinted into the house for her robe.

Water was on to boil when she came down. Ian had brought some food from his mom’s and was putting it on the table. “Sorry about this morning. I meant to get here last night, but I got tired and pulled over to sleep. Woke up and decided to see if I could get in without waking you. Raccoon ruined that plan,” he said softly.

She smiled at him. What she wanted to do was run over and hug him to make sure he was real. She knew how much she had missed him the moment she heard his voice. Now to deal with this burst of emotion with some reason. Men were still a scary subject.

Ian turned to make the tea. He wanted so much to touch her, but afraid to scare her away. He was walking on eggshells. Ian turned back with the cups in his hands. Sawny was right behind him, and before he could do anything, she bumped into the cups sending the hot liquid all over her side. Without a second thought, he dropped the cups and reached to help her remove the soaked clothing. He grabbed the water jug and poured cool water over the scalded area. She had the towel in hand and was mopping up and trying to dry off all at once.

“Sawny, I am so sorry. I didn’t see you…” he didn’t finish the sentence as it soaked into his brain that she was standing there almost nude.

“Ow… oh.. I’m okay,” she stuttered and then realized that he wasn’t talking anymore. “oh…” Her tee-shirt was soaked and her robe was in a puddle on the floor.

Ian handed her his shirt. He held it in front of her while she took off the tee-shirt. It fit like a robe. Both of them had turned a shade of red. This isn’t how she wanted things to go, but she could read his face and knew how fast her own heart was beating. She had to do something about this. Now was not the time to panic or run away. The scald hurt, but this had to be fixed now.

Sawny took a deep breath and took him by the hand into the main room of the cabin. Gingerly she sat on the couch and asked him to sit with her. Little did Ian know how much courage this took. Ian sat and waited. His heart was going through the roof and it was all he could do not to explode. The conflict between having hurt her and how she effected him was playing chaos with his thoughts.

“Ian, when I came out here, it was to get away from a relationship that had gone

really wrong. The last thing I expected was to meet anyone,” she started.

“I think I understand. I should have left that first day things got out of hand and never looked back,” he said looking down at the floor.

“Oh…No. Wait a minute I need you to understand something. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” she said as her hand gripped his tighter. “I just wanted you to know I didn’t plan any of this. I didn’t realize how I felt until that morning when I woke up and you were gone.”

Ian’s heart thought it skipped a beat. She felt the way he did. “I went because I didn’t want things to go too fast. I didn’t want to scare you away,” he said as he looked at her and felt the last barrier fall between them. Gently, Ian pulled her towards him. Sawny didn’t resist. In fact, she seemed to melt into his arms. Sawny curled up against him as much as her skin would let her and relaxed. She had missed intimacy so much.

Ian struggled to breathe normally. He had wanted this since that first day. “Relax,” he thought. “Don’t screw it up now.” He put his hand on her shoulder and she winced. “Oh! I’m sorry. Does it hurt that much?” he asked as he rose off the couch. He looked around for his carryall. Mom’s salve was in it.

“It’s tender. What is that?” she asked as he came back with a jar filled with green


“It’s my mom’s salve. Good for burns and scrapes and that type of thing. You need

to take my shirt off, so we can put some on,” he said.

Sawny hesitated for a moment and then slowly pulled it off. Her skin hadn’t

blistered, but was a deep pink. Tender too. She looked at Ian and then put out her hand for the salve. He shook his head, and said, “You have to learn to trust me sometime.”

She rolled her eyes, holding the shirt over the parts of her body that weren’t scalded. Ian started to put on the salve. It was so cool to the touch, and he was light handed. It smelled of lavender and mint. Relief. When he had finished, he picked her up and carried her up the stairs to the bed.

“Wait a minute!” she said in a slight panic.

“Not what you think Sawny, I’m just putting you to bed and getting you covered

up. I don’t want you going into shock. Those burns aren’t bad, but they aren’t going to

disappear in 10 minutes either,” he said firmly.

His look as he tucked her in was one of concern and authority. She stayed put. He disappeared downstairs and she could hear him cleaning up the mess. She drifted off to sleep wondering where they went from here. Seduction with an invalid is a cramp in anyone’s style.

Sawny woke to see the light stream across the end of the bed. She looked at the clock. 4:15pm. Had she dreamed the whole thing? No, the body still hurt the way only a burn can. She needed to get up.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ian’s voice came from a spot on the floor.

“I need to go before we have a bigger mess!” she said trying not to giggle. No bathrobe, no shirt. To hell with it, she stood up and went for the stairs. A little unsteady, she felt his hand on her elbow before she saw him. Ian helped her down the stairs and through the kitchen. She was so glad that they had added a compost privy to the cabin. She couldn’t have walked farther.

As she came out and washed her hands, he handed her her robe. It was warm. “I

rinsed it out, and hung it out to dry,” he said. “Are you hungry?”

“I could eat a four course meal. Just no tea for me please,” she smiled. Ian laughed and brought out some fruit and cake that his mom had sent with him.

“Thanks for the salve. You have a gentle touch,” she said as she ate.

“Paramedic training and mom’s magic green goo. She gave it to me the other night. I had run out of it,” he went on. “Good thing too. I’ll put some more on after you’ve eaten.”

What a paradox Sawny thought. “I want his touch, but not because I’m hurt!” She ate a bit more and stood up. “Let’s go back upstairs,” she said. Sawny headed for the loft much steadier than she came down.

Trying not to blush, she laid down after she took off her robe. The breast and shoulder were the most tender. The cool feel of the salve on her skin was giving her goosebumps. He had almost finished when she held his hand to her stomach and softly said, “Thank you.” She leaned forward and kissed him. There was that jolt of electricity again. Ian felt like his skin was on fire. As deftly as he could, he tucked her up in bed and then excused himself.

Out the cabin and off to the stream, he went. He stripped off and plunged into the stream. That water was cold! Oh did he need it. “Why on earth didn’t I look before I turned?” he asked himself. He kicked himself mentally frame by frame for that stupidity. She was beautiful dressed, but there she was hurt and naked and all he could think was how much he wanted her. All he could do is put salve on that lovely skin… Damn. He got out and dried off in the evening sun. Standing there naked, he stretched.

Sawny was watching from the window and sighed. He was gorgeous, and here she was toasted. Typical. She watched him dress and then popped back in bed before he got back to the house. What an entanglement of heart and head.

They sat and talked all evening. Ian made a light dinner and they ate it in the loft. They talked about him coming back to the ranch after his father died and how he never left. All the plans for work or further study just disappeared. The ranch became his life. She understood and told him about her father’s death not so long ago. Then they talked about Sawny’s last two years. She opened up about Jake and what had happened that night she ended up in the hospital. Ian understood why she had been so man shy. He wanted to tear Jake limb from limb, but didn’t tell her that. No man should ever abuse a woman. He felt odd hating a man he had never met, and it troubled him.

As she fell asleep, he covered her up and then lay down on the floor. He could

have lain on the couch downstairs, but didn’t want to be that far away.

It was his turn to wake up to hearing noises. He glanced at the bed and she was gone. Noises were coming from the kitchen. He crawled out of the sleeping bag, pulled on his jeans and went downstairs.

“Morning,” she said as he entered. She was wearing an impromptu halter and shorts. The burns looked almost healed. She handed him a cup of coffee and steered him towards the table. He sat and watched her while she fussed around the kitchen. It wasn’t her thing, but she managed.

“You sound like you feel better,” Ian offered.

“Yes. Your mom’s salve is great. Only one or two really tender spots,” she said as she came round the corner with biscuits and jam. “Not the greatest, but never did say I was a good cook.”

After breakfast, they planned the addition of a shower and tub space to the cabin. Ian was drawing and Sawny leaned over his shoulder. Her breasts grazed his shoulder and neck. “Breathe!” he thought to himself. The effort to hold back was beginning to show. Ian finished the drawings and put the pencil down. Putting his arm gently around the side with the burn, he drew her to him and began to kiss her. Her lips pressed eagerly to his. It was awkward at the table, so he picked her up and carried her over to the couch.

Her halter disappeared, and his hands caressed her gently avoiding the tender skin. Sawny’s hands ran over his chest, running her fingers through the sun lightened curls. His lips moved down her neck, kissing and licking the lavender scented skin. Then Ian’s lips moved to her nipple. He ran his tongue over it till it crinkled. She moaned and he took it in his mouth, letting his tongue play over it.

“Wa..wai.. wait a minute Ian..” she gasped. Oh how her body ached for this, but not on the couch. She disentangled herself and took his hand. Ian realized that she was headed upstairs, picked her up and they were in the loft before she could protest.

He laid her down on the bed and with his eyes asking permission, started to remove her shorts. He then stood up and dropped his jeans to the floor. Gently he got back on the bed with her. Sawny looked over his long frame. Well proportioned for as tall as he was she thought. His cock stood next to his balls and was nested in the same brown curls as his chest. He had a farmers tan line that made her smile. It looked like he had on a light brown shirt and white leggings. She wanted to grab his cock and fondle it, but she ran her fingers up and down his body. She didn’t want to rush this for any reason. It had been so long.

Ian looked down at Sawny. She really was tiny, except for her breasts. They

weren’t huge, but they made an impression. She was running her fingers over his skin in a way that made him feel like he was going to explode. He returned the favor. Ian’s fingers ran around her nipples and down to her belly button. He grazed the edge of her panties that she had left on. “Wait,” he thought. “Just wait”.

Ian pulled Sawny to him so that their bodies touched. He could feel her toes tickling his shins. Her hands wrapped round to his back caressing as they went. His hands explored the cleft of her ass and the way she fit in his hands.

Sawny moaned as he touched and held her. She could feel his pulse as his cock throbbed against her. It was pressed against her hips, and she felt herself go wet. The way he caressed her ass was setting her on fire. Ian ran his hands down from her shoulders all the way to the backs of her knees. “Ohh,” the moan escaped her lips. She was kissing and nibbling his neck while her hands explored his torso. Her fingers weren’t long enough to reach any farther unless she moved.

Ian thought that he would explode. Her moan against his neck made him shiver with pleasure. His self-restraint was wearing thin. This time as his hands ran up her thighs, his fingers slipped under the thin cloth and touched her lips. So moist, so soft. He pulled back from their embrace and slowly pulled off her panties. Ian smiled when he realized that her curls were as red brown as her hair.

As her panties left her, she realized that the point of no return had long since passed. She looked into his hazel eyes and wanted to melt. She opened her legs, and he moved between them. He picked up her ankle and was nibbling the flesh on the inner side. The sensation was exquisite. Ian moved up her leg stopping to kiss and bite the calf, knee and upper thigh. She didn’t know if she could take any more. He must have known, because he stopped and grinned.

Ian let his fingers explore her lips as she watched him. Caressing and tugging the outer lips, she opened up like a rose. Her smell made him want to dive in and forget to come up for air. Slowly, he kissed his way up to her crotch. Then ever so cautiously, his lips moved over hers. His tongue moved up and down working slowly between the lips. He savored the sweet taste of her as his tongue worked its way to her clit. He found that precious bud and began to tongue it in earnest. His hands went under her ass to hold her close. Her hips bucked and she moved in time with his tongue.

“Ohh oh oh oh oh oh,” she moaned louder and louder. The caress he was giving her with his tongue was almost more than she could bear. His tongue moved from her clit down to that sweet opening, darting in and out. It was too much. Sawny’s body began to shake and shudder with orgasm. She swore she could feel him smile as he worked his tongue faster and faster over her lips. “Aaa-yyyyeeee!” she exclaimed, as her body locked in rolling orgasms. Ian stopped and let her melt to the bed. He wiped his beard on the bedding, but when he reached up to kiss her, she could taste herself on his tongue and lips.

“You… you…,” she took a breath, “wonderfully tongued man!” she finally got out. The world wasn’t done spinning yet though, so she lay there while he continued to caress her skin.

It was her turn. Sawny moved so that she crouched over his body. She started by kissing and sucking on his nipples. When they were all hot and wet, she blew on them to make the skin crinkle. Then she slid her hot mouth back over them. Ian moaned and squirmed. She moved down his firm belly, kissing and biting as she went. When she got down to his cock, she didn’t touch it. She ran her fingers around the base and down along his balls. Ian thought that he was going to explode. It had been a long time and games like this were almost too much for him. He took a deep breath.

She moved so that he couldn’t see what she was doing. Her ass was towards him,

and Ian’s hand caressed it. She bent over and cupped his balls in her lips. The hand on her ass tensed. Slowly, she kissed up between the balls to the base of his cock. She sucked the skin at the base, and then slowly worked up to the head. It throbbed like it had a life of it’s own as she did this. The hand on her ass moved and was caressing her lips and making her ache. Sawny took his cock into her mouth, letting her lips slide as far down as they could. Her lips moving and her tongue flicking his cock were almost too much for Ian.

“Sawnnn….y….. ah…ah…ah..,” he gasped. He was trying to get her to stop but his body didn’t agree. She moved off of his cock and turned and smiled. She knew what she was doing. Ian grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. Her legs wrapped around him and he slid into her. Hot, wet and tight. “Oh my g…,” was as far as his thoughts went.

They moved in concert like they had done this many times before. Ian’s hands switching from her ass to her breasts and back again. Sawny rode his cock, caressing his chest or reaching behind to caress his balls. They moved rapidly until there was no more movement, just exquisite pleasure punctuated by heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. The electric spark that started with a kiss exploded in orgasm. Ian felt like he lifted off the bed while Sawny floated away, the only thing anchoring her to this world were the hands on her body. Shuddering with pleasure, Sawny melted to the bed next to Ian. She looked over to see if he breathing. Yes, he was breathing. She smiled as she closed her eyes.

They must have lain like that for an hour. Occasionally one would caress the other. It was subtle, languid motion. All passion spent. Ian decided he had to break the spell and get up. “Come on, let’s get up,” he urged.

Sawny smiled and moved to the edge of the bed. She felt better than she had in a long time. She followed Ian down to the kitchen. He was filling a basin with water so that the two of them could wash. He added the last of the warm water off of the stove as well. Sawny went first with Ian trying to rinse off her skin without hitting any of the tender areas.

“That water is too cold!” Sawny protested. Ian had just dumped warm water over her.

“You ought to try the stream,” Ian laughed.

“I’ve seen you jump in, and it didn’t look pretty!” Sawny smiled back. They were almost cleaned up from their escapades. A shower or a real tub was a definite project for this week. Maybe even tomorrow. “Are you going to be long in town?” she asked.

Ian shrugged, “Maybe 2-3 hours. I have to phone mom, pick up some food and see about some other stuff. I should be back about dark.”

“Alright, I guess I can last that long,” she said as she winked and walked off to find some clothes.

4 thoughts on “The Cabin part 3

  1. All right WW, we know nilla is working at writing a book, you are right there with her, equally as good but different, and you should think about it as well, if you haven’t. I really enjoy your writing. Tip

    1. Um…. Wolf says the same thing. Only he is a little more direct. “And WHEN are you going to publish?” I’m getting there. Really. Will probably have to do the vanity publishing thing. I’m glad you like my writings Tip.

  2. Tip, I’ve asked her the same question a couple of times, she gets a little dodgy with an answer. Hopefully she gets the hint with you, me and Wolf suggesting that she does.
    Another great story, thanks

    1. Mea Culpa! I will admit that every time I really think about it I get a)cold feet or b)my life gets chaotic enough that I’m back to square one. MTJAFT is the #1 candidate at the moment for publishing. Wolf also says that the Vanillaverse stories in a compilation might work too. I will jump over my shadow. Especially as I can’t see my shadow with all you men standing behind me. 🙂

      I’m glad you like the story though SSir. 🙂

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