Flash Fiction Friday Bubbles!

Purple tickled. Green tingled. Red swelled orgasmically. Gold soothed. Elf felt fantastic floating amongst the crystalline lifeforms in her dream.

Space was suppose to be weird, strange, adventurous. Elf slept in her bunk, and dreamed of… bubbles. Spheres moving on their own and eliciting emotions or sensations. Amongst them were little bluebirds and and other tiny creatures. They herded the bubbles up against her body. The sensations were amazing.


Elf opened her eyes. An exploded sphere filled the cabin with the scent of flowers. It wasn’t a dream! She was floating mid-air, surrounded by everything she’d dreamed. Then the red bubble burst… Orgasmically!


Okay, this one just sang to me. All sorts of thoughts and ideas. Hardest part was working sex into it. 🙂

Our challenge this week was to use the phrase crystalline and 85-105 words with the picture for our Flash Fiction Friday story. If you enjoyed this, check out the rest of the writers at Panser’s blog.

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Bubbles!

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  1. I was bereft of inspiration for this one – especially working sex into it, so kudos to you and the others that came up with a good story. And I really like the idea of how the colors feel.

    1. I have to admit that I have trouble with some of the prompts. When I really get stuck, I usually chat with Wolf about it and manage something. This one though was so easy. Especially with that big red bubble underneath her. 🙂 Glad you liked my variation on a theme.

        1. Hmmm….It is so difficult to choose. And, it depends on what rocks you.
          Romance, Patience.
          Romance and werewolves, More Than Just A Fairy Tale.
          D/s,… the Vanillaverse series.
          Short stories… The sketch or Appuddlegize.

          I think MTJAFT though is my favourite. It is a bit long, but most people who’ve read it were frustrated when I ended it.

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