Left For Dead part 11

Jason was up, showered and out feeding the animals in the barn before dawn. He had a lot of work to get done before lunch. The melting snow had made a swamp of the yard and he had to make sure the barn doors would open up for the feed delivery he knew was due mid afternoon. Jason had hated to leave Willow in bed, but he knew she needed sleep and a bit of space. She’d woken up twice in the night with some sort of nightmares, and yet had gone back to sleep fairly easily.

Jason figured she might need time to call and talk with Betsy as well. He climbed into the tractor and started pushing the last of the melting snow off to one side. It took a bit longer than he expected and when he finally got the one door all the way open, he turned to find Willow standing there.

“Oh!” Jason said a bit startled.

“Morning. You coming in for breakfast?” Willow asked.

“What time is it?” Jason asked.

“8:30am. You’ve been out here for nearly two hours,” she said.

“How did you know?” he asked wondering if he’d woken her up instead of being as quiet as he thought he was.

“I rolled over and the bed was cold, so I got up. When I looked out the door, it was obvious you’d been out here a while. Plus, you had the lights on. You wouldn’t have done that if you’d gotten up after 7am,” she said.

Jason nodded. “And here I was trying to let you sleep in,” he said as he kissed her forehead.

“I tried, but once I woke up, I couldn’t get back to sleep,” said Willow.

“More bad dreams?” he asked.

“Not really. I know I woke up once or twice in the night, but the dreams weren’t really bad ones. More just nerves. Once I woke up this morning, I just kept thinking about last night and…” she trailed off.

“Well, I’ll come eat and then finish up out here. What are you going to do today?” he asked.

“I figure I’ll clean up a little and then finish that pair of socks I started,” said Willow. “And call Betsy!” she thought.

“Okay. I’ve got feed coming in after lunch. After that I’ll be feeding cattle,” said Jason as they walked into the kitchen. He smelled pancakes, coffee and sausages. “Smells good.”

“Hope so. I’m getting better at pancakes, but I still don’t see why they won’t pour round,” she said as she put some on her plate. They weren’t round, but sort of egg shaped.

“I don’t care. They taste good and that’s what counts,” said Jason.

Willow smiled and dug into her breakfast.



Jason waved goodbye to Bruce who delivered the feed. Bruce had brought some other things the ranch needed, and saved Jason the trip. Jason realized just how much he disliked leaving the ranch and appreciated the chance to avoid it. He just hoped that Willow could cope with the isolation. So far, so good, but one never knows for sure.

He walked into the back porch and started taking off the muddy layers. Snow, mud and dust. The three seasons up here. Longest was mud. That could last from April to July with a brief respite of dust in August and go right back to mud by September. He tossed his coveralls straight into the washer and started it. There was no way to use them another day. Jason grabbed an armful of firewood and headed into the house.


Willow was finishing up the last bits of dinner when Jason walked into the kitchen. She smiled at him and went back to stirring the sauce for the chicken.

“I don’t know what you’re cooking, but it smells almost as good as breakfast,” said Jason as he walked through the kitchen to the living room. He dropped the wood in the woodbox and headed back to the kitchen.

Willow was plating up dinner. Chicken over rice with a mushroom sauce. Betsy had given her the recipe when Willow realized she was tired of cooking the same eight things. She put the plates on the table and sat down. Jason smiled and dug into the food.

“This is good. Betsy’s recipe?” he asked.

“Yes, how did you know?” asked Willow.

“We grew up together. My mom use to make this and Betsy’s mom improved it. Betsy added to it and I can taste the difference,” said Jason with a smile. She did call Betsy!” he thought.

“Oh,” said Willow. She smiled to herself as she ate.


After dinner, they relaxed in the living room. Jason had a fire going and was reading. Willow tried to knit, but couldn’t keep her mind on it. She finally put it down and just curled up next to Jason.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked.

“Wondering if I’m doing the right thing,” she said.

“What thing?” he asked.

“Having sex. Wonder if I’m rushing. I know I had a couple of nightmares and that was just from heavy petting,” said Willow.

“Do you honestly think that you wouldn’t have a bad dream or two once you started opening up your life?” Jason asked.

Willow thought for a few moments. “No, well… Maybe. I don’t know,” she said at last. “I don’t know what I want and I’m afraid once I have it that I’ll mess it up.”

Jason put his book down. “Alright. Understand that we all screw up. We all land flat on our faces and end up in the mud at one point or another. You just happened to hit the jackpot when it comes to messed up sex lives. So, you have a choice. Deal with no sex or masturbation the rest of your life, or risk falling flat on your face and give sex a try with another human being,” he said.

Willow nodded and sat quietly for a minute. She stood up and put her hand on Jason’s shoulder. “Can… can we go upstairs and see how things go?” she asked.

Jason smiled, put his book down again and took her hand.




In the end, it took nearly a week before Willow could cope with the idea of Jason entering her. They had all sorts of play, but almost always just before he’d enter her, she’d shy away. Jason just took his time. Tonight they were starting off with a shower. Ranch work had been dirty as they’d mucked out the barn.

Jason went first and rinsed off the worst of the dirt. Then Willow joined him in the shower. After she got wet all over, Jason grabbed a sponge and the soap. In a few minutes, he had her lathered from neck to toes. He wasn’t sure who was having more fun, he or Willow. As he stood up, he realized that his cock was hard and throbbing. Willow looked down at his cock, and smiled. Then she turned to rinse off the soap. As she did so, he moved up behind her and slid his cock between her thighs, letting it rest at the junction of her body and legs.

“Oh,” she said quietly feeling the warm flesh between her legs. It only took a second for her to arch her back and spread her legs wide. Jason rubbed the head of his cock against her body. It felt good and the tip of his cock pressed against her opening. He wanted to thrust forward, but knew he didn’t dare. No raincoats in this shower. Jason pulled back and replaced his cock with his fingers. Willow moaned and arched back against him.

“Can…can we get out of the shower,” she said softly.

“Yes,” said Jason. He got out first, handed her a towel and then dried himself off. By the time he was done, Willow was laying in the bed on her back with her legs crossed and yet teasing him with flashes of skin.

“You look delectable, edible,” said Jason. They’d discovered that him licking and fingering her helped Willow relax.

Willow blushed and Jason watched as it spread from her face almost down to her nipples. He made sure that there was a condom available and then got onto the bed with Willow. He started at her toes with kisses. Willow sighed and uncrossed her legs which let Jason kiss up her thighs until he reached her mound. Once there, he kissed her lightly and just flicked her lips with his tongue. Willow relaxed her legs and let her thighs drop, allowing Jason better access to her pussy.

Jason licked and kissed and nibbled her thighs and outer lips. As the blood rushed to swell her pussy, he licked deeper until he was stroking her clit with his tongue.

“Ooh,” Willow moaned softly. Her hips arched upwards and Jason slid a finger inside. As he did so, he continued to lick and suck at her clit. His erection was bobbing against the bedding and it was getting difficult to concentrate. She was soaking wet, between his fingering and tonguing. He ached for release.

“Willow?” Jason asked softly. He looked across to the condom on the nightstand.

She looked at Jason and then at the nightstand. Taking a deep breath, she nodded, picked up the condom and handed it to Jason. Jason took it from her fingers and quickly slid it on. He moved between her legs and was poised at the entrance to her pussy.

Willow took hold of his cock and held it to her pussy. They’d been this far twice before and she’d frozen. This time she slowly pushed the head inside. Then she let go and waited.

Jason carefully slid in, holding his weight off of her. Ever so gently, he began to move in and out of her. He almost forgot to breathe. Jason slowly sped up his thrusts. As he did so, Willow wrapped her legs around his body, pulling him up against her. Jason thrust faster. Willow didn’t stop him. He could feel his balls begin to contract and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Willow had been scared at first, but the feel of Jason inside was wonderful. So much better than her fingers. He filled her up and it felt good. She took a deep breath when he fist sped up, but the panic never came. The heart stopping fear never appeared. She began to experience joy and then the heavy feeling in her stomach began to fill her up. Jason was hitting all the right spots as he sped up even more.

“Oh! Oh my!” Willow gasped as the orgasm rippled through her body. She felt her muscles clench and then she felt Jason stiffen as he orgasmed.

“Arrrr,” he growled between clenched teeth as his orgasm ripped up his spine. He went rigid and held himself tight to Willow for what seemed like hours, yet was only a few seconds as his orgasm played itself out. He moved off of her and after taking off the condom, laid down next to Willow.

“That… that was so good,” she gasped. “Ididit! Ididit! Ididit!” she thought to herself.

“Yes!!!” yelled Jason in his own thoughts. He cuddled Willow to his chest and the two of them relaxed and savored the moment.


Willow woke with a start. She hadn’t realized that they’d fallen asleep. Jason must have pulled a blanket up over them, because she was warm. Snuggling up to Jason, she realized he had an erection. She stroked his cock and felt the pearl of cum on the top. Jason moaned.

“Hi,” she said softly. “Want to try again?” she asked.

Jason blinked as he came fully awake. “Yes,” he said. He rolled over, grabbed a condom and after slipping it on, got up on his knees. He pulled Willow up and slid in from behind. Holding her hips, he slid slowly in and out at first.

Willow hadn’t expected this position, but she quickly realized that it felt so good. She pushed back against him. Jason took his cue from Willow’s behavior and sped up. He grasped her hips and pounded hard. Willow began to moan and gasp. For just a second, he worried that she was upset, but then the moans took on more of a note of pleasure, so he continued. It didn’t take long before he felt his orgasm rising up his spine.

“Ah… ah…. ahhh,” he moaned as he came. He kept on thrusting and Willow cried her orgasm into the pillows she gripped. When there was nothing left in his balls, he pulled out and collapsed to the bed. Willow just flowed against the mattress.

“Thhhhat was…” she trailed off.

“Was what?” he asked trying to catch his breath.

“Fffan-tastic,” she answered.

He took off the condom and then curled up under the blankets with Willow. They were asleep in minutes.


Willow woke up twice in the night with nightmares. The first time, she barely cried out before she fell back to sleep. The second time was a blood curling scream that made Jason sit bolt upright.

“Willow, wake up! You’re having a bad dream,” he said as he tried to pull her into his arms.

Half asleep, she was swinging her arms and fists. She connected with his nose and while it hurt, Jason kept on trying to wake her up. Finally, she realized that it was okay and collapsed crying into his arms.

“Oh Jason, I’m so sorry,” she said when she realized his nose was bleeding.

“It’s okay. Nothing broken, just a little blood,” he said.

Willow got up, and came back with a warm washrag. She cleaned up his face and the spots of blood on his chest and her hand. She returned it to the bathroom and crawled in bed again. She realized it was nearly dawn. “I’m so sorry Jason,” she said again.

“It’s okay Willow. I didn’t expect that we would get by without at least one nightmare once we started having sex. Especially when you seemed to hesitate for a moment when I came in from behind,” he said.

“I did panic for a second and then I thought about the fact that it was you and you’d never hurt me. Then it was okay,” she said.

“Good. Shall we get up?” he asked. He’d already turned off the alarm clock.

“Could… could we have one more go?” she asked.

“Of course,” Jason said. His cock was ready before he’d grabbed a condom.

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  1. Another great chapter to this tale, and like Tip I hope there is still a bit more to come (no pun intended)
    As for the part about the mud, that is so true, everyone gets covered in mud in their life, several times. But what matters is you wash it off and do your best to move on.

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