Silver Service part 15

The children were the first to see David. They screamed with delight as the ponycart pulled up in front of Rose Cottage as the house was called. They ran around and nearly knocked their uncle off his feet.

Elsa and Lillian watched from the front door as the dog joined the children. Paul paid of the cartman and the two men brought David’s bags into the house. David put down his case and picked Lillian up in a hug.

“It is so good to see you dear,” he said.

“And you,” said Lillian. She kissed him and then giggled, realizing this was the first time she’d kissed him in public.

“Let’s get you settled in shall we?” said Paul. He smiled at the way Lillian blushed. He was happy to see David so pleased as well. Millicent was such a harridan, and didn’t deserve his brother.

The bags were quickly carried upstairs and while Lillian and Elsa put David’s things away, the children gave David a tour of the cottage. They pulled him into the sitting room with it’s huge fireplace just in time for tea. Elsa and Lillian served up. Fresh scones, cheese, strawberries and clotted cream accompanied cup after cup of tea. The children had their own tea off to one side, allowing the adults to talk. Afterwards, David and Lillian went for a walk.

“Oh David, I have so wanted to walk out with you,” said Lillian.

“I’ve wanted to take you to the theatre, a concert or even the library and now that we are far away from London and prying eyes, we can do just that,” said David.

“Plus, no running off in the middle of the night from a nice warm bed,” Lillian said softly.

“No, not for at least a month,” David said picking Lillian up and twirling her around. She giggled.

They walked for almost an hour and arrived home to Aya shooing the children off to bed and Betsy setting the table for the adults to have dinner. Lillian ran upstairs to tidy up and David stepped outside with Paul to watch the twilight settle.

“Happy brother dear?” Paul asked.

“So far. Check with me in the morning. I might have expired from happiness,” said David.

Paul nodded and they stood there in the quiet for a few minutes until Elsa called them into dinner. Aya had made a wealth of Indian dishes. Mild curries, potato and mushroom puffs, jasmine scented rice, vegetables in sauces, Naan bread, chipatties, and sweets to tickle the palette. Lillian was delighted and showed the three adults how to best savor the combinations. She also showed them how to scoop up curry on the chipattie. Dinner was a delight of giggles and comments about the delightful tastes.

“You mean to say that your parents didn’t eat like this every day?” asked Paul.

“No, only Aya, myself and my brother. And when he became older, he too ate boiled vegetables, boiled or roasted meat and plain potatoes. My parents felt that to tempt the palette with such riches was somehow sinful,” said Lillian.

“How regrettable,” said Elsa. Given the choice between dishes like this and our usual fair, I’d go native almost overnight.”

Lillian smiled. “You’d approve of my other upbringing as well,” she said softly.

Elsa nodded and smiled. The two women had talked a great deal about what Aya felt every little princess should know about life, including sex. Elsa had agreed.

“What are you two women talking about?” asked Paul.

“Brother, ask your wife in the privacy of your bedroom unless you like to blush,” said David. He still would get embarrassed at times by Lillian’s attitudes towards sex and her body.

“What?” asked Paul again.

Elsa leaned over and whispered something in Paul’s ear. He nodded, turned beet red and shook his head.

“Oh. um… nevermind,” he said. That made everyone at the table break out in laughter.

After dinner, the ladies read while the men walked around the garden talking business. Tomorrow, Paul would take David around the office and show him what was expected. They got home to a dark house. The only lights on were upstairs in the bedrooms.

“Well old man, I guess we’d best attend the ladies,” said Paul.

“Oh yes. From the giggles I heard as we left, I think you’ll have a surprise or two waiting for you,” said David.

Paul looked at him quizzically.

David went up to his room to find a candle lit and Lillian waiting for him in a chair by the tiny fireplace. She was wrapped in her robe, and her hair damp from bathing. She smelled of sandalwood.

“Come here,” he asked of her.

Lillian walked over to him, smiling. When they hugged, he could tell that there was nothing on under her robe. He lifted her up and placed her on the big four poster bed. He nuzzled her hair near her neck.

“Oh David,” she sighed. One hand started to undo his shirt as she couldn’t wait a moment longer to touch him or be touched by him. He let go of Lillian just long enough to help strip his clothes off. They landed all over the floor, soon followed by her robe. For once, their foreplay didn’t last very long. He was in such a rush, he almost forgot the sheath.

“Hhhold on,” David said backing up off the bed. He grabbed his toiletries kit and there inside were his packet of sheaths. “Mustn’t forget these.”

“No, I do not wish to be pregnant yet and I am very fertile at the moment,” said Lillian. She waited, knees up in the air, legs spread for David to ‘dress’. A moment later, he crawled back up on the bed and slid into Lillian. It had been over a week, and she was so tight and hot. Lillian wrapped her legs around David, holding him close as he thrust in and out of her. He leaned forward and sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Lillian gasped as David mouthed her nipple. Her nails sunk into his back, exciting him further. His rhythm increased and in a moment, he felt the surge rise up his spine and his orgasm roll his senses. As he thrust hard in the final throws of orgasm, Lillian felt herself ascend the heavens. Her muscles clamped around his cock, adding pleasure. The both gasped and collapsed to the bed.

“Gods Lillian,” David panted. He grabbed the sheath and rolled off of her. He set the spent one off to one side, cleaned up a little and then crawled under the covers with Lillian. She smiled up at him as he cradled her in his arms. He couldn’t resist, and reaching down between her legs, he teased her clit until she came in his arms, soaking his fingers.

They fell asleep with Lillian curled up to David.

Paul had gone to his room to find Elsa reading in bed. He didn’t recognize the book. “Elsa, what are you reading?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s a picture book that Aya gave Lillian,” she said with a smile.

“Aya gave Lillian?” asked Paul as he undressed.

“Yes. It’s most entertaining,” said Elsa. She’d been looking at it for at least twenty minutes and found herself aching and wanting to be touched.

Paul crawled into bed and took a look at the book. “Why… oh my! It’s full of people having sex in the most…” he trailed off as a picture of two women and a man playing captured his attentions.

“Yes, isn’t it delightful?” asked Elsa. “I can’t wait to be back to normal so that we can try some of these things.”

“Its… it’s a wonder that Lillian’s parents didn’t shoot Aya instead of just moving back to England,” said Paul as he turned the page to see a new picture. This one had a man licking a woman’s genitals while a second woman had her mouth on his cock. Paul felt his cock growing stiff under his night shirt.

“I agree. Look at this one,” said Elsa. It was a picture that had sent shivers of delight through her. It showed a woman propped up on pillows. She was kissing one woman while they played with each other’s breasts. The man was between the legs of the first woman, and he was having sex with her while the women played. The second woman had her arm around the man as well.

“Oh my,” said Paul. He looked at Elsa and recognized the look on her face. He reached between her legs and discovered that she was soaked. He pulled the book from Elsa’s hands and began to kiss her as his fingers found her clit. While he couldn’t be two people at once, nor would Elsa’s advanced pregnancy allow for penetration, he fingered her as well as played with her clit.

“Oh… oh Paul,” Elsa moaned. She shuddered as the orgasm raced through her body. It felt so good even now. Paul slowed his fingerings as she caught her breath. “Let me help you,” Elsa said when she could breath again.

Paul laid back on the bed and was amazed by Elsa as she took his cock all the way into her mouth and sucked and licked. He was amazed at the sensations. It was almost as good as being inside of Elsa. It didn’t take long until he felt his orgasm rising up. “Eeelsa, I’m going to come,” he gasped, expecting her to move off of him like she’d done before. Instead, she kept on sucking and licking him until he exploded in her mouth. To his exquisite delight, she kept on sucking and licking until there wasn’t a drop of his juices left. Then she smiled as she licked her lips.

“Oh my heavens,” said Paul. “Where,… where did you learn…” he trailed off still trying to catch his breath. He felt as if all his limbs were floating.

“Aya. She suggested it. “A way to relieve ‘Saahab’ when a wife is too far along she said,” said Elsa.

“Oh yes. It was… was oh my,” said Paul, still not able to wrap his brain around all the sensations. “Do you need more?” he finally asked.

“Yes please, I’m so greedy for pleasure at the moment,” said Elsa.

Slowly and gently, Paul gave Elsa another orgasm. Fingers, and then hesitantly, he bent down and tongued her clit like he’d seen in the pictures and heard David talk about. Elsa’s reaction was delightful and after her orgasms, they curled up and slept.

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    1. You’re welcome SSir. I find it interesting that the Victorians were both so very liberal and sooooo uptight at the same time. The dichotomy blows my mind. So, I decided to write some of this into the story.

  1. FRIENDS!!

    WW has been temporarily “disconnected”….in where-she-lives- some dumbass (i’m quoting there!) has severed an internet cable and her service is down until it can be repaired….and there is a complication of a certain amount of snow adding to the repair time.

    Just know that she is okay, just temporarily cut off from this blog.


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