Left For Dead Finale

Willow wasn’t sure she could cope. She’d been waiting for today for six months. Now that it was here, she was so nervous. Betsy was running around trying to make sure everything was ready. Willow realized her fingers were shaking and that she couldn’t get the buttons done up.

“Betsssy!” she hollered down the stairs.

Betsy came to the bottom of the stairs, looked up and then headed up the stairs.

“I can’t do them up,” said Willow.

“Deep breath!” said Betsy taking five or six herself. She finished buttoning up Willow’s dress and then the two of them sat to fix Willow’s hair. She’d grown it long for the day and the curling iron Betsy brought tamed it into ringlets.

Willow touched up her makeup and slid on her sandals. She looked in the mirror and still couldn’t believe what she saw. “Do I look okay?” she asked.

“You are beautiful. If we don’t hurry up though, Jason is going to explode,” said Betsy.

Doc, Brian, and most of the town was downstairs on the front porch or in the front yard. Betsy handed Willow her flowers and they headed down the steps. As she got to the front porch, someone played “the Bridal Chorus” on a fiddle. Doc Stevens walked Willow down the long side of the porch to where Jason stood with Mr. Henry, the judge and local justice of the peace.

“Dearly Beloved,” Mr. Henry started.

Willow took shallow breaths and tried not to faint.

The cans clanked behind the truck as Jason and Willow drove off on their honeymoon. Two weeks in Canada at a resort that prided itself in luxurious seclusion. Brian had caught the flowers when Willow tossed them which had brought gales of laughter from the crowd. Jokes were made about which cow he was going to marry. Doc and Betsy had promised to take care of the ranch while they were gone. At the end of the driveway, Jason stopped long enough to cut the baling twine that held the cans in place. He tossed them in the back of the truck, but there was nothing he could do to get the sharpie marker sign saying “Just hitched!” off the tailgate.

The drive took nearly three hours, but it was worth it when they checked into the hotel. The view of Lake Louise was breathtaking. Banff was nothing like Willow expected. The mountains were steep and snow covered even in the summer.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said softly.

“And so are you,” Jason replied. They walked back to the hotel restaurant and had dinner. Afterwards they walked the lake edge and then headed for bed.

Willow changed into the sexy nightie that she and Betsy had bought. It was a deep blue and shimmered in the low lighting of the room. The split up the side ended at her hip, making the outfit play peek-a-boo as she walked.

Jason saw Willow and felt his balls tighten and his cock ache. “Oh my,” he said quietly.

“I think you have too many clothes on husband,” Willow teased.

“I agree,” said Jason. He tried not to rush, but it didn’t work. Once he was naked, he held Willow tightly against his body. The material felt cool and soft against his aching cock. He picked her up and carried Willow to the bed. Out of habit, he started to look for a condom. When he paused, Willow looked at him.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Condoms…” he started.

“We don’t have to worry about that anymore, remember?” Willow said. She’d gotten the all clear from Doc about babies, so they didn’t need them anymore.

“Oh, that’s right, I’m so use to…” he started to say when Willow closed his mouth with a kiss.

Jason groaned and leaned into Willow, bouncing both of them to the king sized bed. His hands went to her pussy and found her very wet. His fingers slid in and stroked the g-spot. Willow gasped and arched upwards, wanting more.

“Please,” she said softly.

Jason moved so that he was between her legs and slid into Willow for the first time without a condom. “Ice! Snow! Mud! Cattle and mud. Branding iron, mucking out,he thought trying not to come instantly. It felt so good. Willow was hot and silky and… Jason took a deep breath. He slowed his strokes and hoped that his control would hold.

“Jjjjason,” Willow moaned from under him. She too was having a little trouble with sensation overload. She had remembered what it had been like before the rape, but this was so intense that her mind was scrambling to cope with the sensations. She grabbed his ass and let her nails dig in just a little as she tried to pull him closer to her.

Willow’s nails were the last straw. His orgasm boiled up, raced through his brain and he groaned as his cum poured deep into Willow. “Oh god! Ohgodohgod!” he thought as the pleasure melted his brain.

“Oh!” gasped Willow. Her own orgasm bubbled through her body.

Jason rolled off of Willow and lay gasping next to her. “That… that was fan.. fantastic,” said Jason.

“Uhuh. Can we go again?” she asked. She was only partially joking. Sex felt so good. Jason naked inside of her felt better than anything they’d done since they’d started having sex.

“Yeah,… in about thirty minutes,” he gasped.

Willow smiled and curled up to Jason.

They made love every day, at least three or four times a day. They left the room long enough to eat, let the maid clean the room and take the occasional walk along Lake Louise. Willow teased him with new nighties almost every other night. She and Betsy had way too much shopping. The last one was flannel and modeled after a man’s shirt. It had lace on the pockets and hem with horn buttons down the front. It was Jason’s favorite. Finally, it was time to head home. They made love one last time and then packed.

The drive home was quick. Jason had finally gotten rid of the sign off of the tailgate. His beautiful truck shone as they drove in the moonlight as they pulled up in the drive of the ranch. The back porch light was on and when they walked into the kitchen it was apparent that Betsy had been there to warm up the house. In the kitchen was a note.

Dear Love Birds,

Cold chicken in the fridge. Potato salad, and chocolate cake as well. Enjoy!

Love, Betsy.

Jason smiled and got the food out while Willow got plates. After dinner, there was another surprise upstairs. Their bedroom was full of flowers, and gifts. They had originally asked for no gifts, but someone hadn’t listened. Jason smiled as they opened box after box. Books, knitting supplies, flannel shirts in Willow’s size and his. There was a photo album of the wedding and the clean up party afterwards. Willow and Jason curled up in bed and leafed through the album.

The next morning, they slept late and had a lazy bit of sex before getting up to shower. Willow had surprised Jason by how easily she had gotten use to sex. No more nightmares or even bad dreams. Not even when Jason had been a little more vigorous than normal. They showered, got their chores done and then headed up by horseback to a meadow for a bit of afternoon delight. Life was good and they both intended to enjoy every moment.


He rode out late that night. Neither the horse or the man was too comfortable with the idea of sleeping out under the stars, but the man had a job to do. He’d ridden fence all day and it was over an hour after dark before he stopped. He found a place to rest with a clear view of the heavy iron gates less than 100 yards below. Grabbing his blanket, he curled up under the tree after making the horse comfortable.

Dawn found him covered with dew and blinking to clear his head and remember where he was. He stood up, shook off the blanket and saddled the horse. He tied the horse about a quarter of a mile away from where he’d slept. He’d been afraid that if he’d switched the places around, he might oversleep and miss his opportunity. He pulled his rifle from the holster and grabbed his binoculars. Taking off the flash suppressor, he grabbed the tube of KY and dropped a bit of lube down the barrel. Then he screwed the silencer on his AR15. Afterwards, he took his pouch of subsonic reloads out of his pocket. He loaded the rifle.

Below him, the dawn paled the lights on the building. The one over the front gate still shone when the door to the left opened and three men walked out. They stretched in their new clothes and looked around for the bus that was suppose to take them into town. The man watched from the hill, the low scrub oak giving him perfect coverage.

The man knew the bus would arrive too late. He’d fixed the distributer first thing last night, and made it look like the part had just worked loose. Working on old engines gave a person an advantage. He settled in and checked the area. As usual, the guards waved and then closed the door with a clang. The men shuffled their feet and stuffed their hands in their jacket pockets.

He raised his rifle and checked the sight and the silencer. Six bullets in the breech. Bracing the tripod, he aimed and waited for a second as two of the men lined up almost perfectly. He took a deep breath, and pulled the slack out of the trigger. On the exhale, he led the target slightly as one man moved. When he reached the bottom of his breath, he pulled the trigger. Two men fell. Head shots. He repeated the action. Inhale, sight, exhale, shoot. The third man barely had time to react before he too fell face first into the dirt. Three men down with just two bullets. He watched for a moment as the three men twitched and died. No sign from the gate that anything had been heard.

Picking up his shells, he climbed out from under the scrub oak. With a branch, he muddled his tracks all the way back to the horse. He took off the silencer, replaced the suppressor, emptied the four rounds from the chamber, and holstered the rifle. In a minute, he mounted and rode off. A look of grim satisfaction was on his face.

An hour later, stopped to clean the silencer. He bashed it and dropped the pieces in a rock fissure He listened to the clunk as the bits fell deep into the crack. Anyone who did find the pieces would be hard put to figure out that the pieces of PVC pipe had been a silencer. Closer to home, he loaded some regular rounds into the rifle. He shot off towards the horizon where a herd of deer grazed. He smiled as they scattered. He dropped the shells with the fresh ones.

Willow woke up as Jason climbed into bed late. He’d gone out to check the far fences on the ranch in spite of her protests that the boys could have done the job. He’d been gone for a couple of nights. She always slept lightly when he was gone.

“Hi Jason, fence okay?” she asked sleepily. It was nearly 10pm.

“Just fine Willow. Just fine. Nearly had me a deer, but the damn thing got spooked,” said Jason as he dropped the contents of his pockets on the nightstand.

“Just as well. The freezer is packed and I’ve never known that horse of yours to like packing in a deer,” she said.

Jason nodded and turned out the light. He cuddled her to his chest and lay there trying to sleep. “That’s the last of them,” he thought as he fell asleep.

Three days later, the sheriff, son of Dave Fletcher showed up at the door. He was a young man, nearly forty and was nervous about showing up on the ranch. Jason invited him in for coffee.

“Thanks Jason, I have a few questions to ask you,” Sheriff Fletcher said.

“Alright. Black or white?” Jason asked as he held the milk above the cup.

“Um…white with two sugars if you don’t mind,” the sheriff said.

“So, what can I do for you?” Jason asked.

“Well, um… is Willow about?” the sheriff asked.

“She’s upstairs. Do you need her?” asked Jason.

“Um… no. Probably better if she doesn’t hear this first bit,” Sheriff Fletcher said hesitantly.

“Okay,” said Jason.

“Um.. the… the men what raped Willow all those years ago. The last three were let out a few days ago,” the sheriff started.

“Okay, They must be nearly 75 by now, I don’t think they’d be much of a threat,” said Jason.

“No, they aren’t. Reason being is that someone shot them dead right outside the gate,” said Sheriff Fletcher.

“Good God!” said Jason a little loudly. “What on earth?”

“Yeah. Well, ummm… I need to know where you were the other night,” the sheriff asked.

“Let’s see. I did my chores, rode fence for the back acres,” Jason said pointing towards the Northwest. “Oh, and I shot at some deer and plumb missed them. Guess I’m getting too old to see well enough to hunt. Hell, nearly too damn old to ride a horse half a day.” Jason finished this statement with a sip of coffee and a finger adjusting his rather thick reading glasses.

The sheriff looked at the reading glasses, blinked and then obviously changed what he was going to say. “Well then, I guess that’ll do for now. Thanks for the coffee,” Sheriff Fletcher said and with a nod of his head, headed out the door. As he drove off, he saw Jason limp off the porch and across the yard towards the barn. “What the hell was I thinking?” he thought to himself. Jason had been a prime suspect when the first rapist died two years ago. Yet nothing could be proven. Not even the ballistics matched. Now, there were three more dead men and yet there was no way the old man could have ridden cross country for two days and back. Hell, the sheriff wasn’t sure he could even climb the stairs from the way he’d walked across the yard. He headed down to the highway.

Jason watched the sheriff drive down the road to the highway. He smiled. In the barn, he scooped up an extra measure of sweet feed for his horse. It’d been a long ride the other night and both were still paying for it. He checked the hidden cache where he’d housed the rifle barrel. Nothing around it had been moved. The pile of muck was still untouched. Satisfied, he walked back into the house.

“Jason! You coming back up to bed?” Willow called from the top of the stairs. She knew Jason had answered the door when he went down for coffee. She just didn’t know what was keeping him.

“Be there in a minute,” he said. He rinsed out the cup the sheriff had used and poured another cup for Willow and carried the two cups upstairs. He reached the door to find Willow standing there with a faded flannel nightgown on with lace on the pocket and hem. He smiled.

“About time you came back,” she said with a smile as she walked back to bed.

“Sheriff Fletcher came by to ask a question. Nothing important,” said Jason.

“Good,” said Willow. She took a sip of her coffee and then curled up on the bed. “Now, are you in the mood for our usual Sunday?”

Jason smiled. He dropped his jeans and stepped out of them proud of the fact that at 74 he could still get it up and please his wife. Like most ranchers, he just got wiry with old age. His cock bobbed as he crawled into bed and snuggled up to Willow. It took a little longer than it use to to get things going, but it was worth it. Willow smiled as he traced the lines life had written on her body. Faded scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. She knew he could read their lives on her body. Her hair like his had gone gray and yet still framed her face. He kissed her while his fingers stroked between her legs. KY was his friend.

Willow loved the way he tickled her and made her orgasm. “Jason, ppplease,” she moaned.

Jason kissed her and pulled her on top of him so that she rode his cock. She nestled down and then rocked back and forth on him. “Getting too old to do fences,” he thought as his back complained just a bit until the endorphins hit. He cupped her breasts in his hands as she rocked back and forth. He thrust up and they increased their pace. While it didn’t match the vigor of their early marriage, it still felt good.

Willow moaned softly as her orgasm began to color her thoughts and spread through her body. Her muscles clenched Jason’s cock as she came. Jason gasped and then felt his own orgasm ride up and pour into Willow. He arched up off the bed in pleasure.

An hour later, they lay there in the afterglow of the second time around. Their coffee had gone cold, but neither cared. Jason wrapped his arms around Willow as she napped. In an hour or two, the rest of the family would be there for Sunday dinner. Grandkids toddling around and scaring the horses while Willow and the girls cooked dinner. He was still amazed at the fact that they’d had three sons and two daughters. The twins had been a surprise, and the perfect, exhausting end to having children. Even better was the fact that Betsy and Doc’s daughter had married their oldest son and those two grandsons terrorized the hospital as much as they did the ranch. He’d promised ponies for the four granchildren, and had saddles ready in the barn. He couldn’t wait to see their faces.

Catnapping, Jason smiled a grim smile. He was tired and satisfied. He was pleased too, that justice had finally been served. He’d waited a long time, but the men who’d wronged Willow had finally been left for dead.

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    1. Thanks. I wondered how people would take it. It was one of those endings that I ‘knew’ before I got past the first couple of chapters. I just had to fill out the rest of the story.

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