Stay in Bed Sunday

She was curled up warm, comfy and a bit sticky in the middle of the bed. He was curled up behind her, hand between her thighs. It was too comfortable to get out of bed. They’d had a lovely time last night making love and falling asleep still wrapped in each other. She dozed back off only to hear the dog scratching at the door.

“Hon, the dog wants out,” she mumbled.

“Just a minute,” he called out to the dog. He fell back asleep, drooling on her back.

The dog scratched again. And again. She rolled over, lifted the covers a bit so that the cooler air of the room would help wake him up. He moaned and rolled over. The dog scratched at the door once more.

“Just a moment,” he called to the dog. Flipping back the covers, he stood up, swayed and grabbed his bathrobe. He left the bedroom and went to let out the dog. After that, he went to the bathroom and then crawled back in bed. He was cold and snuggled up to her in the bed.

“Geeze!” she gasped as his cool body touched hers.

“Sorry, but I got cold,” he said.

“I noticed,” she said as she crawled out of bed to use the bathroom. His cold body had been just a little to much of a shock.

“Tea?” she asked as she came back into the bedroom.

“Yes,” he replied.

She turned on the kettle they kept in the bedroom. They had a little tray with the kettle, tea, sugar, creamer and cups in a corner of the room. She crawled back into bed as the water heated up.

“So, what we going to do today?” he asked as his hands roamed her body. He loved the way her nipples crinkled as he stroked them.

“Well, we should do laundry, but to be honest, I’d rather curl up in bed, snuggle with you, make love and goof off,” she said.

“I like that idea,” he said as he started kissing her. She rolled towards him, stroking his cock which was already growing stiff. He moaned.

She smiled, and worked her way down his body until she could take his cock into her mouth. He gasped as the hot moist mouth covered his cock. After a few sucks, he wanted to touch her too. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her around until he could touch and play with her pussy as she sucked his cock.

“Mmmph!” she gasped with his cock in her mouth as his fingers brought her to orgasm. “Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Oh god!” she said as she gave up trying to concentrate on the blowjob. She turned and threw her leg over him. With a swift adjustment, he slid his cock into her pussy he’d been playing with a moment before. She rocked back and forth on his cock.

The kettle popped off.

She increased her pace and he reached up to cradle her breasts in his hands. As she moved faster, he held her hips trying to slow down his own reaction to their linked bodies. She slowed for a moment. He pinched her nipples and that zinged sensations all the way down to her pussy. She rocked faster and faster until she sat up bouncing hard.

He couldn’t take it any longer. Hands on her hips, helping to steady himself as he drove into her body, he came. “Uuuuhhhhgh,” he groaned. Arms stiff, back arched he froze with the force and the pleasure of the orgasm. She came too, and he swore that she shared every particle of her orgasm with him.

He collapsed to the bed, and she curled up over him. She shuddered twice and then rolled off to one side. They lay there smiling silly smiles and little giggles. He could barely move his hands or arms. She lay there twitching, her body wanting more, and no way to have it.

“Jus…just as soon as I have fingers, I’ll do something about that,” he said softly.

“Ooookay,” she said, both eyes trying to figure out what socket they belonged in. “Water popped.”

“I know, I’ll get there. Got to have limbs first,” he said. This was now the third orgasm of the day and he was just about worn to a frazzle. He tried to keep up with her, but she’d earned the nickname “Energizer Bunny”. Once she got warmed up, she just kept coming and coming and coming.

As he lay there trying to regain the use of his hands, she curled up next to him and twitched and snoozed. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, he rolled over and worked his hands between her legs and stroked her clit.

“Oh!” she gasped.

He kept working her clit and dipping his finger deep into her sopping pussy until she stiffened, cried out and collapsed in a smiling giggling puddle of orgasm. He fell back to the pillow and enjoyed the shared afterglow.


Twenty minutes later, he got up and made tea. He grabbed the doughnuts that they’d bought the day before and brought them over to the bed. “Gotta sit up,” he said.

She sat up and gasped as her tender and sensitive pussy was being pushed against the bedding. “Oh damn,” she gasped.

He smiled as he handed her the cup of tea and a doughnut. Last week they’d played with toys and when she went to sit up, the dildo was snugged into her pussy, making breakfast in bed have a whole new side to it. He sat down with his tea and they chatted as they ate.

He took the cups when they were done and sat with his computer for a bit while she snoozed. Once he’d read the headlines and the comics online, he crawled back in bed.

“DAMN! “ she squeaked as his cold feet and legs snuggled up to her warm body.

“Sorry, didn’t think I was so cold until I crawled back under the covers,” he said apologetically.

“Well then, curl up,” she said. She looked over at the clock. It was nearly 2pm. No way they’d get laundry done today. Nor would they get to the retirement tea. She moved so that more of his body was curled up against her. She didn’t mind as there were days she was the cold one. Talking quietly, they drifted off to sleep.


An hour later, she woke with a thudding against her hip. Reaching back, she found that he was hard again. Smiling, she stroked him until he woke.

“More?” he asked quietly.

“Mmmm, yes,” she said.

He rolled her on her side and straddling her lower leg while lifting the upper one, he slid into her pussy. She was soaked from before, but still nicely tight. Holding her ass with one hand and raised knee with the other, he built up a quick rhythm. He could feel her muscles clamping around his cock.

“Oh… oh…ohgod!” she moaned. She began to come and enjoyed the orgasm as he pounded harder and harder until he froze in orgasm. Gasping, he tried to support himself as his body spasmed and then relaxed. She put a hand up and gently helped him lower himself to the bed as her own body still spasmed around his cock.

“Gggggg,” he tried to say something as he collapsed to the bed.

“Boneless as always,” she said softly. She loved how he literally collapsed after orgasm. Granted, it made sex in the shower a no-no, but she didn’t mind. They lay there cuddled under the warm blankets.

“Juss…” he started.

“As soon as you have fingers,” she finished. She rolled partially on her stomach wondering if she should just play with herself. She dozed off.

He woke with a start. Not knowing how long it had been, he reached over and began to stroke her from behind. Fingers going from pussy to clit and back again, working her to orgasm.

“Ooooh,” she moaned as she woke to him playing with her. It didn’t take long before she cried her orgasm into the bedding and then collapsed. He smiled, and pulled her to him. They slept.


“Hey, you hungry?” she asked. It was 8pm.

“A little,” he answered. He looked at the clock, blinked and then yawned.

“Let’s get up, make some dinner and then come back to bed,” she said.

“Sounds good. I know it sounds weird, but I love our Stay in Bed Sundays,” he said as they got up to cook dinner.

“So do I,” she answered.

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    1. Yes, Energizer Bunny. A lover of mine once decided to see if he could make me pass out from orgasms. 2.5 hours, three sets of batteries, and one very sore tongue later, I did. For about 3 minutes. He lasted 5 minutes.

    1. LOL! If I lived a bit closer, I’d give you a hand. 🙂 At least your kids don’t stand outside the bedroom door and make comments… “Geeze, turn UP the music!”, “To hell with ‘get a room’, get a house!” (from the son who lived with us briefly at 24.), “Do you two need a snack?” and my favorite…”I found them! They’re in their room…. having SEX!” (said to my parents who stopped by for an unexpected visit.)

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