The Ladies Academy

It has been a crazy hectic fortnight! However, I have a new story for you tonight. If all goes well there will be new installments of Silver Service and Buster’s Story by the end of the week. Enjoy!


Nell stood still in the middle of the room. She was blindfolded and her hands were tied together. She could hear voices, but she couldn’t tell how many men were in the room. There had been a lot of movement since she entered the room.

“Please sir, I’ll not say a word,” she said softly. “I didn’t mean to interrupt, but I was told to come clean up this suite for the next guests.” Nell, the chambermaid had walked into the suite to clean it and discovered that it wasn’t empty. Before she could leave, one gentleman grabbed her hands while another wrapped his cravat around her eyes.

“We know. We want to play, and you are just the right toy for our pleasures,” said a voice.

“But sir, I’m not one of the girls! I’m a chambermaid! Please sir,” Nell begged. Working in ‘a Ladies Academy’ had it’s hazards. Nell usually worked without being hassled, but today wasn’t normal.

“Madame should have told us that she had such a delightful ‘chambermaid’,” said another voice. His words were accompanied by hands running down her body.

“Sir! Really! Check with Madame! I’m a bloody chambermaid!” Nell cried.

“We’ll see about that,” said the first voice next to her ear.

A hand caressed her breast through her uniform. Nell felt her corset creak. Another hand traced over her ass. She shivered.

“Please sirs, don’t get me in trouble,” she said trying another tack.

“And why would you get in trouble?” the second voice asked as he kissed the nape of her neck.

“Cccause I’m suppose to be cleaning rooms, not being one of the ladies,” Nell said. “Madame is strict about who she lets in with the gentlemen. I’m not one of those ladies.”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Hands continued to explore her. Her uniform rustled as hands touched and stroked. When she tried to flinch away, the hands held her in place. She could feel herself blushing.

“Look at that color. Maybe she is telling the truth. Perhaps we ought to check with Madame Bee?” asked another voice.

“Be right back,” said the first.

Nell heard the sound of footsteps and the door open and close. She tried to cry out, but her mouth was closed with a kiss. She wriggled free of that mouth only to be caught by another. It was difficult to breath with lips and tongues everywhere. Just when she thought she couldn’t cope another moment, she heard the door open again.

“Oh my!” exclaimed a posh voice. “I see you have caught one of the chambermaids.”

“Madame, I came up to clean and…” was as far as Nell got before another mouth claimed hers in a kiss.

“I see Nell,” said Madame Bee. She looked around at the gentlemen in the room. They had booked two of her ladies for an evening romp and had obviously arrived early. She thought for a moment while looking at Nell. There might be a profit in this if handled right.

“Well Madame? Must we give back our captive?” asked the first voice.

“Perhaps, if you gentlemen were willing to pay a premium, I might consider it,” said Madame Bee.

“What kind of premium and why?” asked the voice next to Nell’s ear.

“Nell is staff. She isn’t trained, which means that you gentlemen will have to be gentle. I won’t have my girls raped. So, if I agree, it has to be that you must entice her to such heated passion that she begs for it,” said Madame Bee.

“But Madame Bee, I ain’t never had sex!” cried out Nell.

“Oh yes, and she’s a virgin. Extra tariff for that as well,” said Madame Bee.

“How much?” asked the first voice.

“Nooooo!” cried out Nell. She was scared and nervous and this wasn’t how she wanted any of this to happen. She certainly didn’t want her virginity to be sold by Madame Bee.

“Girl! Be quiet. This is a business deal,” said Madame Bee. “Let’s see… An extra 200 Sterling.”

“That’s a bit steep for a bit of fun,” said a third voice.

“Sir, need I remind you that once you have had your bit of fun that I will then need to set her up as a lady? Or, pay her off and send her home?” said Madame Bee. “That takes money. 200 may seem a lot, but between the six of you, that shouldn’t be so difficult to come up with.”

“Six of them! Oh Madame, please let me go!” cried Nell.

Madame Bee looked around the room as Nell sobbed. Wallets came out and she soon had the 200 in her hand. She tucked it into a purse and addressed the gentlemen.

“Now, remember the rules. She must be enticed. She must beg for it. No forcing her. No major damage either. Nor can you get her so drunk that she’ll agree to anything. Do you understand?” Madame Bee finished in a tone that brooked no disobedience.

“Yes Madame, we find your terms acceptable. Will we have the entire night? Or a little longer if necessary?” asked the first voice.

“You’ve got one day. It’s just noon and you have until noon tomorrow,” she said and left the room. The door swung closed with force.

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  1. The inability to leave you encouraging comments has finally forced me to create a wordpress account.
    I love your writing and hope you keep leaving us juicy stories.

    1. Yes, there is more. I think I divided it up into three parts. This was meant to be a quicky, but… I never manage those. Not when the MUSE grips me by the forebrain and won’t let go. I started at 3pm. Had about a two hour break and then finished it just after midnight. Wolf didn’t growl at me for staying up so late, but I DREAMED he did. LOL…

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