The Ladies Academy Finale

Could I have a drink of water sirs?” Nell asked a few minutes later. They’d gotten her a towel to wipe some of the cum off of her face and breasts. She was finding it difficult to sit as her ass was sore and her quim tingled with a need she didn’t understand. David got her a glass of water and handed it to her. She kept wiggling and pressing her quim against the bedding as she drank.

“She’s ready,” Henry whispered to David.

“I know. Just a few more teasing strokes and you’ll be in,” said David.

Nell held out the glass and John took it from her.

Neville got back in the middle of the bed and they placed Nell between his legs once more. John at her feet, George and Ned at her breasts and David and Henry playing with her quim. It didn’t take more than a few minutes until Nell was aching with the need to come. Each time she got close, David or Henry stopped.

“Sirs, please touch me. Please let me come,” she begged.

“Do you want to come or do you want to fuck?” asked David.

“Is it better?” Nell asked not knowing.

“Yes and no. The first time you have a cock inside you, it hurts a little. Then it feels a whole lot better and you orgasm,” said Neville.

“Like the fingers?” asked Nell squirming to rub against the fingers in her quim.

“Yes, just a bit bigger,” said Henry. His balls ached as he was the only one to have held off coming. He knew he was first in and wanted all the joy.

“No, I just want to…” Nell broke off as once again she was denied an orgasm. Her body throbbed, burned, ached. “I… want… want…” she moaned as she arched her hips up off the bed.

Henry wiped his damp fingers on his cock and pushed just the head into Nell’s needy quim. His reward was her driving her body down hard. He felt the resistance of her virginity and then was nestled deep inside her. Grabbing her hips, he stroked in and out.

Nell cried out first in need, then in pain. Almost as quickly as the pain passed, the pleasure of having a cock inside of her grew. The men on the bed touched and stroked her as Henry rode home to orgasm. It didn’t take long before he felt his balls tighten and then explode up his spine and into Nell.

Nell didn’t know what to expect. She felt heat build up in her body and all the denied pleasures from earlier raced over her senses. As Henry cried out, so did she. She collapsed back into Neville’s arms.


Henry rolled off of Nell. It felt so good to come at last that he didn’t think he had any bones left. As he moved off to one side of the bed, John took his place. He almost lost it when Henry came. Nell’s feet were so sweet and he couldn’t keep his hands off of them.

Nell opened her eyes to see John. Somewhere in the rolling around on the bed, the blindfold had come off. It dawned on her that they all would fuck her and she braced for the pain that she felt at first with Henry and was surprised that it didn’t hurt. It felt good. Even better when one of the men began to suck on her nipples. John stroked in and out quickly and it was almost over before she felt that heat. He too came hard and then rolled away.

Nell went to move and realized that like her mouth, her quim was dripping with cum. It was Ned’s turn. Seeing the cocks of the men made her a little nervous. Ned smiled at her and then pulled her to her knees. Then he moved in behind her and drove into her pussy as he grabbed her hips. Her head almost hit Neville in the crotch. His cock bounced in front of her face. Nell gasped at the size of him. Neville took advantage of her open mouth and stuffed his cock into it.

Nell was astonished. “Would they poke each other?” she wondered as she was filled from both ends. She tried to keep her mouth on Neville’s cock, but Ned’s thrusts kept bouncing her about. Neville didn’t seem to mind. A few moments later, she felt Ned’s hands tighten on her hips and as he drove in deep, he came. His hand reached between her legs and tickled her button as she came. It was a different feeling, but just as good. Ned pulled out and before Nell could move, David drove in deep and fast.

“Oh!” Nell squeaked. David was just a bit bigger and he touched spots inside her with his cock that the first three hadn’t. It made that heat come back fast and build up fast. She wiggled as it felt good. David smiled and smacked her ass first with one hand and then the other. Each smack brought a gasp that was a mix of pleasure and pain. Before she could think, that heat washed over her and she came. David still thrust in and out and she came again.

David felt his own orgasm building and smacked her ass hard. She clenched, came and the squeezing muscles took him over the edge. He came hard, slamming deep into Nell.

Nell cried out in orgasm. She couldn’t stop coming, even when David finished and pulled out. She collapsed to the bed, her body aching for touch. For orgasm. For cock.

George rolled Nell onto her side and straddled one leg as he lifted the other to gain access to her quim. She was drenched in cum, but he knew she would need to be for Neville or him to enter her. Slowly he put just the tip of his cock at her opening. Nell was so needy for touch that when she felt him there, she pressed against him. The head slipped in easily, but it took a good push to drive the rest of the way home. George used her leg as a brace as he began to slowly thrust in and out of Nell.

Nell was floating in pleasure. She didn’t understand why sex and spanking felt good, but she didn’t care. Then George moved between her legs. He felt…big. He was big and when he drove in, he filled her. She gasped and almost panicked for a moment. Then the sensation of George’s cock began to throw her senses away.

“Oh sir!” she cried out as he pumped faster and faster. Some of the other men were touching her and kissing her. The sensation was almost too much and then the heat didn’t just build, but blew through her senses as she cried out her orgasm.

George felt her muscles clench his cock and like David before him, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. She was still tight after all the other men and then the world went away as his orgasm boiled up from his toes. He held her leg tight as he slammed deep into Nell.

“Ahh,” he gasped. George shuddered as his cock kept pumping and pumping. Finally, it was his turn to collapse to the bed.

Neville was still at the head of the bed. He lay on is back and motioned for Nell to straddle him. She did so and felt cum leak from her quim and roll down her legs. She flushed with embarrassment. Neville smiled and helped position his cock at the entrance to her quim. She hovered there on the top of his cock for a moment until gravity slowly slid her down his cock. She was amazed that she got half way down his cock. Even more so as it went all the way inside as he grabbed her hips and thrust up. Nell was riding him like a pony, only no pony ever felt this good.

Neville held her hips tight as he thrust up and she rocked back and forth. It had been a long time since any woman had taken him all the way inside. So many were too tight or too shallow. He wasn’t sure if it was the five men ploughing the way for him or just her. It didn’t matter, it just felt good. He let go of one of her hips to grab a breast. He squeezed it and leaned forward to suck on her nipple.

Nell gasped. Not only was she fuller than she could ever imagine, her senses were overloaded. As Neville sucked her nipple, she exploded in orgasm. Her body clenched and came over and over.

Neville smiled as Nell began to come. He grabbed both hips again and thrust up as hard as he could. Nell responded by rocking back hard. She came again and he held on, wanting just a little more before he too filled Nell with his cum. A few more thrusts and it was over. His orgasm ripped up his spine and filled Nell. He could feel it leaking out and down his balls with each thrust. She was so full of cum that there was no room left. It flowed from her quim. They collapsed together in a sticky mess.



Through the night, the men took turns fucking Nell. Her mouth and her quim taking whoever was ready until they were all exhausted. Nell stood up to use the chamberpot behind the screen and the cum ran down her legs and started to puddle at her feet. That made them all laugh and crack jokes about John and his foot fetish. Near dawn, they all fell asleep in a mass of bodies. Henry had his fingers in her quim and Nell had her head cradled in Neville’s lap. His cum dribbled from her mouth. Her hand was wrapped around George’s now limp cock. Each man had come at least four times.

Madame Bee knocked on the door at noon to find everyone dressed and ready to leave. The room stank of sex and the bed looked like an army of whores had played in it. Nell was dressed and standing off to one side, eyes cast down. There was a tear on her cheek.

“Nell, were they too rough to you?” she asked in a defensive tone.

“No Madame Bee,” said Nell.

“Then why are you crying?” Madame Bee asked.

“Well, um…” Nell started.

“Well what?” asked Madame Bee getting a bit frustrated. “Didn’t you like it?”

“Oh, I was scared at first, but then I realized I did like it. I like it a lot,” said Nell.

“Then why are you crying?” asked Madame Bee again.

“I’m… I’m crying because I can’t be a chambermaid no more and I am nervous about having a different life,” Nell said.

“So what’s wrong with being a whore in this house?” asked Madame Bee. Now she was getting very frustrated. Here’s a girl who never had sex before complaining that she had to move up in station and she had the urge to slap her.

“There is nothing wrong with being a whore in this house, but I’m not going to be one,” said Nell.

“Then what in the bloody hell are you going to do?” said Madame Bee loudly. She looked around to see the men all looking at Nell and not at her.

“Mmmadame Bee, I’m leaving your service and I’m going to be a mmmistress to these fine gentlemen. I really like sex with them and can’t choose which one, so Neville here has a fine house and we are going to go there so we can play any time we want,” Nell explained.

“WHAT?” yelled Madame Bee.

Neville stepped between the two women. “Let me explain. Our dear Nell here has in her own way serviced us better than many a fine woman. She not only coped with each and every one of us, but didn’t mind being shared like a favorite doll. Better yet, she delighted in her pleasing us. Therefore, you are loosing a chambermaid and we are gaining a mistress,” Neville said.

“But…but… my…” Madame Bee stammered.

“I think an extra 250 Sterling will more than find you a new chambermaid,” said David handing her the money. “Nell has graduated.”

Madame Bee stood there with her mouth open as Nell and the six men left the room and her Ladies Academy.

6 thoughts on “The Ladies Academy Finale

  1. WW the ending along with the rest of the story was perfect. Tip

    Nilla, you must remain seated, because, if one of your clamps comes off and hits you in the eye or something, you may not be able to write

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