Flash Fiction Friday Double Play!

Sweet Music

She sat on his couch strumming his guitar. The vibrations echoed through her body, anticipating the pleasures to come. She wanted her cowboy to play her like a well loved guitar. Soft, slow and then hard and fast. Picked, strummed or thumped. The music of their lovemaking to echo through the silence.

Sweet Submission

Consuelo ached to be touched, kissed, fucked, loved. She confessed her desire to the priest. Only two days into Lent, and she couldn’t control herself. The heat between her thighs soaked her panties. Nipples ached beneath her blouse. Heart pounding with desire.

Consuelo walked into the parish house to find the priest waiting naked on the couch. She gasped.

“I knew you would come,” he said.

“But Father…”

“Strip,” he said.

Consuelo, confused by the subtle perfidy of the priest, stripped to her stockings and panties.

“Touch yourself for me,” he whispered.

Consuelo cradled her breasts as she stroked her cleft with the other hand. Eyes closed, lips parted, juices pooling, waiting… Waiting…

“Feel my cock filling you,” he said. “Pumping your sweet cunt, sucking your ripe breasts, making you cry to heaven in orgasm.”

Consuelo moaned and leaned against the door frame.

She knew he would take her, just like she described her desires in the confessional. Penance would be such sweet sorrow.

~ ~ ~

Ah, choices! Two photos. Two word limits. One phrase. The first one made me think of the Mary Chapin Carpenter song Passionate Kisses. The second one,… I live in a very Catholic community, and being pagan, I noticed all the ash marks on the head. This picture made me think of what it would be like to tell your deepest desires to your priest, and then fall from grace. Heady stuff.

Hope you enjoyed my selections!

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Double Play!

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  1. mmmm, love MCC…my fav was the fall from grace…and funny…i had the same first thought that he was a priest, when i saw the pic. I’ve not written mine yet…hopefully will have time in a bit…

    Great FFF’s!


    1. So do I. Passionate Kisses is a real favorite. As for the story… It just fit. Knew of a priest who would look at digital nudes, because he didn’t think those were a sin like the photos of real women. LOL!

  2. “Sweet Music” is very sensual, and as sweet as its title suggests.

    “Sweet Submission” is exciting, and very timely with Lent having just started. Is my inner cynic showing if I say that it’s a relief to read about a Catholic priest fixated on a consenting adult for a change?

    1. LOL! Glad you liked both stories. I had fun writing them. And no, J&J, it isn’t your inner cynic showing, just an honest statement. As I said to Nilla, we knew a priest who loved looking at women. Women with nice busts and asses. However, he wouldn’t look at any real pics, just digital ones. Then he gave it up for Lent. LOL… I’m pagan, so it doesn’t bother me what people do in their private lives. However, I do wish that the Catholic church would take another look at celibacy. Reminds me of that joke where a monk runs in to the office of his order shouting…. “We’ve been miscopying the scripture all these years… It says CELEBRATE not CELIBATE!”

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