Flash Fiction Friday… Eavesdropping Voyeurism

The walls were too thin. Kim heard every stroke as they fucked on the other side of the wall. She ached, wanting to be that other woman. Kim’s body flushed with heat and dripped with desire as the moans played sensual music. Her mouth ached for the crush of lips. Nipples hardened in anticipation. Kim’s pussy clenched to the rhythmic strokes pounding in her ear. Her clit throbbed. She fantasized that it was her being fucked. Hands grasping, holding her until she was pinned by hot flesh. Kim felt the wanton heat blush across her skin. Her desires drifted on the slight zephyr of her soul’s longing.

~ ~ ~

Who the fuck calls a breeze in this climate a slight zephyr? Kim wondered. It was hot and the couple next door were fucking again! Damn thin walls in this foreign hotel. She put her ear to the wall and listened. Kim was amazed by the sounds. She wanted it to be her that was being fucked, not some faceless woman moaning next door. Kim imagined it was her being fucked. Eyes closed, heart pounding, she listened as the couple continued. Her pussy dripped with anticipation and desire. In her heart it was her. She was being fucked. The scent of sex carried on the slight zephy enticing Kim to new heights of fantasy.

~ ~ ~

Two choice stories tonight. I almost missed this! Hope you enjoy my take. Thank you Ram!

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Eavesdropping Voyeurism

Add yours

    1. I’m pleased that you liked it. I have to thank Tempting Sweets for posting for me. I had to go to a meeting and was gone all day. Over 300 miles round trip.

  1. I liked them both, different takes on the same longing. I’ve head couples in my hotel rooms before, and I’ve always avoided seeing them in the morning, I wanted to preserve the fantasy of what they looked like.

    1. Glad you liked my take on this selection. We use to have an apartment in Spain where you could hear the clock in the other apartment ticking. We won’t even talk about what else we could hear. Needless to say, we moved the bed!

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