Desert Dreams

Not sure where this one came from, but I liked how it evolved. I hope you enjoy my venture into the Twilight Zone. You too Nilla!

Mike rode his Harley down the dark highway. The road was lit by the headlamp of his hog and the nearly full moon. He enjoyed the desert at night. No one to bother him. No traffic, just the occasional owl or jackrabbit. In spite of his leathers, he could feel the cool air that came up off of the desert as he roared down the highway.

He slowed a bit as he came up over a hill. Nothing. Nothing for miles and miles. Not a glimmer of a headlight or a town as far as he could see. Mike opened up the throttle and let the bike eat the miles.

Next hill Mike just ran as usual. He hadn’t seen any lights. As he crested the hill, he jerked in panic as bright lights filled his field of vision. He swerved to the right, trying to clear the path of the truck. Next thing he felt was his bike skidding across the tarmac, dirt, and the incredible pain of impact.

Mike woke. He couldn’t see. Couldn’t feel. Couldn’t move. “Am I dead?” he wondered. Mike tried again to move, see or hear anything. Nothing. “Hello?” he called out. The sound felt oddly flattened. Like it was being absorbed. “Hello!” he called again. Nothing.

Mike had no idea of how long he’d been laying where ever this was. He almost missed it at first, but there was something touching his foot. He waited a second and felt it again. Yes! Something was touching him. He may be paralyzed, but he could feel that touch. The touch worked up his feet and his legs.

“Sponge bath?” he wondered. He lay there and tried to catalog what he could and couldn’t feel. Something warm was touching his arms and legs. It felt okay. No smell though. No sight either. The touching sensations reached his crotch. There was the same gentle touch, like he was being bathed. Yet, he couldn’t feel water or being dried. The touching reached his neck and then stopped. He waited. It moved back down his chest and he felt his ass being touched.

“Hey! Leave my ass alone!” he cried out as he felt something very small bumping against his asshole. He tried to squeeze those muscles tighter, but it didn’t work. Something small and flexible worked itself into his ass. “Stop that!” he cried again. It did no good. The probe seemed to get bigger. The pain of being entered made him relax the muscles. Almost as suddenly as it started, the probe began to move in and out. Mike panicked.

“Hey! I don’t swing that way! Stop it!” he yelled. The probe got fatter and then Mike felt his bowels give way. He was shitting himself. He could smell that. “Fucking hell! I was getting an enema when I thought my ass was being fucked! At least I can smell.” he thought. He felt himself being cleaned or what he thought was being cleaned and then he was left alone in the dark.

Some time later, he woke to feel his cock being touched. Something touched the head and started to slide into his cock. He’d been catheterized once and it was the same kind of sensation. He felt the probe hit his bladder. Try as he might, he couldn’t hold back. While he didn’t feel the piss strike him, he could smell it.

“What the fuck are you doing and why don’t you talk to me?” he cried out. The sensations of being touched turned from probing his cock to stroking it. He felt himself swelling. “What kind of kinky bastards are you?” he hollered as he struggled to move. He was held fast, and the sensations wrapping around his cock were having predictable reactions. As the touching worked on his cock, part of the touching moved to his balls. It felt like he was being sucked by a hot mouthed bitch and his body was reacting. Mike felt the surge begin. He tried to hold back, but to no avail. The touch stroked up his balls and before he knew it, his orgasm surged up. This time, for a brief moment, he felt his cum splatter his belly. As the sensations of the orgasm faded, he felt the sensations of being cleaned up.

“What the fuck is going on?” he wondered.

Mike woke again. He had no idea what time it was or where he was. He remembered a dream about being in a hospital and some kinky nurse giving him an enema and then a hand job. He opened his eyes to find himself in darkness. He still couldn’t move. “Help! Can anyone hear me?” he called out.

“Yes, I hear you. If you relax, they might let you up,” said a voice off to his left.

Mike tried to turn his head, and couldn’t. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Dell,” she said. “And before you ask, I don’t know where we are either. I woke up like you, unable to move. Eventually they let me up.”

“Who let you up?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen them,” she said.

“What? How in the hell does that work? Were you the one touching me earlier?” he asked.

“No, that was them. They have these changeable appendages,” she said. “What’s your name?”

“Appendages? Like aliens?” he asked.

“Yes. You’ll see,” she said. “Name?”

“Mike. Mike Hazen. So, we’re in some kind of alien ship?” he asked.

“As far as I can tell. You’ll see when they decide to let you up. You’re the only other human I’ve seen, and no I don’t know what they want. However, they probe just about any orifice they can,” said Dell.

“I noticed that. Got my ass probed and my cock,” he said rather embarrassed.

“Me too. Plus my pussy. Felt like the biggest cock I’d ever had pulsing up there. Didn’t stop until I came. Then they did it again,” she said.

“So, we’re monkeys? Lab humans?” Mike asked.

“I think so. Hey, it’s getting lighter in here,” she said.

Mike blinked as his eyes adjusted to the dim glow. He was soon able to make out lighter areas. Still couldn’t move, but he could see. He noticed that the walls seemed to be made of some sort of luminous gel type stuff. As he watched, a spot on the wall pulsed and then grew into a long limb like thing. It touched his skin, and he realized that it was the same as the earlier touching. It moved around his head and he felt himself pulled up and out of a ‘bed’ of the same gel. It was strong enough to hold him up and then set him on his feet. He wobbled a bit and then looked around as the ‘bed’ melted away. There where the bed had been was Dell.

Dell looked Mike over. He was a biker alright. Hard muscled, a few tattoos, beard and mustaches and a face sunburned with white goggle prints where his sunglasses had been. His eyes were a hard blue which stood out against his dark hair. He was taller than she was and probably weighed close to 225lbs.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hello,” said Mike. Dell was as naked as he was. She was what he thought of as sturdy. From the muscles, she worked for a living. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes and a crooked smile complimented her C cup breasts and hips a little wider. Not exactly his type, but not bad.

“Biker?” she asked checking on her automatic assumption.

“Yeah. Thought I hit a truck,” he said trying to decide whether to stand or sit on the gel floor. He felt a little conspicuous. Looking at Dell was making his mind think about things other than being captured by aliens.

“Thought so. Racoon eyes and bandana head sort of gave you away,” she said with a smile.

“Oh? And where do you work?” he asked. “Down boy!” he thought to his cock which was beginning to twitch.

“Waitress at a cafe in a small town. I see lots of your kind coming in covered in road dust,” Dell answered. She saw his discomfort. “Go ahead and sit down on the gel. It will do what it wants.”

“Do what it wants?” he asked.

“Yeah. First couple of times I sat down I ended up with a probe up my pussy,” she said. “They are damn curious. I think they are learning our language though. I hollered ‘Stop it!’ and they finally did. Or, they finally got bored. Not sure which one.”

“Oh,” said Mike as he sat down on the gel cross legged. He felt the gel cup around his ass. Nothing happened, so he turned back to Dell. “We gonna be here forever, or do you think they’ll let us go?” he asked.

“Not sure. Since they don’t talk to us, I can’t say. I do find it a little bothersome though that they picked up a guy and not another woman,” she said.

“Why?” Mike said and then thought about it. “Oh damn.”

“Yeah. They were pretty interested in our bodies. Especially sexual reactions. However, I have no intentions of giving them a show, so just keep your cock to yourself,” Dell said.

“Fine by me,” said Mike.

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  1. Very different twist for sure. I think Mike has a little of my luck, with keep it to yourself from Dell. I’m sure there will be more, and maybe Dell will have a change of heart. Tip

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