Midnight Tease

She woke to feeling his hand slide between her thighs and start to play with her pussy. She loved the whole middle of the night sex romp. She also tried to pretend as long as she could that she was still asleep, just to see how far he’d go.

His hand moved up. Fingers sliding the length of her slit, grazing her clit and just entering her pussy. She wiggled back against him, feeling his legs push her up and open so his cock could slide easily into her sopping pussy.

He teased her by letting just the head of his cock slide in and out. This made her so hot, and horny. His hand moved to her hip as he did this and then moved to her breast where he squeezed and pinched her nipple. Every time she tried to push back harder onto his cock, he backed off.

He had to know she was awake, because of the way he teased her. It was driving her mad with passion. She wanted to come, and that meant more pressure on her clit and more of his cock inside of her. She wiggled and tried to move him to fuck her.

Finally, in desperation to come, she figured she’d let him know he’d won. That she was awake. Rolling over, she was surprised to find him snoring. It had all been a dream.

4 thoughts on “Midnight Tease

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  1. *smiling*

    Is she sure he was asleep?
    Is she sure it wasn’t a ghost?
    Just joking.
    This is my kinda dream. 🙂

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