Desert Dreams part 2

They talked for what seemed like hours. Then the lights began to dim. Mike was the first one to notice it.

“Dell, is it?” he started.

“Yes. Just hold still. We’re about to get stuck back in that gel bed,” said Dell. She didn’t tell him what else she’d been subjected to in hopes that they were done with that.

“Oh,” said Mike as the gel seemed to flow up his legs and body. It covered him except for his face like a sheet. He watched as it did the same thing to Dell. He saw her mouth open for a second as if in surprise and before he could ask, he knew what had happened.

“Get that fucking probe out of my ass!” Mike yelled. He tried to squirm away to no avail. The probe lodged itself in his ass as the same time he felt another enter his cock. He struggled as best he could.

“It doesn’t help. I think they’re cleaning us up. I never feel thirsty or hungry, so there has to be some sort of nutrient in the gel, but our bodies still produce waste,” Dell said.

“Damn uncomfortable,” Mike groused. He finally felt the pressure ease only to feel his cock being handled in another fashion. Looking over to Dell, he realized she was being fucked by one of the probes.

“Nno kiss even?” he tried to joke.

Dell just shook her head as best she could as an orgasm ripped through her. She was so embarrassed and yet knew that there was no way to stop it. As the two of them gasped, the room went dark.

“Dell? You still there?” he asked.

“Yes. Thank god they stopped. One night they tried to see how many times I’d come. I passed out,” she said.

“Fucking bastards. Get your lab rats somewhere else!” he hollered.

“Just go to sleep Mike. It doesn’t do any good,” said Dell in a resigned tone.



Mike woke as the light came on in the room and the gel moved away from his skin. He saw that Dell was already moving around on the other side of the cell.

“You okay?” he asked touching her on the shoulder. The idea that these aliens were in essence raping Dell and himself bothered him. He knew it had to be bothering her.

“Yeah. I just don’t know what they will want next,” she said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Think about what they’ve been doing. Are they going to dissect us? Make us fuck? See if we can cope with pain or what?” Dell asked.

“Hadn’t thought about that. I don’t know. It would help if there was some sort of communication,” he said.

“I know. I was thinking about the fact that I didn’t say a whole lot until you got here. I’m wondering if they’re learning,” Dell said.

“I don’t know. Shall we sit?” he said.

“Might as well,” she replied. No sooner had Dell sat than she squeaked and moved up off of the gel. There under her was a perfect copy of Mike’s cock.

“Um… Dell, I think they have figured out basic biology,” said Mike.

“Yeah. Damn. At least it wasn’t going up my ass,” she said.

Mike snorted. Then it was his turn to yelp. “Fucking aliens! I’m not into getting fucked!” he said as he stood up. There was another gel cock.

“I think we just hit another level of experimentation,” said Dell. “Look.”

Mike looked around and realized that there were a number of cocks and vaginas appearing in gel. He realized that there was pressure on his back and he was being moved towards one of the vaginas. Dell on the other hand was being circled by gel cocks. She was slapping them away. It wasn’t helping.

“Mike!” she cried out trying to reach him. It did no good. Two of the cocks wrapped around her hands and ankles. They pulled her open until one of the cocks could move between her legs. “No! Stop it!”

Mike struggled to reach Dell, but couldn’t. One of the vaginas had engulfed his cock and started to move on it. It looked weird as hell to see this bodiless pussy fuck his cock. Then he felt more pressure against his ass. “NO!” he shouted. He clenched his muscles tight. No way he was getting ass fucked. He fought and after a moment, it moved away. However, the vagina on his cock was pumping away and he could feel his body react.

Dell struggled as well. However, the gel ‘hands’ held her open and she couldn’t prevent the second cock entering her ass. She cried out and struggled. It did no good. Before she could scream again, a gel shape filled her mouth. It kept her from crying out and yet didn’t smother her. Before long, she felt her orgasm start to burn through her senses. She bucked and came hard.

Mike was facing Dell and couldn’t help her. He watched as the gel covered her mouth and then the gel vagina milked him of his orgasm leaving him shaken. As quickly as they had been fucked, the gels retreated. Dell and Mike were left in heaps on the floor.

Dell was crying softly. Mike pulled himself up and walked over to cradle Dell in his arms.

“It’ll be okay. I’m here,” he said softly.

Dell curled up in his arms and cried.

4 thoughts on “Desert Dreams part 2

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  1. super hot! also vaguely reminds me of a porn video, I think it was named Night Dreams, where in one vignette a woman crawls through an a elasticy rubbery latexy area and multiple hands reach to her, stretching the material and fondling her all over…

    1. Ram, that would be so weird to experience. Sort of a gauntlet of sensuality… (hmmm… an idea)… Glad you liked the story. There is more to come. Literally.

  2. Well, this is very interesting. I realize that there is the rape factor and no one should have to go through that, but the idea of watching a good looking woman have multiple orgasms, would be a petty cool idea in some way’s, in spite of what was being done to the watcher. Tip

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