Flash Fiction Friday Birds in Paradise.

Tami looked at the moon as she walked along the boardwalk from one tiny waterfront room to the next. Tami and Eve had come on vacation to escape the cold of a Midwestern winter, and now they were late for dinner.


Tami jumped. Eve stood in the doorway, nude.

“Eve, aren’t we going inland for dinner?”

“No. I had some brought here,” Eve said. She walked back into the room and pointed at a low table covered with fruit, cheeses, bread and two tall drinks.


“Tami, you are the most delicious woman I know. I want you more than dinner,” said Eve.

Tami blushed. She liked Eve, but never dared to think… She walked over and shyly kissed Eve. Eve slipped Tami’s dress off and it made soft rustles as it fell to the floor. In a tangle of limbs, the two women fell to the bed. Lips, breasts and bodies touched. Moonlight painted the lovers. Tami loved Eve’s touch on her skin. Eve smiled as she kissed Tami. Hips rotating, juices flowing and gentle moans filled the room. Their passion was intoxicating. Their pleasure as fragrant as the tropics.

Thank you Ram for such a challenge. 181-199 words and the phrase soft rustles. I knew from the moment I saw the two women that it was the sound of clothing floating to the floor. As cold as it has been of late, I could enjoy a vacation to such a paradise. 🙂

This is Flash Fiction Friday sponsored this week By Ram the Sunlover!

15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Birds in Paradise.

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      1. Funny thing: “Eve teasing” in India is sexual harrassment, serously. Who knew, right?
        Loved the story! And the exquisite setting! You’re good, Miss Wytch!
        Hugz, Justine

        1. Yes, “Eve Teasing” is sexual harassment in India. It ranges from name calling to physical contact. What I find interesting is that it is usually men doing the harassing, but blaming the women because they’re being provocative. Gads!

          As for the story… so glad you liked it. Hadn’t heard from you in a while and wondered if you were still reading.

  1. Excellent! I love the passion between the lovers. It’s nearly tangible to the reader, as is the heat and the overall eroticism. Very arousing. I love the title as well!


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