Desert Dreams part 3

The room darkened as they had talked after the earlier event. Dell was comfortable in Mike’s arms. As the room went dark, she wondered if they’d be separated. It didn’t take long to answer that question. She felt herself being pulled away from Mike. They tried to hold onto each other, but it didn’t work. The all too familiar feeling of the probes in intimate places happened as the gel covered them. Their world went dark.

The next light cycle had Dell and Mike a bit nervous. Each one of them had erotic dreams in the night. Mike was the first one to mention it.

“Yes, I had them too. I almost think that they are trying to tell us what they want,” said Dell. She’d dreamed of Mike fucking her.

“It could be. I guess we’ll find out,” said Mike. He was still troubled by yesterday. Not so much for what was done to him, but what happened to Dell.

It didn’t take long to figure things out. A gel platform grew in the room and the two of them were ‘herded’ towards the bed. When they resisted, the gels got more forceful. Nudges became shoves and then slaps. They finally got on the ‘bed’.

“So, fancy meeting you here,” Mike said as they lay on the bed.

“Yeah. So much for a first date,” Dell said sarcastically.

“I take it you’re about as up to this as I am?” he asked.

“Yeah. Can we just say I have a headache and go to sleep?” she asked.

“I’d love to, but I don’t think that’s on the schedule,” said Mike. He watched as two gels began to push them together until Dell was in Mike’s arms. “You’re choice. Gel dildos or a real cock.”

“At least kiss me,” Dell said.

Mike took her in his arms and began to kiss her. It didn’t take long before she responded. Hands glided over skin and soon the kissing became more intense. Mike slid a hand down between Dell’s legs and caressed her pussy while he kissed and sucked her nipples.

Dell cried out in pleasure as his fingers stroked her clit and slid in and out of her pussy. She’d been so sensitized by the gels attentions that she craved actual touch. She wanted to touch Mike’s cock and had to reach for him.

Mike realized what Dell wanted and moved to let her touch him. She went from stroking his cock to lowering her mouth onto it. He pulled her hips around and licked her clit as she sucked and licked his cock. Her juices were running down her thighs as he brought her to orgasm. She cried it out against his cock and then moved around. Dell swung her leg over Mike’s body and lowered herself onto his cock. As she did so, she knew what she’d disliked about the gels. His flesh was hot and pulsed inside of her as she rode his cock.

Mike hissed with pleasure as Dell bounced up and down. It felt so good. He grabbed her hips and pounded as deep as he could into her pussy.

“Oh!” Dell gasped as she felt his cock deep inside of her. She rocked back and forth and before she could think, she was coming. Her orgasm ripped up and down her spine. She must have shared the intensity as Mike began to stiffen and arch with his own orgasm. He lifted up off of the gel bed and cried out as his orgasm boiled up his balls. He felt himself drench Dell.

They lay there gasping and trying to catch their breaths when the gels started to probe their bodies.

“Go The Fuck Away!” Mike yelled. He pulled Dell close and smacked away the probes. They stopped for a moment and then the probes came up from the bed and held them down. They were ‘cleaned’ and then let go.

“Assholes!” Mike shouted and then held Dell.

“I wish they’d let us go,” said Dell.

“So do I. I’d hoped that they’d leave us alone once we fucked,” Mike said.

“I don’t think so. The gel is pushing us together again,” she said.

Mike looked around and realized she was right. “You up to another round?” he asked as he watched the cock shaped probes form.

“With you, not those,” she said moving into Mike’s arms.

Mike sat cross legged and pulled Dell into his lap. He had her straddle his lap which let him play with her pussy and suck her nipples at the same time. They soon discovered that as long as they played with each other and didn’t stop for too long, the gels left them alone.

They lost track of how many orgasms they had. After the last one, Dell noticed that the lights were going dim. “Goodnight Mike,” she said as the all too familiar gels did their thing.

“Goodnight Dell,” he said. He still tried to keep the probe out of his ass, but it didn’t take long for his body to betray him.

Life fell into a routine. Wake, fuck, sleep. If they didn’t co-operate, the gel probes punished them. The first time was a series of slaps that increased in intensity. Then they became shocks. Neither Mike or Dell could figure out how that worked. However, one shock across Dell’s breasts or Mike’s cock was enough to convince them to co-operate. Other times, they weren’t given choices.

Mike had Dell on her knees and they were doing it doggy style as Mike had joked when a gel formed behind Mike. It was right at his ass and Mike stopped, swatted it away and then got shocked as he connected with it. Mike fought with it, but it did no good. Instead, the gels gripped him and went where they wanted. Mike spilled his seed across the gel as the gel cock stroked his prostate gland until he came.

Another time, Dell was on her back with Mike on top when a cock formed under her and worked into her ass. Mike tried to stop and found that if he withdrew, they both got shocked. When Dell and Mike came, the gel let go of her.

“I’m so tired of this,” said Dell. She couldn’t sit without a gel pushing into her pussy or ass.

“So am I. I don’t like being fucked, let alone shocked into complying.” said Mike.

“You never did seem like the kind of guy who takes it up the ass,” Dell joked.

“Nope, and if I ever get out of here, I never will again,” he said.

“Me either. I about passed out the other day when the gel decided I needed a ‘cock’ in my mouth, ass and pussy,” she said.

“I’m just glad I was the one in your mouth,” said Mike. The gels had learned that different sizes caused different reactions. They had filled Dell a little too full and she had cried until they decreased things.

“And as much as I like sex, I am actually tired of it,” said Dell. It was something she never thought she’d say.

“You aren’t the only one,” said Mike. They’d been laying there for probably twenty minutes and realized that they had better start touching each other before the gels got involved. They knew that there was some sort of feeding going on as they still weren’t thirsty or hungry. Nor did they wear out in the same way they normally would. At one point, Mike counted twenty orgasms for himself in one ‘day’ as they had begun to think of them.

Mike had learned that Dell enjoyed him stroking her clit and then sliding deep into her pussy until he almost touched her cervix. It was long slow play and allowed them both to rest a bit before the gels began to demand more. He worked his fingers in and out slowly knowing that she’d come in a bit. Her breathing grew raspy and then he felt her muscles grip tight on his fingers as she came. Juices splashed across his lap as he held her close. By now, his cock was hard and he slid Dell onto his lap and cock. Rocking back and forth, they took a long slow fuck.

They had lost all sense of time. Every day was the same. The only thing that changed in their world was how they fucked or how intrusive the gels were during their ‘day’. As the light faded and the gels wrapped them up, they fell asleep exhausted.

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  1. Well these two sure have themselves in a bit of a pickle. I would think after a day of two like this, getting an erection may become a problem, but if they (the aliens) can fix that, what a way to go. Very good story WW. Tip PS. one quick question, what gives you ideas for your stories?

    1. Yes Tip, they are in a pickle. I’m glad you like my story.
      As for what gives me my ideas… People. I people watch all the time. I see things and wonder how situations happen. Next thing I know, my warped mind has kicked in and Poof! there is a story. 🙂 Wolf says he sometimes cringes when I start to giggle and then write. He wonders if it is something he’s said or done that has sparked a story and IF I will change his name. 🙂 The first time he read a ‘cloud’ story, he about died of embarrassment. (Yes, Wolf the mighty DOM can be embarrassed!) Look up The clouds part. Oh, and keep in mind that the phrase “Clouds and rain” is a metaphor for sex. 🙂

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