Desert Dreams Finale

Mike felt a burning bright sensation. He blinked. The light… He looked up to see the sun burning down on him. Sitting up slowly, he tried to piece together what had happened. He’d been riding down the highway and there had been a truck. He’d swerved and dumped his bike. He must have knocked himself out. He looked around. Off to his left was his bike. Mike checked himself out and except for a few bruises and scrapes, he was okay. Good thing he’d worn his leathers. They were scratched to hell all down one side, but his skin was intact. Same with his helmet. Damn brain bucket saved his life he figured.

Slowly, Mike stood up. He walked over to his bike and took a look at it. Rear view mirror was gone and the paint on one side was a mess. He stood it up and looked over the rest of it. Throwing his leg over, he tried to start it up. After a moment, it caught and rumbled to life.

Gingerly, Mike revved up the engine and started down the highway. He usually traveled at night, so it didn’t take long for him to feel overheated. When he finally came to a town, he pulled into a Motel 6 and got a room.

Once in the room, he stripped off and checked his body for damage from the crash. There were a few cactus spines and some scrapes, but otherwise he was fine. His beard looked a little scruffier than usual, but then again, he couldn’t remember the last time he trimmed it. Mike showered, and then crashed on the bed. He slept for hours.

He woke up to the sounds of someone knocking on the door.

“Maid service!” a cheery voice called.

“Go away! I’ll be out in an hour!” he called.

“Okay, check out is in two hours!” the voice called back.

Mike moved like he’d been rode hard and put away wet. He stood in the shower for thirty minutes and once he got out, he dug into his saddlebags for aspirin. He took four.

After he dressed, he packed, and got ready to check out. The chamber maid was heading his direction. She waved.

“Any place to eat around here?” he hollered as he tossed her his key.

“Yeah. Cafe off to the right and a greasy spoon dive just outside of town,” she said pointing.

“Thanks!” he said. He stared the Harley and headed the direction she pointed. He passed the Cafe and headed for the greasy spoon since the parking lot was packed. He hated crowds. Weren’t many people he liked either.

Mike pulled up in front of the greasy spoon. The CLOSED sign hung on the door. He sighed and almost headed out of town when his stomach growled. Felt like ages since he ate last. “Burgers just didn’t last anymore,” he thought. He’d had a double burger last night. Usually that kept him until the next evening. He turned the bike back towards the Cafe.

He found a place to park his Harley and hooked the helmet to the handlebars. He’d have to replace it soon. Never good to trust it to two crashes. He walked in the door to find the main room filled with people. A sign on the door said, “Please Wait To Be Seated” Not like he had any choice. He stood there and watched the three waitresses bustle around. A skinny gal in black jeans and an apron handed him a menu.

“Decide what you want and I’ll take your order. We’ll get you seated as soon as we can,” she said and she was gone.

Mike almost walked out, but it smelled so good. He didn’t realize he was so hungry. He watched people move once he decided he wanted a steak and egg breakfast. The skinny waitress took his order and went to wipe tables, take money at the till and deliver orders to other tables.

He could tell that most people were locals by the way they interacted. Another waitress was handling orders on the far end and he could see two people in the kitchen. From the way the counter cut direct view into the kitchen, he couldn’t tell if they were male or female. All he noticed was how fast food was flying out.

“Honey, come with me, I have a table open right here,” the skinny waitress said as she walked fast towards a two seater table off to one side. She put his coffee down on the table, grabbed a handful of dishes off another table and disappeared. Mike sat so that he could watch the whole room. Ranchers, truckers, a couple of bikers and some couples. He smiled as he watched one ancient couple share a plate of pancakes and bacon.

“Here’s your food Honey,” said the skinny waitress and then she was gone again.

He’d barely had a bite of his food when she was back to fill up his coffee cup. The steak and eggs disappeared faster than he expected. Real fried potatoes sopped up the steak juices and egg that were left. He spread jelly on his toast and savored it with his fourth cup of coffee.

“You ready for you ticket Honey?” the skinny waitress asked him.

Mike blinked and nodded. She dropped the ticket on the table and walked off to hand menus to a couple that walked in. He smiled as he watched her move, and part of him wondered if she ever slowed down. He doubted that and finished off his coffee. Mike stood up, stretched and picking up his ticket, he headed for the door. He noticed that the crowds had begun to thin and the skinny waitress was actually standing still.

Mike walked up to the till and was about to hand the ticket to the skinny waitress when six people walked in. She grabbed menus and headed to the new customers.

“I can help you if you’re ready to pay,” said a voice behind him. He turned to see another woman with dirty blonde hair and the greenest eyes he’d ever seen. As he handed her the ticket, something clicked in the back of his head. He looked at her again and he wasn’t sure. She reminded him of someone he thought he should know.

“Pardon me ma’am, but do I know you?” he asked trying to figure out why he felt he knew her.

The woman looked at him and he could tell that she too was trying to figure out something. That was when he noticed that she was about four months pregnant. Then the alarm bells started going off in his head. “Dell?” he asked quietly as memories crashed through his brain.

“Yes,” she said. Then she started looking at him more closely. “Mike? Mike Hazen? Is that really you?”

“Yes, especially if you hate luminous gel shaped things,” he said softly. Before he could say another word, she’d come around the corner and wrapped her arms around him.

“Oh god, I’m so glad to know I wasn’t crazy,” she said softly.

Mike wrapped his arms around her too, feeling whole for the first time since he’d woken up on the side of the road. “How long?” he asked.

“Nearly three months. I kept hoping to see you, but nothing until now,” she said.

Mike began to reply when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned with Dell still half in his arms to see the ancient couple standing there. “I’m sorry,” he started to apologize thinking that he was keeping them from paying their bill and leaving.

“You’d better be sorry! Our Delilah here has been looking for you for two months. Where in the hell have you been son?” the old man asked.

Mike blinked. Then he realized that in this small of a community, Dell had needed to make up some kind of story to explain why she was pregnant and no boyfriend or husband around.

“Well, I had an accident on my bike,” Mike started. “And it took a bit to get back on the road.”

“You shoulda called son!” said the old man. “We been worried about her and that baby. Wondering if that man she kept telling us about would show up and do the right thing.”

Mike looked at the ancient couple. The wife was nodding her head along with everything the old man said. “Well, um…”

“Umm nothing. I expect you to do right by our Delilah,” said the old woman.

“I will if she’ll let me,” Mike said softly looking into Dell’s eyes.

Dell just smiled at him. “Of course I will,” she said.

“Hot Damn! We get to have a wedding!” said the cook from behind the counter. He wasn’t much taller than Dell and about twice as wide.

Mike didn’t know what to think as people kept patting him on the shoulder or shaking his hand. About fifteen minutes of that was all he could take. “Dell, can we go somewhere quiet for a bit?” he asked.

“Oh yes! I’ve just about ‘peopled out’,” Dell said. “Harry, I’m taking the rest of the day off,” she said to the cook.

“Okay Dell. See ya tomorrow,” he said waving with a spatula in hand.

Dell dumped her apron on the back counter, grabbed her handbag and grabbed Mike by the hand. They were all the way out the door when Mike stopped suddenly.

“I never paid for my breakfast,” he said.

“It’s okay. Harry took your ticket and put it in his pocket. He’ll probably take it out of my wages, but I don’t care. Here’s my car,” she said standing next to a beat up Volvo.

“My bike…” he started.

“Grab it and follow me. I’m only a couple miles outside of town,” she said and climbed into the Volvo.

Mike ran for his bike and had it started and in gear before Dell got more than a quarter of a mile down the road. He followed her out of town, down a dirt road and then a turn off onto a long driveway. Dell pulled up in front of a small adobe house with a struggling garden and a rather large dog in the back yard. Mike parked his bike and walked up to Dell. Dell was petting the dog.

“This is TR Bell,” she said. “Said like trouble.”

Mike smiled and held his hand out for the big dog to check him out. The dog licked his hand and then walked off to his piece of shade.

Dell smiled and they walked into the house. The door was barely shut before Dell was in Mike’s arms getting the kiss she’d wanted from the moment she’d realized she wasn’t dreaming.

“I can’t believe it wasn’t a dream,” she said.

“You? I just woke up yesterday in the desert,” said Mike.

“Come sit down and tell me,” she said. They moved over to the couch. Mike sat down and cradled her in his arms. Then he told her about waking in the desert, thinking he’d crashed his bike in the night. He was sore and stiff like he’d crashed and rode into town.

“You know, I thought my beard looked a bit longer, but I didn’t think it had been nearly three months,” he said.

“From what Harry said, I’d been gone nearly six months. It didn’t feel like it, and it was damn difficult to explain why I’d been gone and how I’d ended up pregnant,” said Dell.

Mike looked at her and then her stomach. “This is mine?” he asked.

“Yes, unless I give birth to a blob of luminous gel. Think about it. Did we ever use protection?” she asked.

Mike thought for a whole nano-second. “No. I didn’t even think about it,” he said.

“Well, I wasn’t a virgin, but I also hadn’t had a boyfriend in almost a year. I’d given up birth control,” said Dell. “I get the feeling that the aliens dumped me once I got pregnant. I told everyone around here that I had a whirlwind romance and got stupid. That my boyfriend didn’t know I was pregnant. Just enough to keep them out of my hair.”

“So, I was a bastard that dumped you?” he asked wondering what he’d have to deal with after they got use to the idea there really was a boyfriend.

“No, more like I got scared and ran home,” Dell said. “Couldn’t blame someone I wasn’t sure existed. Hell, I don’t even know what you do for a living.”

“I’m a computer programmer,” he said.

“Computer programmer? And you ride a Harley?” she said with a giggle.

“Yeah. I can work anywhere,” Mike said.

“Oh,” she replied.

“Is… is everything normal?” Mike asked touching her stomach.

“Yes. Had an ultrasound last week. I’m fine too,” she said. She tilted his head towards hers and then kissed him.

Mike felt like all the ice in his soul melted in that moment. His hands were wrapped in her hair and stroking her back. “Dell?” he asked feeling his cock press hard against his jeans.

Dell looked at Mike, got up and lead him to the bedroom. It didn’t take five seconds to strip off and be in bed holding and touching. It was new and yet well traveled territory all in one. No gel pushing it’s way in, no worry or concerns about what might get shoved where. Just the two of them in bed. Only the two of them.

“Dell, can you?” he asked as his cock throbbed and he ached to be inside of her.

“Just go slow. Here, let me slide onto you,” she said and straddled his body. She guided his cock into her and slowly rocked back and forth. Dell sighed. “This feels so good, so right,” she thought.

Mike held Dell gently as he stroked in and out. He cupped her breasts in his hands and teased her nipples. They crinkled up hard. Dell began to breath faster as the pleasure built. Mike moved his hands to her hips and before long the sensations roared up from his balls and he came. Dell wasn’t far behind him, as she gasped and moaned.

“Oh! Ooohhh,” she cried as her orgasm spread through her body. She collapsed as much as she could against him and then rolled gently to one side. Mike cuddled her to his body and the two of them fell asleep.

The wedding was three days later. Harry and Mazy the skinny waitress catered the wedding party. The old man gave Dell away and the justice of the peace married them. As they drove off the cans and shoes clattered behind the Volvo.

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    1. Ah, Good to see you SSir! And yes, you have missed a LOT of stories. I think I counted 45 from the last time you commented. Hope you enjoy the twisted paths my brain has wandered in your absence.

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