This morning had been a sleep in day. The clocks changed last night and it was always a struggle to get orientated. So, they had not set an alarm, but simply slept until they woke. She had heard him groan in the night and knew his shoulder hurt. After a quick trip to the bathroom, she started massaging his shoulder. As he gasped and groaned in pain, she figured it would be a no-play kinda day. She must have worked on his shoulder for thirty minutes. When she was done, they snuggled until their tea was ready.

He got the tea and came back to bed. They chatted about work, things that needed done and his wild ideas. After their tea, she asked for a backrub. He wasn’t the only one with sore spots and achy muscles. Granted, the bit of her that ached the most was her pussy. She knew that would just have to wait.

Half way through the backrub, the phone rang. He got up and answered it and she drifted back to sleep. She kind of heard objects drop onto the bed, but in her sleepy mind she figured that it was his belt or jeans and ignored it.

“I thought Dave would never get off the phone,” he said.

“What did he want?” she asked as he curled up to her. His body was cool, and that made her shiver.

“Just to talk. Wondered if we saw the snow this morning,” he said,

“I did. We got an inch or so before it rained. It was cold looking,” she said.

“As cold as this?” he asked. He pressed something against her skin.

“Geeeze! That’s cold! What the …” was as far as she got before he spanked her with it.

“Ouch! That’s cold! Hurts! Owwww!” she cried. She tried to wiggle away, but he had her pinned to the bed.

“What a lovely tulip print this makes,” he said.

“I would think so,” she said trying to catch her breath. That damned cake server hurt! Then she realized that she heard something. “NO!” she cried just in time to hear the shutter release on the camera.

He laughed. He took three more shots and then spanked her ass again until parts of it glowed. As he snuggled back up to her, he grabbed the other toy he’d gotten out of the toybox. He handled it carefully, not to let it warm up as the hot cold play worked well for her.

“My, my your ass is warm… And wet,” he said softly in her ear.

“Gee, I wonder why?” she said sarcastically.

“Oh I don’t know. But I bet I can cool you down,” he said. Before she could say a word, he slid the cold glass dildo up between her legs. She arched away from the cold with a gasp, which let him slid it all the way up into her pussy.

“Gaaahhh!” she gasped. “Damn that’s cold!”

“Not for long the way you’re heated up,” he teased. He moved the dildo in and out, hitting all the good places as well as rubbing her ass with the other hand. She moaned, orgasmed and gasped.

He stopped and let her catch her breath for a moment and then started up again. She arched in orgasm and then bounced on her ass. He smiled as she gasped. Then he set the dildo aside.

“Honey, you have too many clothes on,” she said hooking a finger into the side of his underwear. “I want something warm inside of me.”

“I have just the right amount of clothing on,” he said and reached for something else. “And I have something else in mind that’s warm.”

“Oh?” she said turning to see what he’d grabbed. He smiled and held up the lube. “Oh…” she said. She loved it when he fisted her. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but it felt so very good.

The lube was cold on his fingers and he giggled. He loved playing with her reactions to hot and cold. She gasped as the cold hit her pussy. He slid two fingers in and then a third.

“Not enough lube,” he said. He put more on his fingers and a bit across his knuckles and then began to finger her again.

“Oh! Careful,” she gasped. There was always a lot of pressure the first few times his fingers pushed deep inside of her. “Oh! Oh my… something… pokey…”

He moved his hand and she relaxed a bit. Then he increased his strokes as he moved up inside of her. He bumped her cervix with his fingers and felt her body clench tight around his hand.

“Oh! Ohmyohmmmmmy,” she moaned. She felt her body coil tightly as the orgasm began to muddle her thoughts.

He smiled as he saw and felt her begin to come and at the peak of it, he pulled his hand from her pussy. She came hard and juices went everywhere. He slid his hand back in barely giving her a chance to breathe and brought her to orgasm again. This orgasm was more intense than the first. He slid his hand back in for a third time. He moved his hand to hit all the right spots. She was moaning and her body shook with pleasure. He waited again and pulled his hand out just as she peaked. This time, she squirted juices everywhere as she cried her orgasms into his pillow.

“Oh god!” she moaned. “I’m soaked.”

“You? You’re soaked?” he asked laughing. “You’re a puddle. I’m covered in you.” He laughed some more.

She lay there trying to catch her breath. The puddle under her soaking the sheets was… wet! Oh my god wet! He sat there on his knees laughing at her.

“There’s… there’s a towel under the pillow,” she gasped.

Laughing, he grabbed the towel and started to dry off. “Shoulda’,” he started.

“Shoulda’ what?” she asked not getting where his brain was wandering.

“Shoulda’ gotta bucket!” he giggled.

She laughed.

“Just one more waffer thin orgasm?” he asked as his fingers reached between her legs and stroked her clit.

She gasped, laughed and came. Wetly.

6 thoughts on “Bucket

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  1. lovely, funny, sexy.

    Why do they always make us (ha, “make us”…like we really doanwanna? Ha!) have “just one more little bitty o…”…

    yeah, i love when that happens too…


    1. LOLOL! Yeah… I think they enjoy that whole ‘let’s see if she’ll explode’ thing. Men… silly men… I think they do it to us though because we can’t do it to them.

  2. Yea, there is nothing better than being soaked in feminine juices, of course it’s good to get you ladies that far since you are good for so many O’s and we get one (especially at my age) Tip

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