Silver Service part 17

Elsa recovered quickly from Rachel’s birth. She credited Aya and her care with her good health. Lillian and the children went for long walks with Aya while Elsa rested. Paul and David worked and took the children for longer trips on the weekend.

Lillian was lounging in the garden with a book when David walked up to her carrying a tea tray.

“Oh David, thank you,” she said taking a cup from him.

“I thought you might like a cup. Aya and Betsy are serving the family and I thought we could have a quiet moment,” he said.

“That’s sweet of you. It’s getting close to time to head back to London isn’t it,” Lillian said.

“Yes, it is. Millicent is due soon and she wrote asking me to return. I don’t believe it, I just think she wants to order me around, but that is neither here nor there. What I want to know is…” he hesitated.

“You want to know if I could live here happily and not be in the hustle and bustle of London,” she said.

“Yyes. Paul and I have worked out the business so that I could be here for two or three weeks at a time and travel to London for a week. It would give us more time together as I wouldn’t have to leave every night, but when I was gone, it might be longer that we are apart,” David said.

“I understand. I’ve been thinking about it as well, plus Elsa and I have talked. She loves her cottage, but with the children beginning school and such, she isn’t happy about living in London either,” said Lillian.

“Oh! Does she want to live here in Taunton too?” asked David totally surprised by this revelation.

“No! She wants to move to Bath, Reading, or Basingstoke. She doesn’t want to send the children off to boarding school, but have them taught locally. She’s been writing to all her friends and ferreting out the best day schools,” said Lillian.

“Now that’s a clever idea. I have to admit that I’m not fond of the idea of sending James off to boarding school either. Horrid place to be honest. I hated it, and if it hadn’t been for Paul, I’d have been beat to a pulp most days,” said David.

“Exactly! So, If both of you gentlemen could work the business to run from somewhere other than London, we’d be ecstatic. Elsa said you should tell Millicent that you are sending James off to boarding school, but bring him to Taunton instead,” she said.

“To be honest, I’d been thinking the same thing. Let Millicent have the new baby and take off with James. I have to admit that after this heavenly month, I simply can’t think of going back to her and her stuffy manner,” said David.

Lillian smiled as she sipped her tea. She was looking forward to tonight. She’d had the first hint of her cycle and loved the feeling of David without that dratted sheath. Lillian had told him about it earlier in the day. She set down her cup. “Are you ready to go into supper?” she asked.

“Yes. And then early to bed?” he asked. Tonight might be their last night as he had to go back to London.

“Of course. And for the record, I’d prefer to live here in Taunton,” Lillian said as she walked back towards the house.


Supper was a noisy affair. The children were full of their adventures at the market, and both couples chatty about the possibilities of escaping London. Elsa stated that she and Betsy had seen the sweetest townhouse in Bath. Just off the center of town and near two of the schools that Elsa’s friends had mentioned. Paul announced that he’d gotten a late post showing that the improved profits were as predicted and that the scheme of working out of London was working. Betsy and Aya took the children off to bed after pudding to let the adults talk.

As the evening grew late, and plans were settled, David and Lillian said their goodnights and headed to bed.

“I will be glad when we can be loud and noisy,” said David.

“I agree. The walls of the cottage are too think with the children just across the hall,” said Lillian. She started to undo her blouse when David’s hand stopped her.

“David?” she asked looking at him curiously.

“You are mine to do with as I please,” he said. With that, he took off his tie and wrapped it around her hands.

“Oh! Oh sir,” Lillian said falling into the game. They so loved games like this, and she indulged him.

“Quiet wench, or I’ll silence you,” he whispered hoarsely. He took off his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt a bit and kicked off his boots. Then he turned his attentions to Lillian. He undid her blouse, the tie of her over chemise and opened the busk to let her breasts fall free. He unbuttoned the under chemise and sucked and nibbled her breasts as they spilled from her clothes.

“Oh! Oh sir! Please desist! I’m a maiden and you ruin me with your intentions!” she cried softly.

“I intend to do more,” he said as he turned her and flipped her skirts over her head. His hand went between the folds of her drawers and caressed her damp folds. He’d never appreciated the way drawers were built before Lillian. Now they allowed him access to her without the need to totally undress her. Something Millicent would never have allowed.

Lillian’s voice muffled by the skirt was indecipherable. David ignored her and fingered her and spread her legs wider. His fingers thrust deep. As Lillian struggled, he spanked her ass. The reddened flesh played peek-a-boo under the drawers.

“Sir! Please,” Lillian called out.

“I’m no sir, but a rogue that intends to ravish you,” said David as he dropped his trews to the floor. In a quick motion, he slid his naked cock deep inside Lillian. Buried to the hilt, he then began to pump in and out slowly, enjoying every stroke.

“Oh god,” he moaned.

Half buried in her own clothes, Lillian smiled. It felt so good. She loved sex and the feelings of being spanked. She wiggled like she was trying to escape. She even threw her legs around.

“No you don’t,” David said. He spanked her bottom hard and then grabbing her hips pounded hard. His rhythm hit a frenzy and soon he stiffened and came deep inside of Lillian. He leaned forward to catch his breath, his cock still buried deep inside.

Lillian was pinned, her body on the edge of ascending heaven and aching for release. She wiggled and David withdrew. He spanked her once more.

“Not satisfied?” he asked.

“No, You stir my lust and yet satisfy only yourself. How dare you!” she gasped trying to stay in character.

“Well then my little strumpet, I will make you beg for your release,” David said. He reached for the phallus in the drawer and grabbed the bigger of the two. He flipped her on her back and crawled onto the bed. Pulling her up to him, he kissed her lips, and as he pulled her body close, he nudged the phallus up between her legs. He stroked it in and out of her.

“Oh! Sir! What dastardly thing is that?” she cried. Her clothes were everywhere, inhibiting her movements and making it easy for David to play with her.

“It is a phallus from far off Hindi and I will make you beg with it,” he said. Pushing back his shirt sleeves, he worked the phallus in and out, making sure to slide it over her button. She arched in pleasure and just before she orgasmed, he stopped.

“Sir?” she gasped.

“Beg,” he said.

“I will not!” Lillian said proudly.

“You will before I’m through with you,” he said. David worked the phallus again and stopped once more just before she came.

“Ohhhh,” Lillian moaned, but would not beg for release.

David did it a third time and this time pushed it in as far as it would go and then stood her up. “Walk,” he said.

“What?” she asked.

“Walk the length of the room. If you drop it, you’ll be punished. Now walk,” he said.

Lillian walked as best she could from one end of the room to the other. Her bodice and corset down her arms and her breasts hanging free. Her skirts were ruffled but covered the fact that she had the phallus firmly up her pussy. She walked the length of the room three times before it began to slip. She tried to stop it, but it hit the floor.

David walked towards her, pulled the top bits of her clothings somewhat together and headed her towards the window that faced the garden. He opened the window and pushed Lillian onto the broad sill so that her breasts jutted out, barely covered by her chemise. Then he pushed her skirts aside and stood between her legs.

“You disobeyed me,” he said in a hoarse voice.

“Yes sir,” she said quietly.

“And now I’m going to take you while you show your breasts to the stars,” he said. While they’d played with the phallus, he’d had time to become stiff again and he slid his cock in from behind. Lillian was so sensitive that she ascended the heavens almost immediately.

“Oh! Sir! Oh!” she gasped as David thrust in and out.

David held her hips tight as he increased his pace. It felt so good that he didn’t want it to end. Each orgasm she had wrapped his cock tight in hot flesh. He pounded and pounded his cock ina nd out and finally stiffened in orgasmic joy. He poured his seed deep into Lillian.

He pulled her away from the window and carried her to the bed. Slowly, he undressed her, tossing each crumpled piece of clothing down on the floor. Her stockings were the last thing he took off. From there, he kissed his way up her thighs and when he reached her soft folds drenched in their juices, he kissed and licked her there.

“Oh David,” she moaned. She arched as she ascended the heavens over and over. David fingered her, pressing deeply until with one orgasm, she took the four fingers of his one hand. He stroked in and out as she orgasmed again and again. When she could teak no more, he crawled up on the bed and held her close.

“I love you Lillian,” he said.

“And I you,” she replied. They lay there for a bit and when Lillian could move, she turned to take him in her mouth. It was David’s turn to moan. Her tongue swirled the head of his cock and made him ache to pound and thrust.

“Llllilian,” he gasped, close to orgasm.

“Yes my love?” she asked stopping briefly.

“Let me enter you,” he said.

Lillian stopped and he moved so that he was between her legs. He entered her for the third time that night and slowly thrust in and out. Sex without the sheath was so much more satisfying. He took his time and as he finally came, Lillian cried her own orgasm into the pillow.

They curled up under the covers and he went to sleep with his cock between her thighs and his fingers grazing her button. They woke once more in the night and made love again. His seed poured from her onto the sheets by morning.


David left late the next afternoon. Lillian was sad to see him go, but she knew that he’d be back to the cottage soon enough. The rest of the week was spent with Elsa as they checked on houses in Bath and Reading. It was a slow process with the baby, but worthwhile. A fortnight later, Elsa and family were in a new house in Bath. Paul arranged for the London house to be sold and the contents freighted to Bath. While in London, he arranged with David to do the same for Lillian’s things in Chelsea.

When the furnishings arrived, Lillian and Elsa decorated the Bath house first and then redid the cottage in Taunton. Lillian’s bedroom now looked like an Indian dream with her carved bed, silks and other furnishings. Now all Lillian had to do was wait for David to return at the end of the month.

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