Geek Toys

This story comes from silly conversation after a lovely bit of playtime. We don’t have a RepRap printer, but… if we did I could see Wolf reviving some of his toy making skills. Enjoy!

Kelsy lay on the bed listening to the radio. The Pretenders Hymn to Her was playing.

Let me inside you,

Into your room,

I’ve heard it’s lined with the things you don’t show

Lay me beside you

Down on the floor

I’ve been your lover

From the womb to the tomb…


She sighed and rolled over getting ready to get up when Tony walked in.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing important, I was just thinking about how we all hide things from one another,” Kelsy said.

“How so?” Tony asked.

“Well, that song just now. It talks about life and death, paganism and ‘things you don’t show” and I got to thinking about how we don’t communicate stuff even if it’s a little thing,” she said.

Tony sat on the bed next to her. They’d been lovers for over a year and he wondered where she was going with this line of thought. “Okay, so what haven’t you told me?” he asked. Tony figured that the direct approach might work.

“You’ll laugh,” she said.

“Maybe. Then again, I might be able to help,” Tony replied.

Kelsy took a deep breath. “Well, when you aren’t around, I play with toys,” she said.

“Ooookay,” said Tony not knowing if she meant the Star Trek or LOTR action figures on the top shelf, the mind puzzles on the second shelf or the fairy temple he’d made her with his RepRap 3D printer.

Kelsy caught his eye and saw what he was looking at. “Not those toys! This kind of toy,” she said as she reached under the pillow and pulled out her neon green gel dildo.

“Oh, Oh! Now I get it. You thought I didn’t know you had that?” he said trying to cover his tracks fast.

“You are such a bad liar. I can tell from the way you’re blushing that you didn’t know I had this,” she said. It was true. Tony was blushing a nice shade of pink.

“I… uum. Yeah, well. I figured you had one, cause you’re like a shark. Sharks are always hungry and you’re always horny. I just didn’t know it was green or that it was under your pillow,” Tony said.

Kelsy wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. “You are sweet. I love you and you are such a dork!”

“That’s geek! Not dork. GEEK. And why am I … wait. Don’t answer that,” Tony said. They’d had long talks about being a geek, an engineer and so literally minded that telling him to go ‘play in traffic’ was not a good thing.

She was smiling and put her toy back under her pillow. She loved the way he thought, and even the thirty minute conversations about his latest computer project or the newest TED video while they kissed and touched in bed before sex. Geek foreplay she called it.

“So, you’ve told me about your toy. Now what?” Tony asked cautiously.

“It’s boring. Everyone has one just like it and I’ve tried others and they never get just those right spots like you do. I guess I’m frustrated,” she said.

Tony laughed. Kelsy being frustrated about a sex toy was just perverse. Laughable, but perverse. “Do you want me to make you a better sex toy?” he asked at last.

“Yes! You have all these cool tools. The RepRap, scads of stuff from Sparkfun, oodles of Makers magazines and that gorgeous brain. Please make me a new toy?” she asked squeezing her arms together making her breasts raise up in her shirt.

“Uhh, yeah. Sure. I’ll give it a try. I’ll need some measurements,” he said not thinking and walked out of the room to figure out what he’d make.


Kelsy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Tony had digitalized his cock and was now printing a 3D mold of it on the RepRap. He’d ordered the silicon gel and some things from Sparkfun that she didn’t recognize. She gave Tony his Dr. Pepper and left the room. Ever since she’d asked him to make a sex toy, he’d been so wrapped up in the idea that he’d forgotten everything else, including eating and sex!

She went back to reading some of her favorite erotica online. It was all amateur stuff, but damn some of it was hot! There was this group of people online that wrote a story to go with a picture every week. It was called Flash Fiction Friday and she’d been hooked from the very first story she’d found. Kelsy hoped that Tony would remember to take a break tonight. She was so horny and her little green friend just wasn’t cutting it lately.

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  1. ma fave line:
    “I… uum. Yeah, well. I figured you had one, cause you’re like a shark. Sharks are always hungry and you’re always horny. ”

    lol! 🙂

    1. Part of that is almost a direct quote from Wolf. Couldn’t resist using it as it was a perfect line. Made Wolf roll his eyes and then laugh when he found out I used it.

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