Geek Toys part 2

Tony finished his toys two weeks later. He’d been working on the mechanical part of them for three days. He could make the toy undulate and vibrate. He even had a little attachment that would hit her clit just right. It had taken him hours to think how his fingers worked and imitate it. He felt really stupid, but he’d sat there at work thinking about what he did with Kelsy in bed and trying to replicate it. Worst part is that he got so horny and went off to the bathroom to ‘fix things’. Twenty minutes later, he just gave up. Stuffing his cock back in his jeans, he left work early and surprised Kelsy at her house. They’d had a great time.

The mold he made worked great. First he made just a plain dildo. It was electric blue. Then Tony worked on the vibrator. He took a bit more time with that as he had to get the electronics inserted just right. He finally opted for a sleeve of the same silicon to separate the outer skin and inner mechanics. He mounted the gel on a base he printed. Last of all, he bought a pair of panties and installed a button that lined up with her clit. This of course took more sex which neither of them minded.

Tony walked out with a bag in his hand and placed it on Kelsy’s lap. “Here you go,” he said.

Kelsy looked at him and then opened the bag. Inside were three little black bags. Each numbered. She opened bag number one first. She pulled out an electric blue dildo. She looked it over and smiled as she recognized that it was Tony’s cock.

“Very nice,” she said. She put it aside and took out black bag #2. It held the vibrator. She turned it on and let it shake in her hand for a minute or so as she tried the different settings. She smiled.

“I thought you’d like that one,” said Tony.

Then she pulled out the third black bag. She opened it to find three pairs of undies. “What?” she said looking at them.

“They have a special attachment,” he said.

She inspected them and found a light pad the size of her thumbnail at the front. “Oh? Will this do what I think it will?” she asked.

“Yes. Do you want to go try them out?” Tony asked. He’d been waiting most of the day for this and could barely contain himself. He wasn’t so much horny as wanting to see if the toys worked for Kelsy.

“Okay,” she said and grabbing the toys, headed for the bedroom.

Tony followed. He sat on the end of the bed while Kelsy got undressed. She gave him a bit of a funny look when he just sat there.

“Aren’t you getting undressed?” she asked.

“In a minute. I want to see how things work and that means just you and the toys,” he said.

“Oh. Okay,” Kelsy said. She rubbed her fingers up and down her cleft and when they were damp, she rubbed the head of the dildo up and down. When it was wet enough, she slid it inside. Closing her eyes, she let her mind wander and played with the dildo. It felt good. Felt like Tony was inside of her. She moved it faster and faster until the heat built.

“Oh, ohmy,” she moaned and came. She juddered to a halt and lay there for a moment catching her breath. She slid the toy out of her pussy and put it off to one side. “That was nice,” she said.

“Good. Now try this one,” he said and handed the vibrator to her. It looked a bit like the rabbit vibrator he’d checked out at the store downtown, but he didn’t care.

Kelsy slid the vibrator in and hit the first button. She smiled as it moved inside of her. “Oh,” was all she said. Then she pressed the setting button that started the little clit button. She smiled again and played with the settings for nearly five minutes. She moaned and gasped as each variation felt different.

Tony watched intently. He was happy to see that the ideas he’d had were working. He also knew that if his cock got any harder in his pants, that the zipper was going to explode. He stood up and undressed, knowing he wouldn’t be able to take it much longer. He loved watching Kelsy come and this was better than any porn video he’d ever seen.

“Oh…ohmy,” Kelsy moaned as she found just the right setting and motion. She felt the orgasm build and build until she wasn’t sure she could hold onto the vibrator a moment longer. Everything in the ohmygodrightfuckingspot! Kelsy came shuddering and gasping. As her hand slid off of the vibrator, Tony took it from her sopping pussy and drove his cock deep inside.

Kelsy smiled as she realized that Tony had moved in to have some fun too. He grabbed her hips and lifted her up so that he could stroke in deep. With his other hand, he picked up the vibrator that was still going and teased her clit with the tip.

“Oh! Ohdamn!” she gasped. There hadn’t been much time for her to come down from the previous orgasm, so this one just built and built. Every nerve in her body screamed for release. Tony built his rhythm up until they bed was shaking. He dropped the vibrator and moments later, he roared his release as his cock pumped and filled Kelsy. It was so good that he shook with the expended energy and after letting Kelsy down, he lay next to her on the bed.

A few minutes later, the two of them were facing each other on the bed. Tony had pulled a light blanket over them.

“So, how would you rate the toys?” he asked.

“The dildo gets a 2 for being a dildo, but a 7 for being you shaped,” she said.

“And the vibrator?” Tony asked.

“That gets a 9. Oh my god! How did you do that whole wavy thing?” she asked.

“Sparkfun and some other mechanical bits. It’s a robotic part that is suppose to act like a finger. So, I programmed it,” he said. He was so proud that he’d gotten it right.

“I’ll try the panties another time,” she said and curled up to his chest.

Tony went to sleep with a smile on his face.

6 thoughts on “Geek Toys part 2

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  1. To think I wasted my time as a young person with an erector set, if I only had known that sex toy’s were going to be so popular, can’t wait to see where they go with the panties. Tip

    1. Ah, it wasn’t time wasted! You just needed more ideas. 🙂 Besides, look at any skyscraper and tell me the architect wasn’t thinking about a penis!
      As for the panties… I think you’ll enjoy that part. Wolf snickered and laughed all the way through. Oh, and he’s been looking at 3D printers all week.

  2. I don’t think Tony was the only one to go to bed with a smile. 🙂 I like the idea of the toy being electric blue. Well, actually, I like everything about Tony’s creation. Well done!

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