Geek Toys part 3

Two weeks passed. Kelsy had forgotten to do laundry and didn’t have any undies. Then she remembered the three pair in the bag Tony had given her. He’d never explained how they worked, but they were undies. She slid them on and barely noticed the little pad in the front. It felt like a really thin pantyliner. She finished getting dressed and headed for work. Her only thought about the gift was hoping that dampness wouldn’t hurt the thing. She thought about calling Tony, but forgot it in the rush of traffic.

Tony’s watch, an eZ430-Chronos by Texas Instruments beeped. He smiled. Looking at the clock, he knew that Kelsy would be to work in about fifteen minutes. He waited. At 9:30am, when he knew she’d be at her desk, he took a small remote control out of his computer case. He clicked it on and set the pulse to .25. Then he waited.

Kelsy couldn’t sit still. She knew she was horny, but damn! She tried to put it out of her mind, and it wasn’t working.

At 10am, Tony turned the setting up to .50. He made plans to go to lunch early. He cleared his desk and checked with Aaron to see if anything was needed. When Aaron answered in the negative, he left the building. It was 10:25am.

Kelsy swore she was loosing her mind. Her pussy throbbed and her clit… ohmygod! She crossed her legs, changed the way she sat and nothing worked. She’d have gone into the bathroom and masturbated, but she had phone call after phone call.

Tony was outside Kelsy’s office. It was nearly 11am. He turned the remote control to .75 and relaxed against the warm wall. Fifteen minutes later, he turned it up to 1.00.

Kelsy was getting so distracted that it took her a moment to realize that the front of her panties were throbbing. Then it hit her… the undies! One of Tony’s toys was in her undies. She didn’t know how he was doing this, but she was going to call him. Now!

Tony’s phone rang. “Hello, this is Tony,” he said. “Ah, you finally tried them eh?” he said. Tony listened for a moment, smiled and turned the control up to 1.25.

“You are such a brat!” she said into the phone. The room was full of clients and she didn’t dare speak too loudly. Her only relief in the mounting tension between her legs was that it was silent. She would have died of embarrassment if it had been noisy. “Turn it off!” she gasped.

Tony listened to Kelsy squirm on the other end of the phone. He knew her so well. Instead of turning it off as she demanded, he turned it back to .25. Low enough that she wouldn’t notice it in the relief of it being turned down.

Kelsy took a deep breath as the toy stopped doing whatever it was it had done. Luckily, no one had noticed her squirming in her chair. They had promised to meet for lunch at 11:45. Now to try and concentrate on her work.

Tony waited five minutes and turned the remote up to 2.0. He counted to ten and turned it back to .25.

Kelsy nearly jumped out of her seat when her panties vibrated so hard she almost came. “I’m going to kill him, right after he fucks me!” she thought. Then as fast as it happened, the sensation disappeared.

Tony had waited seven minutes this time and turned it up to 2.5 for a count of ten. Then he turned it down. He smiled as his phone rang.

“What in the heck do you think you’re doing?” she hissed into the phone.

“Playing with a remote control,” he said. “And you.”

“You… you…” was as far as she got as she jolted again. She swore her panties were soaked and glad she hadn’t been standing. This time she nearly came.

“You what?” said Tony on the other end. He’d ramped it up to 3.0 and back down again quickly.

“Neeever mind,” she gasped. “See you in fifteen minutes.”

“Okay sweetie,” he said as he ramped it up to 3.0 again and back down. He smiled and walked over to the front entrance to her building and stood in front of the elevator.

Kelsy took a deep breath. No vibrations for at least five minutes. She wrapped up her work and closed out her computer. Grabbing her jacket, she tried to check the back of her skirt to see if it was soaked. It wasn’t. Her panties were though. Slipping into her jacket and grabbing her handbag, she headed for the elevator.

Tony watched and when the elevator got called, he reached for the remote control. As it began to descend from the 16th floor, he turned the remote to 2.0. At the 10th floor, he turned it to 3.0. As the doors of the elevator opened, he turned it to 4.0 and walked up to the doors.

Kelsy was glad she was alone in the elevator when the first vibrations started. By the time she reached the lobby, she wasn’t sure she could walk. As the doors opened, there stood Tony with a grin on his face she was going to take off with a shovel.

“Ddddamn you!” she hissed.

“What?” he said like he had no idea of what was wrong. He took her arm and they walked-sort of-out of the building.

“Is what I’m feeling the highest setting on that damned thing?” she gasped as they walked to his car.

“No, I have a few more,” he said. “Get in.”

Kelsy got into the car, glad to sit down. The vibrations ramped up as Tony walked around the car. He got in and turned to her.

“This is as high as it goes,” he said and turned it to 5.0. Then he put it in his pocket.

“Ohmygod!” moaned Kelsy. “You’d better be heading home or to a hotel.”

“Home,” said Tony with a smile.

They got to Tony’s house in ten minutes. Kelsy by this point was so horny and needy, that she couldn’t cope. Touching herself only made things worse. Trying to pull the pantie away didn’t work either as she had pantyhose on today.

Tony parked the car and came around to help Kelsy. They walked to the door and he took a minute to unlock the door.

“Hurry up!” she cried softly

“Just a minute,” he said and then opened the door. Kelsy grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bedroom. Before she could peel off her panties and pantyhose, Tony twisted the nob next to the control. Kelsy went to her knees.

“Whatinthehell?” she gasped. Her whole pussy was throbbing at this point.

“Just a little bit different vibration,” Tony said as he undressed. He helped Kelsy off of the floor and to undress. At least as far as her panties… By the time they were off, she literally pounced him, and sunk his cock deep into her aching pussy. She rode him cowboy style.

Kelsy began to orgasm hard almost the moment Tony’s cock slid home. She shuddered, orgasmed, shuddered again and cried as this last orgasm peeled away her senses. She arched backwards and if Tony hadn’t grabbed her wrists, she’d have bent backwards. Tony stroked up and the clenching of Kelsy’s muscles brought him to a roaring orgasm of his own. They collapsed on the bed in a gasping heap.

“You… are a bastard,” Kelsy gasped.

“No, I am a geek. You gave me a mission and I fulfilled it,” he said.

“Those undies… are diabolical!” she said.

“Ah, but admit it, you liked it,” he teased.

“Um… she started.

“Tell the truth,” he said.

“Oh… okay. Yes. I liked it. God it felt good. Drove me crazy, but damn! That orgasm was ohmygod good.” she said at last.

Tony smiled. “Glad you approve”

Kelsy looked at the way he was smiling. “Tony, how did you know they would work?”

“Well, because I tried them on me first!” he said.

Kelsy began to laugh, imagining Tony with that vibrating bit up against his balls. Then she thought about him in the undies… She couldn’t stop laughing.

Tony smiled. Sometimes it’s good to be the GEEK.

9 thoughts on “Geek Toys part 3

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  1. Kelsy: Be careful what you ask for. You just may get it.

    Tony: You NAUGHTY, naughty geek. 😉

    Wordwytch: Enjoyed this story very much! Too funny about Tony trying on the undies. But I understand. He DID have to make sure it worked. LOL! And those settings! OMG! 😉

      1. LOL! Most definitely! Also funny was that I didn’t see that coming. Did see him trying it on but I do now. In previous chapter, he went to bathroom. Is that when he was testing the undies? LOL!

  2. Well now this has been a very fun story. Just imagine how well these would sell if they worked this good. Of course, then the watch sales would be up also. Really liked this one. Tip

  3. This truly is a fun story, and yes I was pleasantly surprised to see there was a remote 🙂
    Have me wondering now if that printer would work with a program like Bryce 3D or Make Human….HMMMMMMM The things one could come up with.

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