Dragons abound in this one… Inspired by the Hellfire Clubs of 18th century England where vice was nice and excess was expected. You never knew what was going to go on once you crossed the threshold.

~ ~ ~

It started out as such a lark. Hide and seek in Lord Sheridan’s labyrinth garden. Little did Gwen know what to expect when she was found. Crouching in the semi-dark, her long skirts gathered around her she hid under the yew tree. She heard the sound of voices and squeals as various people were found. She never heard the quiet footsteps approach from behind.

Hard hands grabbed her and a rough leather blindfold covered her eyes.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” she cried out.

“No, and it never will be again,” said a rough voice.

The tone scared Gwen and she offered no resistance as she was pulled along the path. Hard hands gripped her arms. When they came to a building, she had no idea where she was, but could hear the difference in the footsteps as they proceeded across the hard floor.

“We’ve a new tart to play with M’lord,” said the rough voice.

“Good. Tie her to the boards,” said a softer male voice. This left Gwen constrained by her hands with her feet just touching the ground. If she tried to move too fast, it felt as if she was swinging. Gwen thought she recognized the voice as Lord Sheridan’s oldest son.

“Thomas? Is that you?” she asked. Her reward was a slap across her mouth and a gag. She tried to cry out, but to no avail.

“This one’s feisty. Will there be trouble when we’re done?” asked Rough Voice.

“No. We’ll make certain of that,” said Soft Voice. He smiled as he looked at Gwen. She’d always been so ‘proper’ and now he was about to turn her into a whore. His whore. Walking up to Gwen, he checked to make sure the cuffs were snug. Then he ran his hands down her body and squeezed her breasts.

“Ommph!” Gwen tried to cry out. The gag kept her from making too much noise.

“Shush my pretty. Otherwise we will gag you tighter,” whispered Soft Voice.

Gwen shuddered. She was clueless as to what was going on. Nineteen and a virgin. Soft Voice was the first man to ever touch her other than during a dance.

Soft Voice smiled. He picked up a knife from the desk and began to cut Gwen’s clothes apart. The heavy skirt first followed by the boned bodice. The sleeves fell with the bodice, leaving the tight corset, underclothes, stockings and shoes. Gwen tried to struggle and found it nearly impossible. When she struggled too much, she found a knife point at her throat. Goosebumps covered her pale skin.

Rough Voice took over as Soft Voice watched. He took the knife and cut the lacings of the corset. It fell with a weighty thud. As he took Gwen’s dainty slippers off her feet, he nibbled her toes. Gwen tried to pull away and Rough Voice slapped her leg. She stopped in shock. Then Rough Voice cut away her billowy knickers and camisole. Gwen was naked except for her stockings.

“Oh, what a beauty,” said Soft Voice. “A perfect choice.”

“Thought so,” said Rough Voice.

“Are you a virgin?” Soft Voice asked Gwen.

She nodded, dying of embarrassment at being naked in front of the men. Her anguish increased as she felt the men touch her. Hands caressed her breasts, thighs and womanly parts. As she struggled and cried out, she was slapped. She gasped behind the gag.

Soft Voice watched as his partner stroked, pinched, slapped and touched Gwen. He could smell her excitement and see the first beads of moisture begin to pearl between her thighs. He walked up to her and with one hand began to stroke her breasts. As her nipples began to tighten, he pinched them lightly. She arched in response to his touch.

“If you promise not to scream, we will ungag you,” he whispered.

Gwen nodded, desperate to have the horrid wad of cloth out of her mouth. Hands touched her face and she was relieved of her gag.

“What…what are you doing to me?” she gasped.

“We are going to play with you until we are tired. Then we will do it again and again. If you please us, we may keep you. If not, I’ll dump you out on the moors,” said Soft Voice. Then, before she could say a word, he kissed her mouth hard. His tongue drove into her mouth. She tried to pull back and he grabbed her nipple and pinched hard. Gwen gasped and stopped struggling. Soft Voice continued to kiss her as his hand played with her breast.

From behind, Rough Voice began to nibble and kiss Gwen’s back. His hands worked down to Gwen’s ass about the same time that Soft Voice had both breasts in his hands. Gwen didn’t know what to do and if she struggled too much, she was rewarded with stinging slaps to her ass or breasts.

“She marks up real nice,” said Rough Voice after he’d spanked her a number of times.

Soft Voice let go of her breasts to walk around and examine Gwen’s spanked ass. “Yes, she does. Very nice. Crop her,” he said and walked back to the front of Gwen. As Gwen began to scream as the riding crop was whipped across her ass, Soft Voice kissed her and held her by her breasts.

Gwen cried and gasped as the pain washed over her. She counted ten hits with the crop before it stopped.

“Enough,” said Soft Voice. “I don’t want to break our toy.” With that, he moved his hands down to Gwen’s womanly parts and touched her there. She was damp, but not as damp as he’d like. With one quick movement, he had his hand between her legs and deep in her cleft.

“Oh!” gasped Gwen. She’d never had anyone touch her there besides herself. The fingers were rough and uncomfortable at first. Then the hand touched something and her skin was on fire with an ache she’d never felt before. A few more strokes of the fingers and she trembled with a feeling of tension and then pleasure.

“Now that’s better,” said Soft Voice. “You like that?”

“Yyes,” said Gwen. “What was that?”

“I made you come. Orgasm. Squirt,” said Soft Voice. “By the time we finish you’ll beg us to let you come. And we will make you come until you can’t walk, breath or move.”

From behind, Rough Voice thrust his fingers deep into Gwen’s cleft. She was soaking wet from Soft Voice’ attentions. He could feel the resistance of her virginity and pushed harder. He couldn’t break it, but he wasn’t worried. They’d do that soon enough. He pushed his fingers in and out until she began to writhe and buck. In front, Soft Voice fingered her button and made her come again and again until she was panting.

“Think she’s ready?” asked Rough Voice.

“Yes. Untie her and bring her over to the bed,” said Soft Voice.

Gwen felt herself released from the board, but before she could run, Rough voice grabbed her by the hair and moved her across the room to a bed. He tossed her on the bed like a ragdoll. Gwen tried to move on the bed and found herself pinned. It was Soft Voice and he was nude. She could feel his skin touch hers and she panicked.

“Please, please let me go. I’ll not tell,” she said.

“No, we plan to have our fun. We’ll decide when you get to leave,” said Soft Voice. He knelt between her legs and thrust them apart. His cock was hard and he placed the head against the opening of her cleft. Slowly, he pushed himself in until he felt her virginity. Then he backed out. He thrust shallowly for a few times and then as he felt wet enough, he thrust hard and took her virginity.

“Oh! Ow!” cried Gwen. She felt weight on her body as Soft Voice took her. Then she felt him stiffen and moan as he came. His seed poured into her body. Then he was gone.

“That was a nice ride,” said Soft Voice. “Your turn.”

Rough voice flipped Gwen over and pulled her to her knees. Before she could understand what was happening, he thrust his cock in hard where Soft Voice had been a moment before. It hurt, but not as bad as before. Holding her by the hips, he thrust in an urgency followed by his seed filling Gwen as well. As he withdrew and Gwen slumped to the bed, he reached between her legs and stroked Gwen’s button with juice covered fingers. She felt that heat roar through her body and in a moment she was twitching with pleasure.


Gwen had barely recovered when her head was raised and a cock shoved into her mouth.

“Suck on it. You bite and I will slap you so hard, you might not wake up,” said Soft Voice.

She nodded and tried to do as they wanted. The cock felt too big for her mouth and she gagged when it hit the back of her throat. After a few minutes, she felt it become harder and harder. Then Soft Voice came in her mouth, filling it with his seed. When she tried to pull back and spit it out, he held her head and made her swallow.

Gwen gagged and nearly threw up. After she’d caught her breath, Rough Voice pulled her to his cock for the same use. She did a little better the second time, but wasn’t ready for Soft Voice to drive his cock deep inside her cleft. She tried to pull back again and was rewarded with slaps to her ass still tender from the riding crop.

The two men used Gwen roughly all night. When they finally let her sleep, they tied her hands to the bedpost and threw a heavy quilt over her.

7 thoughts on “Labyrinth

  1. Excellent start to another fine story. I do like the dark stories that is for sure, along with the love stories (that’s the old guy in me), can’t wait for what ever you write next. Tip

  2. Don’t ever be uncertain about your stories, they are top shelf, and before long I would expect many more people to leave a response. Tip

  3. Truly a decadently delightful tale. Never be afraid of the dark, all your stories whether they be dark, light, vanillaverse, etc. all are well crafted and enjoyable to read.

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