Labyrinth part 2

Gwen woke to the heat of late afternoon pouring through the windows of the room. The blindfold was still in place and her hands tied. She tried to move and her body ached with the abuse of the night before. She had to pee and felt for the edge of the bed. If nothing else, she would pee on the floor. She’d almost reached the edge of the bed when a hand slapped her ass.

“And where do you think you’re going?” said Rough Voice.

“I need a chamber pot,” she gasped. “I’ve got to…”

“Here,” he said and shoved the chamberpot under her. She peed and then started to crawl onto the bed.

“Oh no, you’re getting a bath,” said Rough Voice as he checked the snugness of the blindfold and then untied her hands long enough to release her from the bed. He walked her out into another room. Then he picked her up and dunked her into a horse trough.

Gwen shrieked. The water was ice cold. Then hands scrubbed her tender flesh. Rough Voice smiled as he watched the stable lads enjoy themselves. They enjoyed fingering her cleft and handling her breasts.

“M’lord, can we?” the one lad asked pointing to his cock tenting his loose trousers.

Rough Voice thought about it for a moment, smiled and nodded his head. Gwen had been making a lot of noise, but when she got too loud, the stable lads had dunked her. Rough Voice hauled her out of the water and bent her over a low rail and tied her to it. Gwen’s ass was pleasantly displayed and her cleft wide open. The three stable lads took turns fucking her. Her protests were lost amongst the giggles and laughs.

When the lads were done, Rough Voice dunked her again and then wrapped her in a light blanket. Gwen’s teeth chattered from her repeated dunkings in the horse trough. The blanket rubbed all the tender bits of skin. Her ass was tender and after the rough handling of the stable lads, it hurt to sit.

“Open your mouth,” Rough Voice said.

Not knowing what to expect, Gwen did as she was told. Rough Voice stuffed a bite of bread into her mouth. She chewed and when she swallowed, he gave her another bit. He fed her for ten minutes. Bread, cheese and a glass of beer. Then he let her use the chamberpot again and afterwards tied her to the bed.


Gwen lay there trying not to think about what had been done to her body. Part of her was disgusted and humiliated by all of it. The other part of her enjoyed it. She should be horrified, as her mum would have insisted she be, but she wasn’t. Thinking about it made her ache with desire. Gwen rubbed her legs together to help relieve the ache the stable lads had left her.

The two men watched as Gwen moved about on the bed. Rough Voice knew that the stable lads would leave her wanting more. He picked up the riding crop and walked over to the bed. He smacked it down next to her. Gwen jumped.

“So, you liked the ride the lads gave you?” he asked with a laugh.

“No! Let me go please,” she said trying to re-establish the lady she’d been a day ago.

“I don’t like liars,” said Rough Voice.

“I’m not lying!” Gwen protested.

Rough Voice shook his head and then with a quick movement rolled Gwen onto her stomach and gave her ten strokes with the riding crop.

“Oh! Ow! Ow! Stop!” Gwen cried.

“Did you like being tupped?” he asked.

“Umm…” she started.

“Better,” He said as he ran his hand between her legs. She was soaked, and not just from the cum of stable boys. Then he thrust his fingers in deep and thumbed her button at the same time. Gwen came with a gasp and a moan. She lay there panting.

Rough Voice got up from the bed and dropped his clothes. He moved between her legs and slid into her wet cunt. Grabbing her hips, he pounded and let his balls slap against her mound.

“Oh! Oh! Pppplease,” she cried, not knowing if she wanted him to stop or continue. A hand raised her head and she came up on her arms to keep from falling over. A cock pressed against her lips until she opened her mouth. She started to fight it and then recognized the scent of Soft Voice. She sucked and licked his cock, letting him fuck her face as Rough Voice took her body.

When the men came, they let her rest on the bed for a few minutes. Then they took turns pinching, spanking and playing with her button until she cried out in orgasm. A cock bumped her hand and instead of flinching, she took hold of it and stroked it up and down.

“Our little Gwen is getting bold,” said Soft Voice. He pulled her into his lap and guided his cock into her. “Ride me Gwen. I’m your stallion,” he said. “You do know how to ride don’t you?”

“Yyyes,” she said. She rocked back and forth as best she could. Her button rubbed against his body, making her feel very good. He pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts. Before she knew it, she felt that pleasure he called coming race through her body. Seconds after she came, he did too, pumping his seed deep into her body.

Rough Voice lifted her off of the other man and filled her sopping cunt with his cock. He bent her over the table and fucked her until she was afraid she’d have splinters in her breast and face.

“Uhhh,” he groaned as he came. Rough Voice pulled out, and stuck his fingers in deep. Then he played with her button and made her squirm her orgasm against the table. “I’ve got your measure now,” he said and then dumped her on the bed.

Gwen lay there exhausted and sore. Before too long, she felt someone crawl onto the bed. Her legs were parted and a tongue licked her sore bits. It felt so good, she couldn’t help but respond. Her hips arched up and pressed against the tongue to bring on that feeling of pleasure. Just when she thought she’d shatter, the tongue stopped.

“Oh,” she moaned disappointedly.

“So, you like that?” Soft Voice asked.

“Yes, I want to be…be… fff…” she couldn’t finish.

“Fucked. Tupped. Screwed. Mounted. Boffed. Humped,” he said.

“Yes,” she said. “Please?”

Soft Voice smiled and slid into her. He pulled her knees up and rested her ankles on his shoulders as he thrust in and out. He started out slow, but sped up until the sound of their bodies was a slapping rhythm. He came hard, and nearly shoved her up the wall as he orgasmed. Gwen came too, and melted when he withdrew. He retied her to the bed, threw the blanket over her and walked away.

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