Labyrinth part 3

“Has she been missed yet?” Rough Voice asked.

“Her mother is beginning to question where she is,” said Soft Voice.

“What do you plan?” asked Rough Voice.

“To be honest, she’d be a fine whore,” said Soft Voice. “A decent lady for someone too, now that she’s broken in. Fit her up with the leathers, dress her and dump her in the middle of the labyrinth. We’ll see what comes out.

“Fine by me. I’m nearly finished,” said Rough Voice. He walked off into the stables to finish his project.

Gwen woke to the hands of Rough Voice shaking her. When she was slow to respond, he flipped her over and spanked her ass until it was red and welted. Gwen whimpered. She gasped as she felt him slide into her cleft as if it was buttered. She was soaked, and she knew it was from being spanked. Shame made her blush.

“So, you like that eh?” said Rough Voice.

“Yes,” she admitted quietly.

“Louder,” Rough Voice said as he slapped her ass.

“Yes!” Gwen cried out.

“Good. Much better. When we’re finished, I’m going to get you ready to leave,” said Rough Voice. He increased the rhythm of his thrusts and came deep inside of Gwen. Then he reached his fingers between her legs and stroked her button until she screamed her own release into the bedding. He left her on the bed, their juices running down her thighs.

He was back in a few minutes and hoisted Gwen to her feet. First thing he did was walk her over to the board and tie her to it once more. She didn’t struggle. Rough Voice walked off and then returned with something that smelled of leather. First thing he did was to put her chemise back on her body. He buttoned the few buttons that were left.

Gwen then felt what she thought was her corset being put on her. When Rough Voice began to cinch it tight, she realized it wasn’t the same.

“What have you done?” she asked as he adjusted her breasts into the new corset.

“I’ve altered your corset to allow your nipples to poke through and rub on your clothing. Now your nipples will always be sensitive,” he said and pulled the corset tighter. Gwen gasped as the corset cupped her body and pinched her nipples. “And this is to remind you of what you’ve had for the last few days,” he laughed.

Gwen felt her legs parted and a stiff object thrust up into her cleft. “Oh! Ow!” she cried.

Rough Voice laughed and pulled it in and out until the juices made it slide in easier. Then he added a belt to the corset that acted like a chastity belt and held the leather cock he’d made in place. He tightened the buckles and then slipped her drawers up over the whole thing.

“Ppplease, don’t do this,” she gasped. The leather cock was uncomfortable and tantalizing all at once.

“I will do whatever I want,” he said and walked around and spanked her soundly. “You’ll wear that until we say so.”

Gwen whimpered and didn’t say another word as Rough Voice dressed her in her clothes she thought destroyed. Then when he was done, he walked her still blindfolded out of the building. She was lifted onto a horse which forced a gasp from her.

Rough Voice laughed. “That wee toy making your life interesting? Just wait until we’ve ridden a bit,” he said.

Gwen shuddered and held on. She was off balance and feared falling as the horse was lead out and into a field from what she could tell.

Rough Voice lead the horses out across a country lane and into a pasture. A fair bit of time later, he stopped. He could see that Gwen was squirming with need. He smiled. He tied his horse to a branch and then led Gwen’s horse into the Labyrinth and deep into the center of it. He stopped at what looked like a dead end.

“I’m going to leave you here. Count to 100 and then you can take off the blindfold. What you do after that is up to you. What you say is up to you. Choose carefully,” he said and then disappeared.

“1, 2, 3,” Gwen started to count. Her cleft throbbed and her body was sensitized to the point that she wanted to scream. “98, 99, 100.” She took off the blindfold and blinked in the late afternoon sunlight. She stuffed the blindfold in her bodice, trying to ease the corset off of her nipples to no avail. She looked around and didn’t recognize where she was. Taking the reins of the horse, she tried to remember how to get out of the labyrinth. She turned and turned until she swore she was back at the point where Rough Voice had left her.

After an hour, she had actually made some progress, but her body hungered for release. The thought though of getting out of the saddle was beyond her. She started taking nothing but left turns and occasionally called out for help.

The search party had just crested the hill when one of them thought that they heard a cry for help. The men of the party followed by Gwen’s mother and sister headed for the Labyrinth built by Lord Sheridan. This was a second, bigger labyrinth than the one the party had played in a few nights before.

The riders entered, and began to head towards the cries which were now much louder. The first of the riders turned down a section of the labyrinth to find Gwen and her horse walking slowly through the high greenery. She was near collapse from exhaustion.

“My lady!” cried one of the guests. He rode up to her and grabbed the reins of the horse as more of the riders came up to her. Gwen looked out, saw her mother and cried as she held out her hands. Gwen’s mother rode up to her and took her hand.

“Darling, what has happened to you?” she asked.

“I… I got lost, and…” Gwen started and then passed out. Another of the riders caught her and pulled her into his arms.

“Let us head back to the house,” said the young lord as he cradled Gwen against his chest. Another rider grabbed Gwen’s horse and the party followed the lord back to the estate.

Gwen came to as the horses entered the courtyard. She blinked and looked up at the rider who held her.

“Ralph! Henry! Attend!” called the lord. He didn’t hand her off, but waited until the two men ran up to his horse. One took hold of the bridle. The other took Gwen from the lord.

“Where should I take her?” said Ralph.

“Up to her room. I think she was in the green suite off of the long gallery,” said the lord.

Gwen passed out as she was handed to Ralph. She woke again as she was deposited on the bed she’d slept in a lifetime ago. Ralph stood next to the bed as people streamed into the room. First and foremost, Gwen’s mother.

“Dearest Gwen. Are you hurt? What happened. Tell me,” she asked while patting Gwen’s hand and face. A servant brought a towel and basin of water that Gwen’s mother proceeded to use to clean her daughter’s face.

“I’m.. okay,” Gwen said. “I got lost and scared. I fell off my horse and I must of hit my head, because the next thing I knew, the horse was just standing there next to me. I finally caught it and then tried to find my way out of the labyrinth,” she said slowly.

“You poor dear. I’ll have the servants get a bath ready for you and as soon as you’ve had a bath and some food, we’ll leave for home,” said Gwen’s mother.

“Ma’am, I believe that Lord Sheridan would feel most offended if you left in such a fashion. Shouldn’t you at least give your daughter a night’s rest?” said Ralph from his position beside the bed.

“Um, well, perhaps, but still. My Gwen has had an experience and needs a bath and dinner,” blustered the mother.

“Of course ma’am. Right away,” said Ralph. He then ushered everyone else out of the room and spoke to the servants hovering by the door. In short order, a bath was brought, and filled. Bread, cheeses, fruit and a bit of roast accompanied by small cider was placed on a table. Ralph made sure of all the preparations and then turned to Gwen’s mother.

“Madam, shall we let the servants deal with Gwen while you go to dinner?” he asked.

“I should stay with my daughter,” Gwen’s mother said.

“Ah, but Lord Sheridan has requested your presence at dinner. He wishes to make amends for Gwen’s unfortunate accident. The maids will take care of Gwen,” he said persuasively as he lead Gwen’s mother to the door.

“Gwen?” she called.

“I’ll be alright mother,” said Gwen. She sat up gingerly, relieved that Rough Voice/Ralph was leading her mother away.

Her mother gave her one more look and then left the room. Two maids came in and started to undress Gwen. When they got to the last of the petticoats, Gwen shooed them out of the room.

“Go! I want a bit of privacy you ninnies!” she said. They fled. Gwen then took off the last of the clothes and began to unlace the corset. Her nipples were so tender and she couldn’t wait to get it off. When she had undone it enough, it and the cock slid to the floor in one piece. She gasped at the size of the leather cock which had been thrust up her cleft. She didn’t know where to hide it, so she rolled it up in her chemise and stuffed it under her bedding. Then she crawled into the bath to soak her sorrows.

The hot water felt good and yet made every welt sting. She scrubbed her body and hair until she felt clean. Then after wrapping herself in a toweling sheet, she began to eat. It had been ages since she last ate.

Afterwards, she found her nightgown and donned it. Then she climbed into bed and slept.

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