Labyrinth part 4

Gwen was woken up in the middle of the night by a sound.

“M’lord, please let her sleep,” she heard her mother saying off to one side.

“No, I intend to make sure that all is well with Gwen before I retire,” said a voice Gwen recognized as Soft Voice. “Gwen, are you awake?”

“Ohhh, Yes sir,” Gwen said not sure who Soft Voice was. She blinked and looked over to where the candlelight shone on the face of Lord Sheridan’s son, Lord James. She’d been wrong in her guess the other night.

“Are you alright after your adventure?” Lord James asked gently.

“Yes, M’lord. I’m just a bit sore and tired. I’d… I’d like to sleep until I’m totally rested though. Would it be alright to stay a day or so rather than rush off first thing in the morning as my mother is wont to do?” Gwen asked.

“Of course. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask. There will be a servant outside your door. Just call out,” Lord James said and then with a kiss to the back of her hand he left the room leading the protesting mother with him.

Gwen snugged down into the bed and waited.


“Lord James, please, I feel that we are imposing upon your hospitality far too much,” said Gwen’s mother.

“Well madam, if you feel that way, you are welcome to leave tonight and we will send your daughter home when she has recuperated,” said Lord James in rather a more formal tone.

“I…um… I’m so sorry M’lord, please forgive me,” she stuttered as they reached her suite. He saw her in the door and closed it firmly behind her. Then he motioned for a servant to sit next to the door.

“Don’t let her out until morning,” he said softly. The servant nodded. Lord James then went to his own room to wait. He knew it wouldn’t be a long one.


Gwen woke up again. Her nipples ached and she rubbed her button, trying to relieve the ache between her legs. She retrieved the leather cock from it’s hiding place, but it was cold and stiff. She tried to use it, but it only left her frustrated. She cried out in her frustrations and buried her head in the bedding.

Not long afterwards, she heard the bedroom door open softly. Then a weight on the bed as someone sat down in the dark.

“So, you haven’t told anyone of your adventures. Why is that?” asked Lord James.

“Be…because I… Oh god, I liked being tupped, spanked and treated rough,” she said burying her face in her hands.

“And…” he prompted.

“And when I recognized your voices, I had a small hope, just a small one that you might want me,” she said.

“Just me, or Ralph as well?” he asked.

“Both of you, Either of you. I’ve got this terrible ache that won’t go away,” she said in almost a cry.

“And what of your mother just down the hall?” James asked.

“I don’t bloody care!” cried Gwen. “I want to be fucked.”

Lord James smiled. He stood up and dropped his robe to the floor and crawled into Gwen’s bed naked. He grabbed her roughly and started to kiss her. Reaching under her nightgown, he pinched her ass, which was still covered with welts. Gwen gasped and felt herself grow wet. Then his fingers thrust into her cleft and played with her until he could slide inside. He rode her hard and fast, pinching her nipples and breasts. Gwen gasped in pleasure and pain as she felt the tension and ache in her body ease as he thrust deep inside. She began to moan and gasp as she came. Lord James followed her quickly with his own release.

They lay there relaxing and talking in the bed. He pinched her nipples as often as he kissed her. She surprised herself when she reached to stroke his cock and kiss him. She liked sex. She wanted more. They were kissing when she felt another hand on her shoulder. She startled and turned to see Ralph climbing into bed. Before she could say a word, he lifted her leg and slid in from behind. As he thrust in from behind, Lord James kept kissing and stroking her breasts. She was overwhelmed with sensations and it didn’t take long for her to scream her orgasms into the pillows.

Gwen lay there sated between the two men. She idly ran her hands over them as they talked over her.

“Well, we have a right treat here,” said James. “What shall we do with her?”

“Hmmm, does she have a dowry?” asked Ralph.

“I most certainly do!” chimed in Gwen.

“Well then. Shall we marry our whore?” asked Ralph.

“I’m not sure. You or me?” asked James.

“Don’t I get a say in the matter?” asked Gwen.

“Well, do you want to be the wife of a lord or a baron?” asked Ralph.

“Wh..what?” asked Gwen puzzled. She thought Ralph was a servant and said so. That made both men laugh.

“Ralph is a Baron. I’m just a lord, son of an Earl,” said James.

“I… I don’t know which of you I’d give up,” she said at long last. Both men had been stroking and touching her body, making her ache to be fucked again.

“You don’t have to give either of us up. We share. Always have, ever since we discovered our nurse,” said James. “Lovely woman. Beautiful breasts.”

Ralph nodded in agreement.

She looked from one man to the other and they nodded. She kissed each one in turn, trying to make up her mind. “Would… would you mind terribly if I married Ralph?” she said at last.

“Of course not. His estate is farther north and much better for playing around,” said James. He was thinking of the room he and Ralph had been planning and how much fun it would be to have Gwen there.

“Well then, can we have one more bit of fun before morning?” she asked.

They grinned, nodded and proceeded to fuck Gwen.

4 thoughts on “Labyrinth part 4

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  1. Well this story sure has my old blood pumping. I think more people need to read this, it is very good for the arteries. I think I could go to sleep, no not yet I’m very much awake with the thoughts of the fun this would be to be involved in. Tip

    1. Woohoo! Guess I’d better get writing and finish up the next chapter. Life interrupted my writing time. Oh, and as soon as I invent a time machine Tip, I’ll let you know.

  2. This tale is reaching me on many levels, not only getting my “blood” pumping but the whole journey of Gwen’s awakening. She is spirited and she knows what she wants. I’ll take that trip back too, could be a lot of fun.

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