Labyrinth part 5

“You what?” screeched Gwen’s mother.

“Ralph, Baron Burleigh, has asked me to marry him,” Gwen said at breakfast that morning. She was sitting gingerly as James had slid her leather cock up inside of her when he came to see her earlier that morning. He’d promised other delights if she could get through the morning wearing it. She and her mother had been arguing for nearly an hour.

“I just… just think this is all too sudden,” Gwen’s mother said at last. She didn’t know what to make of her daughter. Gwen had changed, and she didn’t understand.

“Mother, this is the last time. I will marry Ralph. You can either be happy for me or leave,” Gwen said and went back to eating her breakfast.

Ralph, who’d been listening at the door walked in a minute later. “Gwen, Lady Whitlow,” he said gracefully. “Has Gwen told you that I have asked for her hand?” he said charmingly as he raised and kissed the back of Gwen’s Mother’s hand.

“Well, this is all rather sudden,” said Lady Whitlow.

“I understand, but I fell for her the moment she walked in, and even deeper when she was placed in my arms yesterday,” said Ralph.

“Well…” Lady Whitlow tried to protest. Ralph sat next to the woman and continued to chat with her all through breakfast. In the end, she gave up. That afternoon, she wrote a letter to Gwen’s father.


A week later, Gwen and Ralph stood in front of Lord Sheridan’s family chaplain to be wed. Her father Lord Whitlow had thrown a fit until he met Ralph. The discussion had started out with bellowing voices and ended up in drunken laughter. The dowry was agreed upon and all the details ironed out.

After the wedding supper, Gwen and Ralph departed for his estates up north. Lady Whitlow had hoped their departure would be delayed until morning, but Ralph refused, citing business on his estates. She gave in when Lord Whitlow growled at her.

As the coach headed down the drive, Gwen threw her flowers and watched them land in the arms of one of Lord Sheridan’s nieces. She smiled. As she tried to sit down next to Ralph, he slid his hand up her thigh and stroked her cleft. Gwen giggled.

Ralph held her in place and proceeded to finger her until she nearly cried out in orgasm. He’d made sure she wore her altered corset, which held her nipples out and accessible. Pulling the top of her gown down just a bit, he sucked on her nipples. Gwen sighed in pleasure.

Ralph smiled. He looked forward to their arrival at his estates. He and James had been building a playroom for adults and now they had a woman to play with there. “Are you happy Gwen?” he asked as she rested next to him.

“Yes. My only regret is that we will have to wait until we arrive at an inn or your estates to satisfy this ache you’ve started in my loins,” she said.

“You think I’m waiting?” he smiled.

“Well, the coach isn’t exactly comfortable,” she said.

“No, but it has advantages. Lots of bumps to make things interesting,” said Ralph. “Plus, the coachmen won’t say a word.” With that, he turned her over his knee and began to spank her lovely round bottom.

“Oh! Ouch! Omlord!” she cried out as he spanked her until she swore her ass glowed in the twilight. She could feel her juices soak the petticoats under her as well.

Ralph fingered her and then when she’d almost orgasmed, he pushed her forward to brace herself against the footrest. Flipping her skirts over her head, he pulled his cock from his trousers and wet it with Gwen’s juices. Then he guided her back onto his cock as if she was sitting in his lap. Gwen squirmed and bounced a bit on his cock. He slapped her leg.

“Stop,” he said.

“Oh, but…” she started.

“Let the coach provide the motion for our fucking. See how long you can cope,” he said. He knew that the road up ahead was rutted. It didn’t take long for Gwen to see why Ralph had said to hold still. The bouncing of the coach was bouncing her up and down on his cock. She giggled.

“See,” he said as he bit her neck and pinched her breasts.

“Oh yes,” she said. The pain from his pinches combined with the bouncing was making her want to come. “Ralph, please,” she asked as her body hungered for release.

“Not yet,” he said. His control was good and he knew he would last a bit longer. He reached around and grabbed her thighs, spreading them wide. Then he slapped the insides of her thighs as the coach bounced.

“Ohhhh,” Gwen moaned. The coach bounced harder and she felt like Ralph’s cock would split her in two. “Pp-please let me come,” she begged. Her body began to convulse with pleasure. She moaned.

Ralph felt her body spasm around his cock. He reached up with one hand and stroked her button while he held her tight. Gwen came hard, her body clenching his cock. That and one more set of bumps threw him over the edge and the two of them came hard.

When they’d caught their breath, Gwen moved off his cock. Before she could pull her skirts down, Ralph filled her cleft with another toy. This one was smaller than the leather cock, but made of soapstone ridged and fat. Gwen squeaked in surprise as the cold cock filled her.

“Hold that while you clean me up,” Ralph said.

Gwen smiled. She knelt in front of Ralph and began to lick and suck his softened cock. She had gotten much better at cock sucking. In a few minutes, he was clean and hard. Instead of fucking her again, she sucked him until he came. She swallowed and licked Ralph clean once more. Gwen sat down next to him, that soapstone cock still filling her now aching cleft.

“Ralph, may I…” was as far as she got.

“No. You must sit there with your legs closed. I want you to ride that wee cock for now. No coming either,” he said.

Gwen nodded and squirmed as the coach bumped down the long road.


Gwen woke to dawn entering the coach windows. They hadn’t stopped in the night and were now approaching Ralph’s estates. At some point in the night, the soapstone cock had slipped from her cleft. It thudded to the floor as she shifted and stretched.

“Morning Gwen,” said Ralph. He bent to retrieve the cock. “Sleep well?”

“Yes, although I’m a bit sore,” she said.

“Well, we will be home soon. Those gates up there are at the end of the drive to my house,” he said pointing off in the distance.

“Oh. Will… will there be anyone there? Besides servants?” she asked.

“Not at first. James should be joining us in a day or so. Until then, it is just us,” Ralph said. “When James arrives, we’ll have a party.”

“Oh? I’ve never hosted a party,” said Gwen with a bit of apprehension in her voice.

“No worries. I have a housekeeper who understands my tastes. You will be the hostess,” said Ralph with a smile.

Gwen wondered what that smile would hold for her.


The house was an old Tudor mansion. It was beautiful and the gardens were in full flower. Gwen alighted from the coach slowly as she was stiff and sore from the long ride. Servants poured out of the house to take the trunks and boxes and greet the Baron and his new wife.

Gwen was shown up to her room where there was a large fireplace and a fourposter bed that looked like it could hold six people. The housekeeper, Mrs. Besom, was shouting for maids to bring water for a bath, towels, herbs and half a dozen things at once. Ralph had gone to check on a few things and left Gwen to bathe.


“Your bath is ready M’lady,” said Mrs. Besom. She had started a fire in the fireplace as the bathwater began to arrive.

“Thank you,” said Gwen and she began to shed her gown which was crumpled and dirty from the long ride.

“Let me help you M’lady,” said Mrs. Besom. She started to unlace the gown and help Gwen out of it. As the layers came off, the clothing was tossed to one side. When she got to the corset, she tsked-tsked.

“What is it Mrs. Besom?” Gwen asked.

“I thought he’d given up these silly games,” she said as the corset hit the floor.

Gwen stretched and shed her final underclothes. “No, he hasn’t and I like them so far,” said Gwen.

“Well, I’d best keep a tub of salve and stock up on goldenseal tea,” said Mrs. Besom.

“Salve? Goldenseal?” What for?” asked Gwen.

“The Salve for your hide, which is rather red back here and the goldenseal to prevent babies unless you want to drop a child every year,” said Mrs. Besom.

“Oh! Never thought of that. What if I’m already carrying a babe?” asked Gwen. Her courses were due soon.

“Well, it won’t hurt. I’ll bring you up a cup, just in case,” said Mrs. Besom. With that, she left Gwen to soak.

Gwen washed her hair, and ran the sponge over her body. So much had changed in less than a month.


Mrs. Besom came back with a cup filled with the tea she’d spoke of earlier. Gwen drank it, and found it a little bitter, but the mint and honey in the mix helped. She got out of the bath and dried off. Then Mrs. Besom applied salve to Gwen’s back and ass. This too had mint in it and it made Gwen’s skin tingle.

Gwen dressed in a new corset and clothes. The corset cupped her breasts and held them out rather than flattening them to her chest. The dress showed them off nicely, just covered by a sheer scarf that tucked into the bodice. When she was ready, Mrs. Besom led her on a tour of the house.

“You’ll find the Baron in the library,” Mrs. Besom said as they finished.

Gwen thanked her and went into the room. It was filled with shelves that had books neatly arranged on them. She smiled. She had been very happy that she’d learned to read as well as do needlework and garden. She walked over to where Ralph sat next to the window. He too had bathed and changed clothes.

“And how do you feel?” he asked.

“Much refreshed M’lord,” Gwen said with a sweeping curtsy.

“Are you ready to tour the grounds? Or are you tired?” he asked.

“I’d love to tour the estate as long as we walk. I don’t think I could manage another coach ride for at least a week,” Gwen said.

“Then a walk it is,” said Ralph. They went out the front doors and headed down the drive. They passed a large kitchen garden, formal gardens, the stables, and off in the distance there was a folly.

“And that my dear is our playroom,” Ralph said pointing.

“So far from the house?” Gwen asked.

“All the better to spank you in,” said Ralph as he planted his hand on her ass.

Gwen ‘oofed’ as his hand impacted her skirts. They walked down a path between sculpted shrubs, flower beds and the occasional statue. Gwen looked at the first of these and stopped. She blinked, looked again and then turned to Ralph. “They’re… they’re tupping!” she said astonished.

“Yes. And each a different position,” said Ralph with a smile.

“What do the servants say?” she asked.

“Nothing. Not one word,” he said. By then, they were at the door of the folly. This one was a miniature Greek temple on the outside. Inside it was well furnished. Off to one side was an altar of sorts with brass posts at each corner. Another section of the room was filled with chairs and cushions and low tables. On the far side was a kind of latticing that was bolted to the wall. Gwen walked around and tried to figure out some of the curiosities.

“Ralph, whatever is this for?” asked Gwen. She was looking at a padded bench that was too tall to sit on and rather rounded. It had no back either.

“Ah, that is James’ bench,” he said with a smile.

“How ever do you sit on it?” she asked. “It’s too tall and there is no back rest.”

“It isn’t for sitting. Come here,” he said and took her hand. He stood her in front of it and then walked around to the other side. He took Gwen’s hands, bent her over the bench until her toes just barely touched the floor and cuffed her hands into leather straps she had mistaken for part of the heavy fringe. Then he walked around and lifted her skirts. He smiled to see that she hadn’t worn drawers.

“Ralph?” Gwen asked wondering what was going to happen. She had ideas running through her head, but wasn’t certain.

“Yes Gwen,” he said quietly.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“First, I am going to lash you,” he said. He took a riding crop that was in a basket out and began to stroke up and down Gwen’s thighs. Her stockings were in the way and he pulled them down to give him better access. He lashed her up and down the insides of her thighs, and ignored her cries. When she was red enough, he worked across her ass. Gwen was sobbing softly as he put the crop away and began to stroke her hot tender flesh. He noticed how wet she was and stroked her cleft as well.

Gwen moaned. The experience of being spanked in this manner had unleashed an ache in her that she hoped Ralph would satisfy.

“How do you feel now?” Ralph asked.

“In pain and so needy,” she said.

“I can see that,” he said and slowly fingered her. He brought her nearly to orgasm and then stopped. Gwen moaned again. Ralph did this twice more and then dropped his trousers and drove into Gwen’s cleft from behind. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast.

Gwen moaned and gasped as Ralph began to come. She felt her own orgasm ride up and take her senses as Ralph came. He stood behind her for a moment to catch his breath. Using her petticoat to clean up with, he redressed and then unstrapped Gwen.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Not at first, but yes,” she said.

They continued their tour of the folly. The lattice had straps to hold people in place. The altar did as well. Gwen could see where straps had worn shallow grooves in the cool marble. They relaxed on the pillows before they headed back to the house for supper.

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    1. Very pleased that you are enjoying my story. And yes Ram, I do sleep. I have this Wolf that gets very cranky and doesn’t sleep well without his Bunny… 🙂 (long very funny story that I might tell some day) As form my keyboard… There are days I think it’s smokin’!

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