A duster…

They were on the second floor of IKEA when he saw something that caught his eye. He smiled as he picked up the fluffy fleece covered duster. He walked over to where she was looking at baskets. He reached over and tickled her nose. Then he traced it across her chest at nipple level.

“Look what I found,” he said with that devilish grin.

“No, You are not getting that for the toybox!” she said.

“Did you just tell me ‘no’?” he asked in that tone of voice she knew so well.

“Um… ah… yeah. It won’t fit!,” she protested.

“Who said it had to fit in the toybox?” he said.

“Well, it won’t,” she said realizing that she was in trouble and that nothing would erase the words.

“It’s retractable,” he said faking it by sliding his hands down the handle.

“It is not!” she said laughing at him.

He poked at her again and then put it back into the bin. He smiled and they continued to browse through the enormous store. They chatted and commented on various items. They’d originally had planned to look for a printer stand. Someone had given them a huge Epson printer and it sat in the living room for the most part because it was too big to fit in the office.

As they walked through IKEA, she found various items that would be useful. A new juicer, a lamp, plastic containers for her mother and other little bits for the office. She also thought about what he might do to her at bedtime. She’d slipped up twice and ‘told’ him ‘no’. Not a good week. Plus, she violated the ‘no work at home rule’ at least a half a dozen times.

They got home late and headed to bed. She got ready for bed and slipped on a nightie. He was starting a quick backup as she climbed into bed. She fell asleep with a candle burning in the new lantern she’d bought.

She woke up to him climbing into bed. He was cold in comparison to her, and she said so.

“So, first you tell me no and now I’ll too cold?” he said in that Dom tone that made her shiver.

“I’m half asleep,” she yawned.

“That’s no defense,” he said as he cuddled her tightly to him.

“Geeze! You’re cold!” she squeaked.

“Yes, I am. After you warm me up, I’ll warm you up,” he said.

She nodded and tried not to shiver too much as they warmed up. She was almost asleep when the first spank shattered her sleep.

“What the…” was as far as she got before the next smack landed. “Ow!”

He smiled. “One, two, three…” he counted in his head. When he reached twenty-five, he stopped. Stroking her ass, he let his hand traced down her thighs and between her legs. As he expected, he found her sopping wet. Pulling her legs open, he fingered her while he held her face down on the bed.

She cried and then squealed as he went from spanking to fingering her. There was part of her that didn’t want to be spanked. That was upset about the fact that it happened. Another part while aghast at the pain was amazed at how much it turned her on. Then all thoughts went away as he gave her the first orgasm. That was followed by a second and then third one.

He stopped and they relaxed on the bed on his back. She started to sit up and realized her ass was too tender. She half crouched.

“Someone else would like a bit of attention,” he said pointing to his cock bobbing away at half mast.

She turned and took his cock in her mouth. The tip was sticky with pre-cum. Spanking her and then playing with her clit excited him. He enjoyed making her feel different as well as good. She licked and sucked his cock and made him gasp as he stroked her heated ass and fingered her clit. When she couldn’t take another orgasm, she turned and straddled his chest. With a bit of help, she slid his cock deep inside. She rode him rocking back and forth slowly at first.

He loved her mouth on his cock, but her pussy was warm heaven. It felt so good and he reached forward to grab and pinch her nipples. She gasped and rode him faster. He moved his hands down to her hips to help drive deeper into her. Their rhythm increased until she began to orgasm. Her pussy clenched around his cock, making all the sensations increase. As she sat upright and bounced harder as she came, he gripped her hips tight. His back arched and it was his turn to gasp out an orgasm that rippled up his spine.

They froze for a moment and then secondary shocks tore though him as she rocked back and forth in orgasmic bliss. After one or two more shudders she moved off of him and curled up on the bed next to him. She hummed softly to herself as they cuddled. He held her close, his mouth next to her ear.

“You know, next time we go shopping I think I will get that duster,” he said just to tease her as they drifted off to sleep.

8 thoughts on “A duster…

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      1. Ha!

        Don’t you *dare* send me those fucking tulips…that’s all i’m gonna say…

        *laughing like a loon*


        1. No, I won’t send you the tulips. However, there is a BlackFCT, and Armageddon if Wolf decides to send it. He’s still teasing me. Your Master will need to be careful with Armageddon if it does come to you. Imagine a ping pong paddle on steroids. Then there are the floggers. I think you’ll like those.

    1. Wolf and I love shopping for ‘pervertables’. 🙂 He has such a wicked grin when he sees one that will work too. The duster at IKEA was just so tempting.

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