Miller walked into the club to hear music playing from one of the dungeons. He wondered who was in the club on such a beautiful day. 75F on an early spring day. He had come in early to set up for the weekend which looked to be busy. Everyone was on spring break and that meant tourists, college students and of course the regulars.

He followed the sound of Wipeout by Surfaris down the hall. When he knocked, Dirk opened the door.

“Hey Miller,” said Dirk.

“What are you doing here so early and on such a lovely day? I figured you’d be out in the sun,” said Miller.

“I would have, but someone had a smart mouth and needed an attitude adjustment,” Dirk said as he opened the door and invited Miller inside. On the St. Andrews Cross was Liz. Her ass was lit up with a series of small welts. Next to her on the floor was a CD player and a stack of CDs.

“Okay, what did Liz do this time?” Miller asked. Liz was Dirk’s sub, and part time lover.

“Ask her yourself,” said Dirk with a smile.

“Liz, what did you do this time?” asked Miller. He knew Liz was still dealing with the fact that a rape a year ago had turned her from a fun roll in the sack to someone who liked pain as part of her sexual routine. She was a Sammie too, which got her into trouble repeatedly.

“I told my Dom that I thought his choice of music sucked. That it had no real place in any serious music collection and that he really ought to grow up,” said Liz. Liz liked classical music and some of the Indie musicians like Loreena McKennitt or Blackmore’s Night.

Miller laughed. He looked down at the pile of CDs. Beachboys, Chantay’s, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Jan and Dean, and the Beatles. “You know, I’d have thought you more of a heavy rock kinda guy,” he said.

“First warm days when I don’t have to bundle up this is all I want to play,” said Dirk. “I like all kinds of music except Rap and some of the really odd Jazz, but this is the stuff that gets my blood moving.”

“I understand. So, she dissed the mood music?” asked Miller.

“Yeah. We were heading out for a picnic and I popped in a disk to drive to and next thing I hear is ‘Oh yuck! Can’t believe you listen to that trash!’ and so we drove over here for a little attitude adjustment,” said Dirk.

“So, this is a music appreciation class?” asked Miller.

“In a way. I found the drumsticks and I’m tuning her in on the beat,” said Dirk with a smile.

“Sounds good. Let’s turn up the lights to give her that sunny heat and I’ll get us a couple of beers if you’d like,” said Miller.

“Sounds good. I’ve got at least four more CD’s to go through,” said Dirk.

Liz sighed as quietly as she dared up on the cross. At least this interruption had given her ass a break. Those drumsticks hurt! She heard the guys come back in and wondered what next. The lights got very bright and she swore that she’d have a sunburn by the time those four CD’s were finished. She heard another chair being pulled up. Miller must have sat down next to the CD player.

“So, the drumsticks made those welts?” asked Miller.

“Yeah. I tried a few other things first, but then thought that drumsticks would be perfect. And, instead of playing air drums, I have her fine ass to play on,” said Dirk. He smiled and picking up the sticks twirled them and played a bit of ‘air drums’ for a moment. That made both men laugh.

“And is she appreciating the music?” asked Miller.

“Hmm… Let’s see,” said Dirk. He walked over and felt between Liz’s legs. Juices were running down her thighs and his hand came away wet as he stroked her pussy. “Yes, while her mind may say ‘no’, her body says ‘yes!’ if I’m any judge of a subs pussy.”

“Well then. I think I interrupted you at the Surfaris. Why not play that one again and show me your technique. Who knows, maybe Betsy might like it,” said Miller smiling. Betsy was his girlfriend of nearly twenty years. Neither would commit to a real relationship. She didn’t play at the club, but no one was sure if she played at home.

Dirk smiled and walked over to the CD player. He backed up a track and then hit play. As Wipeout began to play, he limbered up his wrists and began to play Liz’s ass like a drum. Oh how he loved music with a beat.

6 thoughts on “WWWWWWwipeout!

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  1. Aaahhhh Delighful….

    i could SO hear that opening riff…before the WIPOUTTTT…

    Laughing, I love ALL those oldies but goodies…nice summer beat music, indeed…


  2. You ladies sure make me scratch my head and wonder how the hell you come up with these excellent stories. Tip

    1. Dearest Tip,

      Nilla and I have warped imaginations filled with lovely horny ideas and sometimes they are fact, and sometimes they are fiction. And occasionally, they are a very big mix of the two. 🙂 Always glad to delight you dear!

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