Labyrinth part 6

Gwen was running the length of the lawn. The party to celebrate the wedding had started hours ago with people pouring in from London, Newmarket and Bath. All friends of Ralph or James. Gwen didn’t bother to invite her few friends as most of them were unmarried or too close to her parents. The last thing she needed was for them to discover that their daughter was married to a hedonist and a Hellfire Club member.

After a lovely six course dinner, the party scattered to play games on the lawns. It had started out with quoits and lawn darts. A very perverted set of games with this crowd. The quoits were large enough to go over a person. The person who was ‘ringed’, had to forfeit a kiss or a touch. Lawn darts followed a similar course. If pegged to the ground, the victim had to let the owner of the dart to take liberties. Gwen had been kissed and groped repeatedly.

Now they were playing hide and seek. If caught, once again, the person had to surrender to the finder. Gwen was running for a stand of lilac bushes. She crouched low, but had no hope of hiding. Her gown was light green silk with a stomacher and front skirt in contrasting yellow. She watched as others were found. Lady P. had to suck Lord A.’s cock. She watched her own Ralph dive under the skirts of Lady T. and make her giggle with delights. Then she felt a touch on her shoulder.

“Come with me madam,” said a deep voice. “You’ve been found.”

She stood up, and before she could turn, a blindfold was slipped over her eyes. A hand on her elbow led her out from the bushes.

“I’ve found our queen.” said the deep voice.

Cheers went up and by the crunch of feet, Gwen knew she was being led to the folly. Her thoughts vindicated a few minutes later as she could smell the beeswax candles that had been set up in the folly earlier. She was lifted and placed on what could only be the altar. She sat and waited.

“What shall we do with our queen?” asked the deep voice.

“Worship her!” said a man.

“Sacrifice her!” called another.

“And how shall we accomplish this?” called a soft voice Gwen knew to be James.

“With our hands, tongues, and cocks!” roared another man.

“And what of the other ladies? Her sweet succulent attendants?” asked a rough voice Gwen knew to be Ralph.

“Ah, they shall take their turns as there are only six of them and yet twelve men,” said the deep voice.

Squeals of delight and feigned trepidation came from the other women. Gwen realized that from that bit of noise, that they must be similarly bound and grouped next to the altar. She heard the sounds of heavy boots walk off to one side and then the muted voices of the men. She tried to figure out what they were saying, but had no luck.

The men walked over silently and Gwen felt hands on her shoulders and wrists. She stayed very still as other hands began to undo some of her clothing. She felt her sleeves and upper bodice being pulled at and then removed as well as the heavy outer skirt. Dressed in her corset and under chemise and her heavy petticoats, she was moved until she lay across the altar. Her hands and then feet were tied to the rings at the corners of the altar. This left her legs splayed open underneath her skirts. As they finished tying her down, she heard others being moved to what she knew had to be different sections of the folly. Part of her was very curious to see what was going on while waiting to find out what would happen to her.

“Turn your head,” said the deep voice.

Gwen turned her head towards the sound of the voice and then felt a warm cock brush her lips. She opened her mouth and took in as much as she could. At the same time, she felt her petticoats lift. Her ass was right at the end of the altar and she felt a hand begin to touch and stroke her cleft. Although he hadn’t spoken, Gwen recognized James’ touch. He stroked and pinched her cleft until moisture began to bead and drip. Two fingers slide deep inside making her moan against the cock in her mouth. As she moaned, the cock in her mouth began to twitch and fill her with his seed as James thrust his cock inside her.

Another cock replaced the first as James pummeled her. In the background, she could hear the sounds of spanking. Whips, or riding crops on skin as well as a paddle of some sort. The cries and moans of women filled the folly. James came and after he left, another man filled her. She lost count of the cocks. Some of the men pinched and spanked as they played with her. Others simply played with her button until she cried out in orgasm. One gentleman had a tongue that brought her to ecstasy three or four times before filing her with the biggest cock she’d ever experienced.

At some point, Gwen was let up from the altar and given a glass of wine to drink. The glass was held for her as she was still blindfolded. A knife ran down her corset lacings and she was stripped of the rest of her clothes. Then she was bent over the altar, nipples pressing against the marble while her ass was spanked. After one rather hard smack, she squealed.

“Oh damn!” Gwen cried.

“I rather liked that one. Especially the way the seed that everyone gave you is running down your thighs,” said deep voice. He landed three more smacks that made her cry out. They were made stingier by the wetness of her ass. He’d wiped his hand up between her legs before he hit her ass.

“Let me cool our queen,” said a voice. He walked up to Gwen and filled her cleft with his cock. Before long, he came deep inside Gwen. As he pulled out the juices ran down her legs. Another man took his place, and before long, there was a steady stream of juices flowing.


“Now my queen, are you ready to see what else has gone on tonight?” asked Ralph as he untied her hands.

“Yes,” said Gwen.

The blindfold was removed and Gwen blinked to clear her vision in the candlelit darkness of the folly. Ralph led her past the gentlemen who at this point were as naked as she. On the other side of the room was the wall. On it were her ‘ladies’. The tableau was amazing. On James’ bench was the red headed Lady P. She had been tied and spanked. The red welts stood out on her milk white skin. It was evident that she too had been well fucked.

Next were Lady T and her sister, Lady C. Both women were cuffed to the latticed wall. Each had been spanked and pleasured. Lady S. was still tied to a frame shaped like an X and her nipples had clamps on them that looked painful. However, the juices running down her legs made Gwen wonder if it was not as painful as it looked.

Lady A was dressed like a horse. She had a bridle in her mouth and a tail up her… ass. Gwen flinched a bit, but was assured by Ralph that she liked it. Last of all, Lady G was sitting on a saddle. She was rocking back and forth, moaning and shuddering in pleasure.

“M’lord, whatever is going on with Lady G?” asked Gwen.

“Ah, that my love is a special saddle. It has fittings to keep a wench like yourself satisfied whilst you traipse around the countryside,” said Ralph.

“Oh?” asked Gwen. “May I see?”

“Yes. Let us have the rest of the ladies join us first though,” Ralph said. He motioned to the rest of the gentlemen to retrieve their ladies. Once everyone had been released, kissed and held, they all gathered round Lady G.

Her lord untied her blindfold and then her hands. Instead of sliding off the saddle, he helped her off and the other women gasped. Lady G had been sitting on a large cock coming up out of the saddle and right where her button would rub was a smaller nub. With each rock of the saddle, she had been tupping herself.

“Oh my,” gasped Gwen. “I thought your corset addition was… um… interesting. But this… oh. I’d be afraid of falling off.”

“It isn’t as easy as it would seem to do so,” said Lady G. “I have ridden cross country twice and my only issue was walking once I got to my destination.”

That brought titters from the women and smiles from the men.

“Who made it for you?” asked one of the other gentlemen.

“Ralph here helped and I have a saddle maker who will make just about anything in leather that I require,” said the deep voiced Thomas. “Made to size if need be as well. Would any of you ladies care to try it out?”

There were nods and shakes. Gwen nodded and when it was her turn, Ralph helped her ‘in’ to the saddle. She was glad that she was wet from all the sex as the cock was large. It filled her and she had to wiggle to get seated. Then she rocked back and forth. It didn’t take much before she could feel herself begin to come. That ache between her legs grew and grew until…

“Oh… oh my,” Gwen gasped. She shuddered and tried to get off of the saddle. She realized she couldn’t.

Ralph laughed at her and pulled her up off of the saddle and into his arms. They retired to the seating area and amongst the cushions were set trays with food and drink as well as shawls and wrappers. Gwen found a silk shawl and draped it around her body as she sank down on a cushion. She was very glad that they were soft as her bottom and her cleft were sore from all the attention.

The party ate a late supper and couples or more curled up to sleep or play on the cushions. Gwen found herself sandwiched between James and Ralph.

“So, you like Thomas’ saddle?” asked James.

“I think so. I’m not sure that riding cross country would be comfortable, but a brisk morning ride might be just what a body needs on occasion,” said Gwen with a smile. She snuggled up to Ralph as James fingered her slowly and sweetly. She had loved all the attention and sex, but having her two lovers was best of all.

6 thoughts on “Labyrinth part 6

  1. A very interesting life that was lived in old England wasn’t it. I think there is enough material to continue if you so desire WW. Thank you TIp

    1. Now how did I know you were going to say that? 🙂 I’ve had a lot of fun with this story. The Hellfire clubs were soooo naughty. Did all sorts of things and then poof… they disappeared. sigh. I think there is at least one more chapter in this story.

    1. Always good to hear that you are looking forward to more. I have to admit that I start out with a small idea and then the Muse runs with it. Next thing I know, I have 10 chapters. 🙂

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