Labyrinth part 7

Gwen woke in her own bed late the next morning. She had vague memories of being carried by Ralph into the house, but not of being put to bed. She was sore and sticky from all the sex. She was also alone. The bed showed evidence that the two men had slept with her for some while, but had risen much earlier.

She thought of calling for a breakfast tray or at least a cup of tea. When she rolled out of bed, she saw a note. Picking it up, she read it.

Dearest Gwen,

When you rise, please dress for an afternoon out.



Gwen called for a bath and then began to decide what she would wear. In the end, she called for her velvet gown with the rose colored stomacher and satin frontpiece. Her maids brought the bath and once she had cleaned up, helped her dress in a corset that Ralph had made her. He forbid her to wear any other corsets except what he had designed. This one cupped her breasts, but left the nipples open to touch. The fabric of her dress barely covered them. When she was dressed, she went downstairs to find Ralph.

“I’m ready to go out M’lord,” she said kissing him lightly on the check.

“Good. I had a bet with James that you wouldn’t wake before afternoon tea. You surprise me,” he said.

It was Gwen’s turn to smile. She delighted in not being predictable. She delighted in the bets and games that the three of them played as well. Ralph took her hand and they walked out to the courtyard. He whistled loudly and a stable lad brought two horses instead of the coach that Gwen expected. The horses were a bit bigger than what Gwen was use to riding and it wasn’t until she climbed up on the mounting block that she saw her saddle.

“Oh! Oh Ralph!” she giggled. It was one just like Lady G’s.

“Now my question is, are you wet enough?” he asked as he reached up under her skirts and felt her cleft. He fingered her and made her squirm.

“Rrralph, please!” she squeaked.

“I’m trying to please you,” he said with a smile. “I think you might be wet enough. Do you need assistance? You’ll have to ride astride of course.”

“Oh. Yes. I… I can manage I think,” Gwen said as she straddled the saddle and slowly lowered herself onto the cock. When she was seated, Ralph adjusted her stirrups and and her skirts. Then he mounted his own horse.

He started off at a gentle walk. Ralph kept an eye on Gwen and noticed that she was rocking nicely with the horse’s rhythm. When they got to the open lane, he moved up to a canter, which meant that as she posted, the cock would move more forcible in and out of her cleft. He smiled and continued down the lane.

Gwen had felt alright when they were walking the horses, but when Ralph started to canter, she almost lost her mind. He had adjusted her stirrups so that when she raised up, it didn’t allow her to ‘clear’ the cock. She moved just enough to feel as if she were being pummeled. She tried to slow the posting, but that didn’t help. Nor did the fact that the nub was rubbing her button. Her saddle was getting wetter and wetter as her body became more excited. “How did Lady G. ever manage to go on a long journey?” she wondered as the first shuddering orgasm began to overwhelm her body.

“Rrrralph,” she gasped trying to call to her husband.

Ralph heard her and kept going. He guessed what was about to happen. There was no one nearby, so he wasn’t too concerned.

“Oh. Oh my. Ohhh,” Gwen cried out as her body shook with pleasure. Her juices ran down her thighs and soaked her stockings. She dropped into the saddle and tried to slow the horse to regain her senses.

Ralph realized that she had slowed to a walk and turned his horse around. He looked at her, ‘tsk-tsked’ under his breath as he moved up beside her. “Are you alright madam?” he asked.

“Yyyes. I just need to catch my breath,” she said.

“Alright, because we are expected at Sir Thomas’ house for tea. Must move along,” he said and started up again.

Gwen had no choice but to follow. She brought the horse up to a canter and tried to stay up in the stirrups to avoid bouncing on the cock. It didn’t work. Her legs were so rubbery from the first orgasm that she had to go back to posting. Even the momentary rest on the saddle helped her legs and yet made her cleft throb. Before they’d gone another mile, she felt herself start to go again.

“Oh!” she cried.

That alerted Ralph and this time he rode next to her and made sure she didn’t stop. By the time they reached Sir Thomas’ estate, Gwen was an orgasmic mess. She couldn’t post, which meant that every hoof beat thrust the cock deep inside of her. It also mashed the soft nob against her button. It was such a relief when they slowed to a walk and entered the courtyard. Sir Thomas and Lady G. were standing in the doorway waiting for them.

“Ah, I see your lady has been enjoying her new saddle,” said Sir Thomas.

“I believe so. However, I think she may wish to freshen up a bit,” said Ralph with a smile. He helped Gwen down from her horse and escorted her into the main hall. At that point, Lady G. and Gwen went off to an upstairs room to ‘recover’ from the ride. Ralph and Sir Thomas went into the library to talk.

“My dear, how did you ever cope?” asked Gwen as she shed her gown. She was trying to peel her soaked stockings off of her legs and it wasn’t working well.

“It took a bit in all honesty. At least your husband isn’t as well endowed as Sir Thomas,” said Lady G.

“There is that,” said Gwen. A maid came in with warm water. She took away the stockings and soaked petticoat to rinse them out. The warm water felt good and she was soon cleaned up. She dressed as best she could minus stockings and that petticoat. Lady G.’s maid helped as well. In less than an hour, Gwen was ready to head downstairs. They rejoined the men and then went in to tea in the main sitting room.

There was a huge fire going in the fireplace, and chairs and a table set up near it. A maid brought tea and pastries. Small talk floated back and forth as servants moved in and around the two couples.

“So, do you think you’ll go riding much?” Sir Thomas asked Gwen.

“Well, I always have enjoyed riding. That saddle will take some getting use to though. Perhaps shorter rides will be needed for a while,” said Gwen.

“Oh I don’t know, I think the long one we went on today was just fine,” said Ralph.

“Oh Sir, you are such a tease. You don’t wish your dear wife to enjoy horsemanship more than you now,” said Lady G.

“There is that,” said Sir Thomas. “I threatened to hide her saddle at one point.”

That made Lady G. blush. The two men went on teasing Gwen throughout tea.

As the last of the tea service was taken away, Lady G. suggested a walk in the gardens. Sir Thomas had a labyrinth similar to Lord Sheridan’s. The statues though were far more suggestive. In fact, the Pans all had beautiful carved cocks that could be ‘used’. Sir Thomas made Lady G. demonstrate. He lifted her up and placed her on the cold marble cock. Unable to touch the ground, Lady G. grabbed the arms of the Pan statue and moved up and down on it. When she didn’t move fast enough, Sir Thomas lifted her skirts and spanked her ass. That made Lady G. move more rapidly. When she came, he lifted her down. She was a little unsteady on her feet.

“Care to have Gwen take a turn?” he asked.

“No, I believe that one is a little too warm at the moment,” said Ralph with a smile. They walked on further and in a little bit, they came to another Pan statue. This one was a little closer to the ground, but not by much.

“Gentlemen, please, I’m still a bit…” was as far as Gwen got before the two men lifted her up and slid the icy marble shaft into her cleft.

“Oh my… oh…oh… oh please let me down,” gasped Gwen. She could barely rest on her tiptoes and each effort to stand up off of the cock only ended in her sliding down it once more. She knew what was expected and finally rubbed herself against it until she came. Once that had happened, the two men smiled and lifted her off. It was her turn to be unsteady on her feet.

The next attraction deep in the labyrinth was a swing. Like the saddle, it was fitted with a cock. It was Lady G.’s turn and she obviously liked the swing as she could control it better. It didn’t take long before she was allowed up. At the center of the labyrinth was a fountain. A cavorting couple was the centerpiece and all along the edge were cocks pointing upwards. Water cascaded down from the top of the fountain, but the cocks and the edge were dry.

“Take a seat Gwen,” said Sir Thomas with a smile.

“I’d rather not,” said Gwen.

Ralph came up behind Gwen. “You do understand that the choice is either to do it yourself or be forced don’t you?” he said as he reached around and pinched her nearly exposed nipples.

Gwen gasped. He finally let go when she nodded yes. Lifting her skirts, she slowly moved on to one of the cocks. The edge of the fountain came up just enough to let her sit gently on the cock. She moved a little back and forth to seat it and then waited. She noticed that Lady G. was also sitting on a piece of the fountain. She waited, not knowing what to expect.

Sir Thomas smiled and next to the ‘front’ of the fountain were a series of dials. They controlled the water flow of the fountain. He slowly twisted a small nob.

Gwen had almost gotten use to the cold of the fountain’s stone when she swore that she was getting wet. She started to stand up in astonishment when Ralph smiled and motioned for her to stay seated. She did and realized that there was a slow pulse of water coming out of the center of the cock deep in her cleft. Looking right and then left, she confirmed it as all the uncovered cocks on the fountain were pulsing water out and spilling it into the main fountain. It felt good and she soon found herself rocking back and forth. The orgasm was slow building, but when it hit, she was glad that the fountain held her up. The water slowly ebbed away, and Ralph helped her to stand.

Sir Thomas was grinning from ear to ear. “Do you like my fountain?” he asked.

“Surprisingly yes,” said Gwen. Her legs and borrowed stockings were dripping again, but so were Lady G.’s.

“I had to promise not to tell you about the fountain. If I did, my punishment would have been no fun for a week,” Lady G. said.

“Oh. I’m so glad you kept it a surprise,” said Gwen as they walked back to the house.

Ralph and Gwen said their goodbye’s an hour after they returned to the house. Gwen’s clothing had been washed and dried. She slipped into her own things and then with trepidation, went out to mount her horse.

“Enjoy your ride home,” said Sir Thomas with a laugh.

“I shall,” said Ralph.

The two women exchanged glances. Gwen mounted her horse gingerly and then turned to wave as they departed. By the time they arrived home, Gwen had come at least half a dozen times. She practically swooned at the last one and Ralph once more rode next to her. He didn’t stop, but simply made sure the horse was under control. He was enjoying her state of helplessness.

Gwen curled up in the bath and soaked her aching body. She had never come so many times in her life. Ralph had promised he wouldn’t make her use that saddle for every ride, but to be honest she was not looking forward to hunting season.

Ralph and James came up and fed her while she soaked in the tub. In the end, crumbs floated in the water and she gave up and got out. Wrapped in a robe, she lounged by the fire. Ralph filled James in on the days pleasures.

“Worn out pet?” James asked Gwen.

“Yes. Could we just snuggle tonight?” she asked.

“Perhaps. We can always start out that way and see how it goes,” said Ralph. With the last of the tea gone, the three of them crawled into the huge four poster bed.

4 thoughts on “Labyrinth part 7

  1. Damn excellent, and hot. As a young man, I had some experience with riding and a young lady that enjoyed the saddle, maybe not quite like this one, but the saddle horn had it’s share of rubbing. Tip

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