Silver Service part 19

Lillian paced in front of the fireplace. When she received David’s letter she nearly panicked. Things were moving much faster than she expected. While it had been decided David would take nearly three weeks to wrap things up in London, it was now to be expedited and he would have things wrapped up in just ten days.

Beti, relax! It will be alright. Your Saahab David will be here soon and you don’t want him worried that you have been worried. Listen to what bhaabhi Elsa said. He loves you and everything will work out,” said Aya.

“I know Aya, but this is all rather sudden and I’m worried that his wife will do something stupid and not let him go or will try and keep James. Then I worry that James will hate me for replacing his mother. Oh Aya,” Lillian said with a moan as she sank into the chair.

Aya walked over to her and gave her a hug and stroked her hair. “It will be fine Beti,” she said. “I will bring you some tea.” With that, Aya headed off to the kitchen where Betsy was busy cooking dinner. She’d learned many of the Indian dishes that Aya liked to make and was working on a curry. Aya smiled and took a taste. She smiled again and started water for tea.


David had finished the last of the paperwork for the business transfers and was working on showing Henry the paperwork. All the years as a butler had given Henry a decent head for business. In fact, it was going much smoother than expected. This gave David more time to deal with the issue that wasn’t working as well… Millicent.

Millicent had tried to stop the divorce. It had taken an ugly scene in front of Millicent’s mother to finally bring Millicent to sign the papers she had started. Then she tried to send James off to her mother’s for a holiday, which of course would never end. Henry had put a stop to that idea by diverting James at the last moment and sent him with his nanny to Elsa and Paul in Bath. Millicent had been furious. Both men simply laughed. Henry and David packed up the last of their belongings and left. The two men had taken rooms at David’s club.

“I think this is the last of it,” said David as he handed a sheath of papers to Henry.

“Good,” said Henry. “Ah yes. This tallies and I think we are even.”

“Dinner?” asked David.

“Yes. I’m starved,” said Henry.

The two men closed up the office and David handed the keys over to Henry. He breathed a small sigh of relief. Henry had found a small flat to rent starting next week, and was taking care of the sale of the Chelsea house. David was spending his last night at the club. In the morning he would be off on the train to Taunton. They walked to the pub where a decent supper could be had.

After supper, Henry pulled a small parcel from his satchel. “This is for you and Lillian,” he said. “Open it when you get to Taunton.”

“Alright,” said David. It wasn’t very heavy, and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what it was. The two men finished their supper, and after a glass of port said their goodbyes.

“Thank you for everything,” said Henry.

“I should be thanking you. Just glad we can work together now,” said David. He still felt a bit odd talking to his former butler and newly found cousin, but each day made it easier. Especially as he was leaving all the frustrations behind and going to be with Lillian in Taunton.


The train seemed to take forever to reach Bath. Paul met him at the station and David spent two nights with the family in their new home. He made arrangements for James to stay an extra week with Elsa’s brood.

“Is he going to be alright with the changes do you think?” asked David as he prepared to leave.

“Yes. I was rather amazed at how much he disliked his mother,” said Elsa.

“What? Are you sure?” asked David.

“Certainly. From what I can tell, his nanny is more his mother than Millicent ever was. He only saw her at meals and for maybe an hour in the late afternoon. Otherwise it was Nanny Wilson and Henry,” said Elsa.

Paul nodded in agreement. “I asked him how he felt, and was astonished that he didn’t care. Just take it slowly when you introduce him to Lillian and don’t fire Nanny Wilson,” he cautioned.

“Agreed. I’ll be back in a week to pick him up. School starts soon and I want him to be settled in to Taunton before then,” said David.

“Make sure you give Lillian our love,” said Elsa as she kissed him goodbye.

“I will. See you soon,” said David. He gave James one last hug and then Paul drove him to the station to catch the train to Taunton.


Lillian must have looked out the window a thousand times before she saw the station trap pull into the yard with David perched on his trunks. She tried to walk out sedately and gave up. David jumped off the trap and picked Lillian up in his arms. When he kissed her, the old man driving the trap chuckled under his breath.

“Newlyweds,” he muttered. He unloaded the trunks, collected his fare and headed off back to the station. The day was only half over, with another fare or two to be made.

David and Lillian hardly noticed him or Aya and Betsy along with Alf the gardener taking in the trunks and other baggage. It had only been a fortnight since they’d last been together, but it seemed much longer.

“It is so good to see you Lillian,” David said holding her hand as they walked into the house.

“We’ve been cleaning and re-arranging the furniture until Betsy and Alf were daft with all the changes,” said Lillian.

“Well, let’s see what you’ve done,” said David. They toured the house and he noted changes both big and small. Lillian showed him James’ room and the arrangements for his nanny. Then she showed him the study and last of all, the bedroom.

David was amazed. He had enjoyed the way she had arranged her room in Chelsea. This time though it was magical. The windows were covered in silks. The bed drapes had been redone in brocades and there were cushions and rugs enough to make the room sparkle in color.

“Such a beautiful room. Tonight, I would love to see my little Upapatni in all her splendor if possible, he said.

“Of course Saahab,” Lillian said with a smile.

“Oh, and I have a present from Henry that we can open,” said David as they went downstairs for tea.


Aya helped dress Lillian in a brilliant green sari. Lillian looked in the mirror one last time to make sure her hair and jewelry were just right. Aya smiled and then went downstairs to let David know that Lillian was ready.

David bounded up the stairs and opened the door to a bower filled with candlelight and the sweet scent of sandalwood incense. Lillian stood next to the window, a green haze of beauty.

“Oh… my,” said David.

Saahab,” Lillian said with a little bow. She walked forward and gave David a gentle kiss on the cheek.

He wanted to devour her, but held himself in check. He had the parcel from Henry in his hand. “Do you want to open this or shall I?” he asked.

“Go ahead,” Lillian said.

David unwrapped it to find a wooden box. When he opened the box, he began to laugh. Lillian was puzzled until she too glanced into the box. Inside was the silver cake server. Henry had taken it from the house silver.

“I can’t believe he took it,” said Lillian.

“I can. He knew that we played with it. I bent it a bit too much one time and he caught holy hell from Millicent until I fessed up that it had been me ‘slamming it in the drawer’,” said David.

Lillian laughed. While the cake server stung, in many ways it had become on of their favorite ‘toys’. “Well Saahab what would you like your darling Upapatni to do for you tonight?” she said with a Hindi lilt t her voice.

“Hmmm… I would like you to dance for me,” he said.

Lillian bowed from the waist and began to dance a slow seductive dance. The music of India playing in her head.


It had started with dancing and ended up with Lillian on her knees in a pile of sari silks. David was spanking her ass with the cake server, delighting in the fact that he could make tulip designs with smaller tulip prints across her delightful ass.

“Ow! Oh! Owwww!” Lillian cried as he spanked her for the final petal. Then she gasped as he ran the cake server between her legs to tease her. David stroked her clit and teased her pussy with the cake server. She wiggled and moaned as he teased.

“From ow to oh?” he said setting it aside and stroking her ass with both hands.

“Yes. It seems like forever since we last made love. I’ve missed you,” she said.

David slid his fingers into her pussy. She was wet from all the spanking and other playing. His cock bounced and throbbed. With great control, he reached over to where the sheath was and slid it on his cock. He wanted to slide in without it, but they hadn’t talked about children. At least not with the newest situation. He grabbed her ass and eased into her wet pussy. Slowly, to savor the feeling, he rocked back and forth, building rhythm.

Lillian loved how he felt inside of her. She loved sex. Loved the feelings of ascending the heavens. David had her gripped tight by her hips. She wiggled them back and forth, and that made him hold her tighter. He increased his pace as well until she felt the heat build in her body that promised such pleasure.

“Oh, oh Llllian,” he moaned as his body took over control and surged with orgasm.

Lillian enjoyed the a small ascent of the heavens and when David caught his breath, he reached around and stroked her clit until she spasmed in orgasmic joy.

The two of them lay on the silks relaxing for a brief moment. David got rid of the sheath and then curled up around Lillian. Cupping her nipples and breasts felt so good. He held her close so as to enjoy both breasts. Lillian moaned as he touched her.

“Lillian, would you…” he started. He hesitated, not sure of himself.

“What David?” she asked.

“Would you… would you ever want to have children?” he asked.

“Well, to be honest, I never thought that I would,” Lillian said.

“Why?” David asked.

“Well it wouldn’t do for an unmarried woman to have a child now would it? As your mistress, with you married to Millicent, I couldn’t even dare dream of it,” she said.

David thought for a moment, digesting this bit of information. It was what they had talked about when they first started to see one another. The agreement that they had reached.

“No, it wouldn’t do. I understand,” he said. “Is… is our situation now one where perhaps you might consider having children?”

“No. I’m still unmarried,” Lillian said.

David started to speak and then it hit him. “Oh god! What a blithering fool I am!” he said. He rolled Lillian over to face him. “Lillian, would you marry me?”

Lillian smiled. She thought of teasing him, but looking up into his face she couldn’t do it. Nor could she with his cock bouncing away against her belly. She giggled. “Yes, I’ll marry you,” she said.

David wrapped her in his arms and held her close. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too, and in answer to your question, as your wife I would joyfully have your children,” Lillian said.

“Will we have to wait until we’re married to start?” David asked. His cock throbbed and lay rigid between them.

“Hmm,” said Lillian. “How soon do you propose to marry? Church or registry office? Both? Families? Elope to Gretna Green?”

David couldn’t think and was trying to do so to no avail. He sat up so that he wasn’t touching Lillian. He took a deep breath. “Tomorrow or the next day at the registry office. No family. We can have a party later. Would that suit?” he asked.

Lillian smiled. She honestly didn’t care, but smiled to hear the love and the need in his voice. She moved to kneel in front of him. Slowly, she put one leg on the outside of his and let her breasts touch his chest. “Well, I think that would be delightful,” she said and kissed him.

David wrapped his arms around her heady with relief and joy. As they kissed, Lillian moved up and closer to David. Her breasts caressed his cheeks. As his mouth went from one nipple to the next, she moved over his lap. Ever so slowly, she moved down. As David’s cock touched her lips, she kissed him ardently. He was so wrapped up in kissing, that it took him by surprise when Lillian slid onto his cock.

“Oh! Lillian,” he gasped as he felt her hot wet flesh wrap around his naked cock.

“Yes my Sanam?” she said with a smile as she rocked back and forth.

“I love you,” he whispered against her skin.

“And I you,” she said. She pushed him down so that he lay on the bed. Her hands on his chest, she rocked back and forth. Her clit rubbed just right against his cock and she began to feel the heat of pleasure. David grabbed her ass, kneading her flesh, arching up to met her down strokes. Lillian sped up until she was bouncing. David moved one hand up to cup her breast and then his orgasm boiled up from his balls and roared up his cock.

As David came, Lillian needed just a touch to ascend the heavens. She arched herself forward which brought her clit into just the right spot and she too exploded in pleasure.

“Ahhh,” she cried softly as she shuddered.

David felt as if his orgasm would never stop. Each time Lillian shuddered, her muscles clenched which in turn grasped his cock. Finally after what seemed like hours, Lillian curled up on his chest. He held her there and then rolled so he could cuddle her. The last thing he remembered was pulling up the covers.

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  1. You have ended this perfectly. It is amazing how simple of a item can bring so much pleasure. Thanks for this story. Tip

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