Labyrinth Finale

Gwen woke much later in the night to James’ cock pressing against her backside. She hadn’t bothered with a nightgown as they usually ended up on the floor. She wiggled slightly and opened her legs. James slid into her cleft. He moaned and his hands reached around to cup her breasts. This in turn woke Ralph, who rolled over and began to play with Gwen’s breasts and button as James tupped her. When James orgasmed, they rolled Gwen over and Ralph slid his cock into Gwen. He pulled her to her knees and thrust rapidly, letting his balls slap against her ass.

James moved under Gwen, touching her breasts and nipples. As she began to come, he reached down and stroked her button until she bucked hard against Ralph. Ralph in turn drove deep and filled her with his seed as he came. The three of them collapsed into a pile with Gwen in the middle. Still inside of Gwen, Ralph rolled to one side. James followed his lead and Gwen was still pinned between the two men. Cupping her button in his hand, James made Gwen come and come until the muscle spasms had Ralph hard again. He slowly rode in and out of Gwen as James move up and had Gwen suck his cock.

Gwen felt so filled. The feel of the two men using her body and touching her so intimately made her feel so good. It wasn’t long before James and Ralph came and then the two of them brought Gwen to orgasm again and again. Once more, she fell asleep in the arms of her lovers.


Ralph woke early. He left James and Gwen to sleep. He had business to attend to today and wanted it out of the way before evening. Now that Gwen was his wife, he and James could work with leather on new toys and harnesses with her there to model them. He grabbed a fast breakfast and was out of the house before anyone else woke.

James woke when the sunlight from the partially opened curtain trickled across his face. He smiled and rolled over to wake Gwen. His cock was awake and wanted to play. In some ways he’d been sad that Gwen had chosen Ralph. However, the fact that they shared worked well.

Gwen was asleep on her stomach. He moved between her legs and stroked her cleft to wake her. She moaned and moved her hips towards his hand. He marveled at how responsive she was to sex when most women were so afraid of it that they’d rather be nuns. Then he noticed the smear of red. Blood. Her monthlies had started. It didn’t bother him, so he pulled her to him and slid into her very wet cleft.

Gwen came fully awake as James slid deep, holding onto her hips as he tilted her up. She felt a little achy, thinking that it had to do with all the riding yesterday and other play. Her poor cleft had certainly had been ridden hard in the last few days. Then she smelled blood.

“James, please,” she started.

“What is the matter dear Gwen,” he said not slowing down.

“I’m bleeding. My monthlies. Really, we shouldn’t,” she said.

“Doesn’t bother me. Makes a hell of a mess for the bed, but why stop?” he asked.

“But…” she started to protest.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“Nno,…” she gasped as she felt her body began to drive towards orgasm.

“Then enjoy yourself,” he said. It didn’t take much longer for him to stiffen and freeze in orgasm. He felt Gwen go as well. Once he could breath again, he withdrew and reached between her legs and stroked her tender flesh to one more orgasm. Then he got up and called for a bath.


By the time Ralph got home that night, Gwen was wrapped up in a sheepskin and curled up next to the fire in her room. Ralph brought his dinner up and the three of them talked while he ate. They discussed what Ralph wanted to build. He and James sketched it out by the fire. Gwen dozed in her chair.

She woke to Ralph carrying her to the bed. He tucked her into the clean bedding and then went back to talking to James by the fire. Much later, she felt her two lovers crawl into bed next to her. While they cuddled, neither of them pressed her to have sex. She was achy and relieved. She slept deeply.


Life fell into a pattern. During the summer, the folly was a full of rowdy revelries. In the winter, the tower rooms with their large fireplaces became dens of inequities. Ralph and Gwen held parties with their friends and enjoyed life. When James was in residence, the three of them slept and played in the big four poster bed.

Gwen woke one morning to the sounds of yelling in the main hall. She wiggled out from between James and Ralph and wrapped herself in a thick robe. Heading downstairs, she found her butler trying to keep a woman from entering the main hall. She watched, as the woman was so wrapped up as to be invisible.

“Madam is asleep!” said the butler.

“I don’t care! She will see me!” shouted the woman, who thought if she were loud enough that barriers would fall.

“I will not interrupt Madam and I don’t care if you do say you are her mother. I do not know you, nor will I allow you to enter her house or her bedroom unannounced,” said the harried man.

“Fine. Get me my daughter. Now!” yelled the woman.

Gwen snuck back to the bedroom trying to decide if she wanted to get dressed or stay in her robe. She was looking for her slippers when the butler knocked on the door. She tried to get to it quickly, but Ralph and James both woke.

“Madam, a woman purporting to be your mother is here,” said the butler.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes. Show her into the front sitting room,” said Gwen. She still couldn’t find one of her slippers and was hunting it when Ralph cleared his throat.

“I take it from George’s tone that your mother is being a problem?” asked Ralph.

“She was yelling at him to let her up here,” said Gwen.

“Well, that would have been a visual treat,” said James.

“Oh no. It would have been a scene,” said Gwen. “One I could do without.”

“And why do you think she’s shown up now, nearly a year after we married?” asked Ralph.

“Probably wondering why I hadn’t called her here to hold my hand during laying in,” said Gwen.

“Oh, she wants grandchildren does she?” asked James.

“Yes. She writes me weekly asking leading questions,” said Gwen. “I keep telling her that there are none and to stop worrying, but I guess she decided to see for herself if I was lying or if I was dead and someone else was writing letters in my hand.”

James laughed. “You should have let her come upstairs,” he said.

“Oh no. I don’t need her making that kind of trouble either,” said Gwen. “Although it would get her off my back. It would just make it terribly interesting next time any of us went out.”

“You think she’d try to blacken our names? As if we hadn’t done enough of that already?” asked Ralph.

“Exactly that. She’s in a right snit from what I could tell. Let me talk to her and see if I can get her to leave. If not, then I’ll welcome help from both of you,” Gwen said as she headed out the door.

“Shall we dress, or just appear straight out of bed like our dear Gwen?” asked James.

“Let’s listen at the door. If it goes well, we will dress. If not, we’ll walk in as is,” said Ralph.


“Mother, what on earth are you doing here?” asked Gwen as she came into the sitting room. There was a maid trying to light a fire and it was obvious that Lady Whitlow wouldn’t speak until the maid had left.

“I’ve come to see that you were alright,” said Lady Whitlow. “While you return my letters, it is as if you have no more use for your family. Nor do you show any signs of producing an heir for your husband. What is wrong with you?”

“I’m perfectly fine mother. I have answered your letters and in spite of what you think, I have a busy social life and it takes some effort to run the estates. I help Ralph with this. As for having children, I’m not worried about that at the moment,” said Gwen.

“What? Have you not been doing your wifely duties?” asked Lady Whitlow.

“Of course I have mother! I’m not a nun!” said Gwen a little louder than she meant to, but her mother was driving her over the edge.

“I somehow doubt that. If you were a dutiful wife, I would have expected at least one grandchild by now, or at least one on the way,” said Lady Whitlow.

“Mother! You are impossible! Just because I don’t have children doesn’t mean I’m not a good wife. I am not a broodmare or a bitch producing puppies on a schedule!” Gwen yelled.

“Nor do I wish her to be,” said Ralph as he walked into the room. He was in his dressing robe and he hadn’t tied it tight.

“Sir! This is a private discussion between my daughter and me,” said Lady Whitlow.

“No, not when you shout loud enough to wake me, madam,” said Ralph. He walked over and wrapped Gwen in his arms in an affectionate manner. “Nor do I approve of you upsetting my wife.”

“She was my daughter first and owes me some obedience!” yelled Lady Whitlow.

“Madam, you push the limits of hospitality. Lower your voice or I will lower it for you,” Ralph growled.

Lady Whitlow had the brains to shut up even if it was only for a moment. “Sir, you must understand that I have been concerned for my daughter. Surely by now she should have had a child. Unless, perhaps you are unmanned and unable to have children?” she said.

Ralph laughed. “First you barge into my house. Then you berate my servant and then my wife. Now you insult me. Gwen, I am so very sorry that you have had to deal with this,” he said. “James!”

James appeared in the room a moment later, dressed similarly to Ralph. “Yes Ralph?” he asked.

“Would you please take Gwen back to bed and comfort her?” Ralph asked.

“Sir! Would you let another man put your wife to bed?” cried Lady Whitlow. “What kind of man are you?”

“Mother shut up! Ralph and James are loving men. That Ralph trusts James with my person is fine by me,” said Gwen. She’d had enough of her mother.

“You whore! You Slattern!” said Lady Whitlow.

“No mother, I’m not. However, I am very much like my namesake, Guinevere. I have my king and my Sir Lancelot. What I do in my own home is my business. I would very much like it if you left now and never came back. Give my love to father,” said Gwen who then left on James’ arm.

Lady Whitlow stood to continue yelling at Gwen and Ralph stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“I suggest you leave as my wife suggested. We are happy with our arrangements. No one in our circle cares one whit about how we live our lives. Nor should you. I am sorry that my wife has not produced grandchildren on a regular basis to your liking. I think you have other daughters that you can browbeat into providing them. I hope that they have loving marriages and husbands to support them when you come visiting. Never darken our doorway again,” said Ralph. At that point, he took Lady Whitlow by the elbow and led her to the door and after shoving her out, slammed it shut.

Ralph looked over to where George was standing. “Do not let that woman back in here unless we are all dead and buried,” Ralph said.

“Yes M’lord. I’m sorry M’lord, I didn’t know,” said George.

“Not your fault. That woman is a pain and should be whipped. On second thought, no. She’d probably bitch the entire time and never get any benefit from it. We are heading back to bed. Tea in an hour please,” said Ralph as he headed upstairs.

“Yes M’lord,” said George.


Ralph walked into the bedroom not knowing how Gwen had taken all of the yelling, or him tossing her mother out. When he got there, James was in bed with Gwen and cuddling her. He could see she’d been crying.

“Ah love, it’s okay,” said Ralph.

“I… I know, bububut she’s so horrid, and I can’t bbbelieve she acted like that,” sniffed Gwen.

“I kept telling her it was okay, but she still cried,” said James looking at Ralph. Both men loved Gwen and the thought of someone else hurting her besides them was unconscionable.

Ralph nodded and climbed back into bed with them. Gwen rolled over and curled up in Ralph’s arms. He held her while she finished crying. He stroked her back and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

“I.. I was so mad at her and yet she still upset me,” said Gwen at last.

“I thought the comment about Guinevere very good,” said James. Very witty and dead on.”

“Agreed,” said Ralph.

Gwen just looked at the men, sniffed and dried her eyes. She managed a wane smile. “I guess that was pretty good. I always wanted to be Guinevere when I grew up, sharing her name and all. I just never thought I’d really have two lovers,” she said.

“You do have two men who love you dearly. We don’t care that there aren’t children. If someday you want one, fine. Otherwise, we enjoy tupping you until your eyes cross and inventing new ways to play with you,” said Ralph.

“Yes,” said James. “Which reminds me. We have these aching cocks just waiting to be sucked…”

That made Gwen giggle. She reached under the covers and felt both men, who were actually soft. “Aching cocks? Are you sure?” she asked.

“Well, they will be in a few minutes. After George brings tea,” said Ralph. He ruffled Gwen’s hair and then kissed her. He knew he loved her, but it wasn’t until Gwen’s mother came in like a fox amongst the chickens that he realized how much he loved Gwen and the fact that he shared her with James. He looked over at James and realized that the other man felt the same way.


After tea, Gwen knelt on the thick sheepskin rug in front of the roaring fire. She wore just her heavy robe as the room was cold. She sucked and kissed Ralph’s cock. When he was about to burst, she turned her attentions to James. She teased them back and forth until James could take it no longer and came in her mouth.

“Ha!” cried Ralph. The bet had been that the first one to come would have to watch while the other one tupped Gwen. He’d also have to lick her clean afterwards.

“Bastard,” laughed James.

“I’m not! My parents are married,” laughed Ralph as he slid his cock into Gwen. He had knelt on the rug behind Gwen and held her by her hips as he built up a rhythm. Gwen was trying not to giggle. Ralph heard and smacked her thighs. “Wench!”

This made Gwen giggle all the more. She couldn’t help it and soon she was giggling so hard she could barely stay on her knees. “Oh! Oh my…” she gasped as she came giggling.

By this point, James and Ralph were laughing as well. Ralph came and withdrew. Gwen rolled on her back and awaited James’ attentions. His tongue made short work of Gwen, making her come until she nearly passed out. He cuddled her on the rug.

“So, what shall we do today?” asked Ralph.

“Besides tup our dear Gwen?” asked James.

“Yes, besides screw me senseless?” asked Gwen.

“Well, I do have this idea for a toy,” said Ralph. “Or, we could simply cuddle and screw by the fire until supper.”

“I like that idea. We’ve had enough adventure this morning,” said James.

“I agree,” said Gwen. “Besides, I haven’t been spanked in nearly two whole days.” She wiggled her hips in James’ direction.

“You are such a tease,” said James grabbing Gwen and bending her over his knee.

Ralph laughed and finished his tea as James reddened Gwen’s ass.

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  1. As sometimes happens with us, we read this entire story before realizing that the word “Finale” was included in the title. (We tend to dive right into a story without analyzing the title too much.) Oops. Now we’re going back to see what we missed.

    We love it, by the way. You do well with Flash, but unrestrained you do even better.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! There are a few blogs that I dive into as well and have to back up. I’m glad you’re enjoying Labyrinth. I had a lot of fun with it. As for ‘unrestrained’ work… yeah. I think I do pretty well. That’s how More Than Just A Fairy Tale ended up being a 45 chapter werewolf saga instead of just a short story. All Wolf’s fault of course. He said I couldn’t just leave it at one date. Others felt the same way.

  2. WW, you have a wonderful talent for making me wish I was were you are writing about. Great finish for sure. Tip

  3. A great ending to the tale, and yes I loved the reference to Arthur and Lancelot as well.
    I have grown fond of dear Gwen and hopefully she will be around in future stories.

    1. So glad you enjoyed my twisted tale. The reference to Arthur and Lancelot was sheer luck. I hadn’t planned it, but it worked out well. These three may show up again, we will just have to wait. 🙂

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