Silver Service part 20

In the end, David and Lillian went to Bath and were married there with Elsa and Paul as witnesses. Lillian got to meet James as well, which went better than anyone had expected. After supper, Nanny Wilson brought James downstairs.

“James, I’d like you to meet Lillian,” said David.

“Hullo,” said James shyly. He tried to look at Lillian at the same time he looked at the floor.

“I’m very happy to meet you,” said Lillian. “I brought you a present. It came all the way from India and I thought you might like it.” she handed him a box.

James whispered “Thank you” and then turned it over in his hands. “I don’t know how to open it,” he said.

“See the dot there? Slide it back,” said Lillian.

James did as she said.

“Now push the top this direction,” said Lillian.

James did so and realized that the lid came off. He smiled.

“Now slide the rest of the end down,” said Lillian.

James slid the end down to find a tiny drawer. Inside the drawer was a tiny elephant with a rider on top. “Oh my,” he said. He was enchanted with his puzzle box and sat down on the floor next to Lillian. Between the two of them, they opened and closed it half a dozen times. Finally, it was time for him to go upstairs.

“Goodnight Papa,” James said and gave David a kiss. Then he turned to Lillian. “Are you going to be my new mum?” he asked.

“Yes, I am James. Is that alright with you?” Lillian said softly.

“Oh yes. You give ever such good presents and you smell nice,” he said. Then he kissed her. He clutched the box to his chest as Nanny Wilson took him upstairs.


“That went over rather well,” said Paul a few minutes later.

“I agree,” said David. “I expected a fight or at least a fuss about it.”

“Well, you can thank two people. Nanny Wilson and your nephew Charles. They’ve been talking about Lillian non-stop. Oh, and about Aya too. James is dying to meet her,” said Elsa who was very pleased with how things turned out.

“I’m so glad he liked the box. I didn’t have a clue as to what to bring. Aya just reached into that basket of hers and pulled out that box. I hadn’t seen it in years, but remembered it from childhood,” said Lillian.

“Well, considering the hour, we’d best all be off to bed,” said Paul. “The train leaves by 10am and you don’t want to miss it now.” He smiled. They all said their goodnights and headed to bed.


Lillian lay in David’s arms, trying to stop giggling. He’d been kissing and tickling her and her nightie was up around her hips. “Mrs. Milne, I have a delivery for you,” he whispered.

Lillian giggled again and turned as if to look for a package. “Where ever can it be?” she said.

“Here it is madam,” he said and slid his cock between her thighs from behind.

“Oh! Such a small parcel, I nearly missed it,” she teased.

“Madam! Really!” he whispered in an affronted tone.

“Well, I can’t see it so it must be small,” she said as he grabbed her hips and thrust in deep.

“Here is that ‘small package’,” said David. He thrust faster and faster until Lillian was grabbing a pillow to muffle her cries as she ascended the heavens. David had played and teased her so much that she was at the brink of orgasm before he ever entered her.

“MMMph!” she squealed into the pillow as she came and came.

“Ahh,” David sighed as his own orgasm vaulted from the tips of his toes upwards. He spasmed, froze and then the two of them collapsed in sticky silly splendor.

“Ah Madam, are you satisfied now with that package?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she giggled. Cuddling to his chest, they went to sleep.



The train ride was uneventful. James and Nanny Wilson were predictably curious and spent time looking out the windows. David and Lillian sat quietly, still tired from the hectic pace of the last week. Alf met them at the station with the cart and they arrived by tea time at the cottage.

“Papa, where is Aya?” James asked. He’d had his mind filled with tales by his cousins and was curious to see a person who’d come all the way from India.

“You’ll see her in a minute. She’s probably helping Betsy with tea,” said David with a smile. He helped Lillian and Nanny Wilson down from the cart. James had run ahead into the cottage. When David and Lillian walked in, they weren’t surprised to find James talking a mile a minute to Aya who was crouched down to look straight into the young boy’s eyes. James turned around when he heard them come into the cottage.

“I’ve found her!” said James.

“Yes you have Saahab James. Now be following me and I will show you and your wonderful Nanny Wilson where the rooms are,” Aya said. She took James hand, and smiled at Nanny Wilson. Nanny Wilson returned the smile as the three of them headed upstairs.

“Well, that’s interesting,” said David.

“You must understand that Aya loves children. She was delighted when Paul and Elsa’s brood was here and sorry when they left. Now she had James to spoil. Oh, and Nanny Wilson as well,” said Lillian.

“I think you’re right. Wilson isn’t much older than you. She came to us when she was barely 16 when I think about it,” said David.

“Shall we go up and see how things are going?” asked Lillian.

“Yes, and then I want an early supper so that we might…” he kissed her ear and whispered sweet nothings which made Lillian laugh.


James was happy with his new room. Aya had found bits and pieces of India to decorate parts of his room. Nanny Wilson was delighted to have a helping hand and had retired to her room for a nap. Aya suspected it was the first day off the woman had had in seven years. David agreed.

Supper was a surprise as well. Betsy and Aya had spent the day making all sorts of delicacies. Sweet pastries, a curry, salad, spicy bread and pitchers of lemonade. Everyone ate together at the kitchen table to celebrate the wedding and the arrival of James and Nanny Wilson. After a sticky dessert, James went off to bed and David and Lillian went for a walk around the garden.

“Happy now?” she asked.

“Yes. I don’t think I’ve been this complete in years. Work is good, I have my son and a beautiful wife that enjoys life,” said David.

“I love you,” Lillian said. She reached up and kissed him.

David held her to him and returned the kiss. When they moved apart, Lillian took him by the hand and led him off towards one end of the garden. She stopped in the very back corner and when David took a good look in the evening light, he discovered that the area had been transformed into a bower. “Who? Who did this?” asked David.

“It was Aya’s idea and Alf did the work,” said Lillian. She lit two small candles that provided just enough light. Then she sat down on the pillow covered bench.

“This is marvelous,” he said as he looked around. There was trellis on two sides. The brick wall at the back was still warm from the summer sun. Over the trellises were vines that had covered most of the wood. The top of the bower was trellis covered by thatch. In front around the foot of the bower were flower beds. Roses, mint, lavender and thyme. “When did you start this?”

“Just after you left. We moved the vines from the wall and then moved plants from the herb garden. Alf built the trellis and benches. Aya and Betsy have been sewing pillows and covers,” said Lillian.

“Is it private?” he asked wondering at last why she’d brought him here now instead of in the morning.

“Very private. This part of the garden backs onto a field and is the furthest from the house. As long as we aren’t too noisy, no one will bother us,” said Lillian. She stepped into his arms and kissed him.

David returned the kiss with passion. He realized that the bench was nearly the size of a small bed and that there were plenty of cushions. “Ah wench, you have stumbled into my bower of delights,” he said.

“Oh dear! I must…” she began knowing that he wanted to play.

“You must surrender to me,” he said.

“Oh never! I’m not that kind of woman,” she said and pretended to walk away as if to escape.

“You will be. You are mine,” said David. He took her by the hand and pulled her back to him. He kissed her and with one hand began to undo her buttons.

“Oh Sir! No…” she cried softly. She flailed her hands at him as if to stop his advances. David grabbed her by both wrists and in one motion, sat down on the bench, bent her over his knees and after flipping up her skirts began to spank her.

“You will listen to me wench. I’ll have you and you’ll find you like it,” he said with a laugh.

“No! Never,” came the muffled cries from under her skirt and petticoats.

David spanked her a dozen times on her petticoated ass. Then he ran his hand between her legs. She was soaked, and before she could protest, he slid his fingers into her pussy.

“Oh! Sir! I protest! Sir!” came more noises from under the petticoats.

“I think you are enjoying this. Else you would not be so wet and obliging,” said David. He held her with one hand on his knee and undid the buttons of his trousers with the other. His cock sprang free at last and David stood up. He placed the still protesting Lillian face down on the cushions and slid his cock deep between her legs. Her pussy was sopping wet. He grabbed her hips and pumped vigorously. As he started to feel that heat raise up his spine, he reached between her legs and stroked her clit until she started to come. Then he grabbed her hips again and in a series of rapid thrusts came as Lillian did.

“mmmmoooh!” she cried still buried under the petticoats.

“Ah, I’ve vanquished your reputation,” he said as he pulled out and set her upright on her feet.

“You have indeed you varlet,” she said with a smile. “You must make amends.”

“Amends? How so?” David asked.

“I have been ravished and yet left with this terrible ache that cannot be assuaged,” Lillian stated.

“An ache? Hmm… Let me see,” he said. “Lay down and let me see.” He took Lillian by the hand and helped her lay back on the cushions. “I must inspect your breasts first madam,” he said as he unbuttoned her blouse more and opened it. Then he undid her busk and felt her breasts as they escaped the confines of the corset.

“Oh Sir, that feels better, but the ache, the deep ache is down there,” she said pointing to a spot between her legs.

David gave each breast a kiss and then began to lift her petticoats. When he reached her drawers, he moved his fingers between her legs and slid his fingers up into her pussy. “Is it there?” he asked as he fingered her.

“Nearly,” she gasped.

He ran his fingers from her pussy to her clit and stroked it. “Is it there?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned.

“Ah, then I believe I have a cure for this ache,” he said. “Your previous lovers have never excited you, but simply pleased themselves. Whereas I delight in pleasing you and then myself. I will continue the massage until you have relaxed,” he said. Then he proceeded to kiss, tongue and finger Lillian. She squirmed and moaned as she ascended heaven time and time again.

“Oh sir, please… I don’t think I can take another ascent to heaven,” she gasped as he brought her to orgasm again.

“Oh now, I highly doubt that. I have one last tool to cure your ache,” he said. His cock had risen to the task at hand and now he stroked it with his hand coated with her juices.

“Oh sir,” she moaned as if to swoon.

“Relax and all will be well,” he said. He stroked her clit to another orgasm and then slid his cock deep into her, pulling her knees up so that he could enter. He stroked in and out, caressing her breasts and face.

“Oh, ppplease,” she started.

“I am pleasing you my wench. My lovely wench,” he said as he increased his rhythm. Lillian wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in tighter. He drove deep as he felt his orgasm overtake his thoughts. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass were nearly drown out by her sighs and gasps as she ascended heaven. The spasms of her muscles drove him over the edge and he cried out his release.

They lay there on the cushions catching their breath. It had been delightful for both of them.

“I don’t think I’ve ever made love in the garden like this,” said David at long last.

“Neither have I, but I know in India, that there are plenty of ‘pleasure gardens’ set up just for sex outside. It is very warm, and often much nicer in the garden than in the house,” said Lillian.

“Well, we will have to make use of our bower often,” he said.

“Oh yes,” said Lillian as she kissed him.

4 thoughts on “Silver Service part 20

  1. For outdoor sex here, it has to be warm enough for the damn black flies and mosquitos, and while it is fun at the time, especially if the lady is tied to a tree, it is hardly worth the itching for the next week. Tip

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