Ruth laughed at the antics of her grandchildren as their parents tried to round them up and stuff them in the car. She’d had them for the whole afternoon and had fed them lots of homemade treats. The boys were still blowing the whistles she’d found for them too as they were being stuffed in the car.

“You realize that it will be months before you see them again,” said Lee.

“Is that because I wind them up by running them around and treating them like children, or because my son and his wife live too far away?” Ruth asked.

“Both. How can you do that in all honesty?” he asked.

“I get fed up with this sit still, play video games and don’t ever eat anything that didn’t come with a calorie count on the side.” said Ruth.

“Hon, the kids are theirs to raise as they please,” said Lee trying to take a stance in favor of Zach and Lisa.

“And when they are here, I’ll feed them real food, make sure they run around outside and have toys that make noise. It never hurt Zach or any of the rest of my children,” she said.

He and Ruth were each other’s second marriage. He’d raised his kids the same way, and no one died. In fact, they were a lot healthier than most of their contemporaries. “I guess you’re right. It’s just frustrating some times and I wonder if it is fair to the kids. They have one set of rules here and another at home,” Lee nodded in agreement.

“I had five sets of rules when I was growing up. Each set of grandparents and greats had a different rule set. My brother and I got use to it. To be honest, I loved my grandparents that actually played or interacted with me rather than just expected me to sit quietly,” said Ruth.

Lee gave up. He knew deep down that she was right, but still. She didn’t get the phone calls later when Lisa or Zach had had enough. An idea came to him as he picked up the last of the cookie off of the dining room floor.

Ruth had a nice long shower. It had been good to play with the kids, but at 3, 6 and 8 they wore her out. She knew that Lee was right in some ways, but she hated to see kids locked up in a house on a beautiful day when they should be outside running around and getting dirty.

She got out of the shower and was wrapping the towel around her when a blindfold slid down over her eyes. “Lee?” she asked. “I didn’t think we were playing tonight.”

“Yes we are,” he answered. He steered her towards the bedroom without letting her dry off. “Lay down on the bed.”

Ruth lay down and wondered what Lee was up to tonight. They occasionally played a bit kinky, but it had been a while. She didn’t have long to wait. Before her ass dried off, Lee’s hand came down and began to spank her.

“Ow! Hey! Wa…Eouch!” Ruth cried.

“Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty!” he counted. Then he stroked her ass where the welts were coming up red against her white skin.

Ruth gasped and tried to get her thoughts back. “Why did you spank me?” she asked.

“Well,” Lee started as he alternated between stroking and spanking Ruth’s ass.


“I began to realize something,” he said. In spite of her protests, Ruth was getting wetter.

“And… ow! That is?” she said.

“The way you play with your grandchildren is historic. Your grandparents did it to you, your parents did it to your children and you’re doing it to your grandchildren,” said Lee.

“Ow! Oh please stop,” she begged. Her ass was bright red by now, and the bed under her soaked with juices. “So what does that have to do with me being spanked?”

Lee pulled her up onto her knees and slid in deep. He began to stroke in slow and deep, enjoying the heat of her ass and her wet pussy. Ruth responded with moans of pleasure in spite of the pain. Lee spanked Ruth every couple of strokes and she responded with clenching pussy muscles and a mixture of moans and cries. He knew she was close to coming, and increased his rhythm. Soon the sounds of his hand smacking her ass was replaced with his balls slapping against her.

Ruth felt her muscles clench in orgasm and cried her release into the bedding. Lee followed soon, squeezing her ass with both hands as he came hard and fast. The two of them collapsed in sticky, sweaty pleasure.

“You… still never… explained,” Ruth said as she tried to catch her breath.

“It came to me that children are often spoiled because no one will spank Grandma!” he said laughing.

Ruth looked at him and began to laugh too.

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  1. WW, this is just beautiful, and should be on the front page of every newspaper in the USA, hell of the world. Children and Grandma’s need attention and they aren’t getting what is theirs. Tip

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