Eagle Lake part 1

The small fishing cabin was at the eastern end of Eagle Lake, in the middle of nowhere Northern Maine. Fort Kent was one of the last bastions of civilization and Taylor loved the fact that once he left town, it was like stepping back a hundred years. He had parked his truck off to one side, unloaded his canoe and then took his supplies for the week into the cabin.

The mattress on the bed was rolled up and took a minute to shake out and make comfortable. A mosquito net hung from the rafters would provide him with sleeping comfort amid the black flies and mosquitoes. Taylor unpacked his box of food and drink as well. No refrigeration, so it was mostly canned goods. The last thing he brought in were his fishing poles and a tackle box full of hand tied flies. After a ham and cheese sandwich and a can of beans, Taylor rolled into bed early. He planned to be up and fishing early.

Taylor had his canoe in the water at first light. His first fly hit the water just after dawn, and the first fish hit the net and landed in the creel ten minutes later. Half an hour later, Taylor had six fine trout and he headed for the cabin. He gutted the fish and coated the first one in cornmeal and fried it up for breakfast. The rest he put in the cooler and floated it in the lake.

After breakfast, Taylor took a walk. By noon, it was hot and he was sweaty. Heading back to the cabin, he stripped off, took a swim and then headed back to the cabin for a nap. Crawling under the mosquito net, he fell asleep as the air circulating through the cabin dried his skin.


Taylor woke up suddenly. The cabin was getting dark. He’d slept all afternoon, Then he thought about what noise had woken him up. He looked around to see nothing out of place. He stood up and walked to the door, not bothering with clothes. “Who the hell is gonna see me?” he thought. Not a soul around for miles. He stood there in the doorway when he swore he heard a giggle. Looking around he realized that the giggle came from the dock.

Out on the dock were two women. Naked women. It was obvious that they’d been swimming. Before he could retreat back into the cabin, they spotted him and waved. Lamely, he waved back and then went into the cabin to grab his jeans.

“What in the hell are two women doing way out here? Why my cabin?” he thought to himself as he found his deck shoes. Slipping them on, he decided he’d tell them to get the hell out of his sight. Dammit, at his age, he deserved some peace and quiet. Someone knocked on his door frame.

“Hello, Sorry to bother you, but we were looking for our friend,” said the red head.

“Yeah, and it was hot, so we took a dip in the lake. Hope you don’t mind,” said the other woman with light brown hair with gray streaks.

Taylor stood blinking and trying to gather one or two words. Both women were middle aged, but still fine figures of womanhood. He could tell as their sarongs clung to their wet skins. He felt his heart begin to beat faster and blood flow to areas that surprised him. “Down boy!” he thought.

“Oh. Wondered who was makin’ all that noise,” he said.

“Mind if we come in?” asked the red head.

“Not atall,” said Taylor. “Have a seat.”

The women came in and sat at the small table on the kitchen side of the cabinet. The sarong on the brown haired woman slid down to show off a nicely plump calf and thigh. Taylor was having troubl not staring.

“So, you said you’re looking for a friend?” he asked as he sat down.

“Yes. Oh, and forgive my manners. I’m Nell and this is my friend Rose,” said the red head.

“Nice ta meet ya. I’m Taylor,” he said.

“Our friend sent us a map and I thought we followed it, but we didn’t find him,” said Rose.

“Hmm, didn’t know there was another cabin up in these parts,” said Taylor. “Guess you’ll be going back to Fort Kent and try again in the morning.”

“Well, we would except that we hitched a ride down here and then hiked in. Our friend Stan promised he’d take us home. I don’t like the idea of walking in the dark. Could we spend the night here?” asked Nell. She smiled at Taylor.

“Please,” said Rose.

“Well, I guess just one night wouldn’t hurt. You ladies like fish?” he asked.

That made both women giggle and smile.

“Yes, I guess you could say we like fish,” said Rose.

Taylor thought for just a moment that they had taken an alternative meaning to what he just said, but ignored it. There was no way these two women were flirting with him. They were late 40’s or early 50’s and he was at least ten years older than that.

“Well good, as I caught enough fish for dinner, even though I didn’t know I’d have guests,” he said.

“We’ve got some salad, bread and wine we can add to dinner,” said Nell.

“Sounds good,” said Taylor as he headed down to the cooler for the fish.


After dinner, and two glasses of wine, Taylor was more at ease. The three of them had chatted all through dinner. The two women had planned to camp and relax for a week, and even with a look at their map, he couldn’t figure where they were suppose to be. They brought their sleeping bags in and set them up in a corner of the cabin.

“Daayaaam! I’m tired,” said Nell.

“Yeah. That sleeping bag is calling my name,” said Rose. “Goodnight.” With that, she walked over to the sleeping bag, crawled in and rolled over.

“Thank you for a lovely supper,” said Nell. She got up, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then crawled into her own sleeping bag.

Taylor sat there amazed for a moment. He finished off his wine, turned off the lantern and then crawled in bed.


In the middle of the night, Taylor thought he heard a noise. He couldn’t place it and rolled back over to sleep. That’s when he felt the bed move as another body crawled in behind him.

“Hope you don’t mind, the floor was hard and I wondered if you were too,” whispered Nell as her hand traced down his chest and touched his cock.

“Um, lady…” started Taylor.

“Oh, you are hard,” giggled Nell. “We both noticed your erection during dinner, but you didn’t say anything, so we just let it be. I wanted to check though. Say thank you for all your kindness.”

“Nell, I… um…” he started and couldn’t finish because Nell covered his mouth with her tongue. Her hand had never left his cock. Her breasts pressed against his chest as she kissed and stroked him.

Taylor felt his heart go into overload. It had been so long since he’d had a bit of fun. He tried to control his passion so that he didn’t spill all over her hand.

“Touch me,” said Nell.

Taylor obliged. He cupped her full breast and teased the nipple. Nell moaned. He brought his other hand up and cupped both breasts. Pinching the nipples in tandem made Nell squirm as well as moan.

“Please touch my pussy,” she whispered.

Taylor dropped his right hand down to her pussy. It didn’t take much to realize she was soaked. He slid a finger deep into her pussy and then stroked up to her clit. Nell moaned louder. Taylor worked his fingers back and forth until Nell gasped and came.

“Oh yes,” she said softly.

Taylor smiled. It was like riding a bicycle. It all came back to him in a flash. He also knew that he wouldn’t last long. He rolled on top of her and slid inbetween her legs. A moment later, he was hilt deep in her pussy. It was hot and moist and felt so good. Bracing on his forearms, he stroked in and out. Nell wrapped her legs around him and helped pull him deeper.

“Oh Taylor,” she moaned softly. She reached up and caressed his face.

Taylor felt his cock stiffen and his balls ached with the need to come. It didn’t take too much longer for his balls to surge with orgasm and he spilled himself deep into her pussy.

“Oh god!” he moaned. It felt so good. So right. So damn needed. As he began to pull out, he heard another voice at his ear, and a hand caress his back.

“I hope you can go a second round so that I can have a little fun,” said Rose as she too climbed into bed.

Taylor couldn’t believe his luck. He was laying between two naked women who wanted to fuck him senseless.

5 thoughts on “Eagle Lake part 1

  1. WW, I have settled in with a cup of coffee (out of beer at the moment) and I’m ready for chapter two. This story does have great potential don’t you know. I’m about 4 hours from Eagle and ready to head on up, if Taylor needs some reinforcement. Tip

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