Eagle Lake part 2

Rose kissed Taylor and he thought that Nell was a good kisser, but Rose was doing things with her tongue he didn’t think possible. Before he could do more than press back, she moved down his throat and nibbled across his collarbone. From there she moved down his chest and captured a nipple. She sucked and kissed it like a tiny cock.

Nell copied Rose and she too was sucking on the other nipple. Taylor thought that he’d died and gone to heaven. Even though it had been less than twenty minutes, he felt his cock grow hard and bounce against his belly. The movement caught Rose’s attention and she started to moved down his belly.

Rose captured his cock and slid it all the way down her throat until her lips reached his groin. She wrapped one hand around the base and then began to do with her tongue what she’d done to his mouth. Swirls, sucking, nibbles, hot mouth, cool air.

“God!” Taylor gasped as she stroked him and played him with her tongue. He thought his balls would explode, and every time he got close, she backed off. He grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face. He came three strokes later. He figured that she’d back off and let go of her hair. Oh no. She kept sucking until there wasn’t a drop of cum left in his balls. She tongued the head of his cock and lightly kissed it, prolonging his orgasm until he almost passed out. Then she let go of it and lay down beside him.

Taylor lay there incapable of doing anything more than a dead bug impression. He’d never had a blow job like that in his life. “One eye per socket,” he thought to himself. While he waited for his heart to slow down to a subsonic pulse, Rose and Nell curled up beside him. He fell asleep.


He woke to feeling a hand on his cock. It was hard again. “Damn! Three times in less than a day!” he thought. It was still dark. Then he felt his cock slide into a hot wet pussy as one of the women straddled him. No sooner did he reach for her, than the other one straddled his face and filled his mouth with the scent of pussy. He reached out with his tongue and licked her hot lips. He was in heaven.

Nell, he thought it was Nell moaned as he licked and fingered her pussy. Her juices were running down her thighs and his chin.

“Love, Love, Love, You make me feel Love, love, love,” sang Nell under her breath. Taylor recognized it as a Paula Cole song.

“You make me feel like a candy apple all red and horny
You make me feel like I wanna be a dumb blonde
In a centerfold, the girl next door
And I would open the door and… I’d be all wet
With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt that I’m wearing
And you would open the door and tie me up to the bed” Nell kept singing as he licked and fingered her.

Rose was humming along as she rode up and down on his cock. She seemed to wiggle and roll her hips in a way that just made things feel so good. He gasped and tried not too come too soon. Then Nell leaned forward and kissed Rose on the lips while one hand went to cup and caress her breast. Taylor was so fascinated by this he forgot to move his lips or fingers. Nell wiggled her ass against his hand and he began to finger her again.

Nell and Rose continued to touch and kiss each other which made Taylor so hard he couldn’t cope another minute. He didn’t want to wait. He grabbed Nell and fingered her with one hand as he came what felt like buckets into Rose. As his orgasm blew through his brain, he saw Rose come and then Nell. All three of them collapsed in a sticky heap. Rose fingered Nell and then Nell returned the favor.

“So, you like playing?” asked Rose.

“Yes. I’d be a fool to say no,” said Taylor.

“Well, we’ll go again if you don’t mind as soon as this perks up,” said Nell as she stroked his now limp cock.

Taylor just smiled.


Near dawn, he felt a mouth on his cock again. He rose to the occasion and soon found Nell sucking away for all she was worth. Different than Rose, but very nice. He almost came when Nell stopped. She got on her knees and faced away, showing him her fine ass. Taylor got to his knees and slid into her pussy from behind. He just started to look around for Rose when he saw that Nell was kneeling over her and kissing her. Taylor felt under him and found that Rose’s pussy was right there at his knees. He wanted to touch her too, but the feel of his balls slapping against Nell’s ass was just too enticing.

Taylor was nearly there when he heard both Nell and Rose cry out in orgasm. The two women had made each other come. That realization just did it for him and he came hard. They collapsed in a Nell sandwich accompanied by giggles. They curled up in a sticky mess and fell asleep.


Taylor woke up to sunlight streaming into the room. He looked around and there were no women in his bed. He started to panic when he realized that their sleeping bags were still on the floor. He stood up a little unsteady and walked to the door. Outside the two were swimming in the lake. Looking down at his own cum covered body, he walked out to join them.

4 thoughts on “Eagle Lake part 2

  1. Damn it, I hate when I make some wonderfully clever comment and it doesn’t take. I said something like, I just settled in with a cup of coffee (out of beer at this time, and too early for my one whiskey for the evening) this story has the prospect of being one of the best stories ever, ( with an excellent start), and that I’m only about three hours away from eagle lake and ready to go up and give Taylor a hand with the ladies if needed. I will be waiting for chapter two ( and damn if I didn’t miss yesterday because I actually had something planned). Now off to chapter two. Tip

  2. This is an excellent story, Nell and Rose are quite the pair and sounds like just what Taylor needed. Definitely one of my favorites. Now where is Eagle Lake on that dang GPS?

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