Eagle Lake part 3

While Nell and Rose sunbathed, Taylor went fishing. He caught ten trout and came in. He dressed them and then set them in the cooler. They’d fry up nicely for dinner. After he cleaned up, he walked over to where the two women lay in the sun. Taylor knelt between the two women and stroked up and down their backs. When he got to their asses, he slipped a hand between their legs. He wasn’t surprised to find their pussies wet.

“Do you want to watch us play, or do you want to fuck one of us?” asked Nell.

“I want to fuck in the sunshine,” said Taylor. He took off his clothes and joined the two women on the blanket. There was just enough breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

“It’s my turn,” said Rose and she rolled over and opened her legs to invite Taylor inside.

Taylor obliged her and soon his cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. Nell stroked his balls, teased his nipples and kissed Rose. He loved watching the way the two women played together. As with last night, it didn’t take too long before he felt his orgasm boil up from the bottom of his toes.

“Ahh!” he gasped this time as he came hard. The way Nell had touched his balls had somehow intensified his orgasm. He swore he saw stars!

Rose smiled and made a place for him on the blanket. Nell curled up on the other side.

“Not bad for an old man?” Nell teased. They’d been talking about age and sex lives earlier and neither women acted their age. More like horny teenagers.

“You two will be the death of me,” he said trying to catch his breath.

“Oh no. We like playing with you. Why should we kill our toy boy?” teased Rose.

This made all three of them laugh.

“Oh! I almost forgot. We’ve got toys in the bag,” said Nell. She got up and headed back to the cabin.

“The flies are coming back now that the breeze has dropped. Shall we go back into the house?” asked Taylor.

“Yeah,” said Rose. They gathered up the blanket and headed back inside. There they found Nell next to her backpack and she was pulling out a couple of vibrators and a lovely glass dildo. She smiled when she saw the other two walk inside.

“You want to play with one of this?” Nell asked Taylor.

Taylor looked at one of the vibrators. It had a decent sized cock and a rabbit that would stimulate the clit. He smiled. Nell and Rose grabbed the other toys and headed for the bed. Under the netting, the three of them began to play.

Taylor slid the vibrator into Nell and began to play with the settings. While she gasped and giggled, Rose kissed both of them and stroked Taylor’s balls and cock. Taylor liked the way the vibrator made Nell moan. He brought her to orgasm six or seven times before he stopped. Then he sat down and looked at the other vibrator. This thing was a hefty one with balls. When he turned it on, it rumbled in his hand.

“How about this one?” he asked showing it to Rose. She giggled and shook her head. Taylor ignored her and fingered her for a minute and then worked the huge vibrator into her pussy. While he started to play with Rose who began to come almost at once, Nell picked up the rabbit vibrator. She turned it on and held the rabbit part of it next to Taylor’s balls.

“Jaaysus Keey-Rist!” he said as he slewed sideways. That sent both women into giggles. It then became a free-for-all of vibrators and fingers and touching. All of them were laughing as especially Taylor reacted to the vibrators. At one point, they had his cock sandwiched between the two toys. He moaned and swore at the same time and then before he could do anything other than gasp, Nell straddled him while Rose tucked the vibrator up against his balls.

Nell bounced merrily on his cock and he held onto her breasts as he thought his brain would leak out of his ears as the vibrator intensified every feeling he had. Then he came. Nell came and Rose giggled as he swore his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus,” he said. “Is that what it feels like for you girls?” he asked pointing to the vibrator that was trying to ‘walk’ across the bedding.

“You mean all the vibrations and then the orgasm that just won’t stop?” asked Rose.

“Yes,” said Taylor.

“Yeah, that about describes it,” she said.

He lay there trying to recover and just shook his head.


They stopped fucking long enough to cook dinner. He started off trying to keep his hands off of Rose and Nell, but when he realized they didn’t mind being touched, kissed and fingered as they talked or ate, he didn’t stop. It was fuck heaven. After dinner, they crawled back into bed and played with the toys and each other.

“This glass dildo. Does it feel too hard?” he asked Rose as he fucked her with it.

“Nnnno,” she moaned. “It ffeels rrreal good.”

“As good as me?” he asked.

“Nnno, and I wwwant you in me,” she said.

Taylor pulled out the dildo and slid it into Nell as he slid his own cock into Rose. He’d lost count of who’s turn it was, but the two women didn’t. He pounded in and out of Rose as Nell played with herself. She came hard a minute before Rose and Taylor collapsed in sticky pleasure. Near midnight, they all fell asleep.

4 thoughts on “Eagle Lake part 3

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  1. Hold on Taylor, I’m packing my 4×4, I will be there in 4 hours to take your place. This is an older mans dream come true.. Tip

  2. I know I’m a bit late ot the party but since it is just the beginning of the season I wonder if they are still there.
    It’s great when toys can be shared like that 😉

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