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The gateman handed her over to the butler. She was an avid fan of the Kink world, but little did she know what would go on when she entered the Palace of Displeasure. She thought she was such a tough bitch. She walked through the entryway and received a nametag. It said Diva. The butler led her into a small parlour. Her coat and dress were taken from her and she was blindfolded.

There she waited with hands on her ankles waiting for a Sir to come to pick her up. Little did she know that by the end of the weekend that her adventures in eros would leave her too sore to walk.


Ah Ram! What a lovely challenge!!! The word you were looking for was Heteropalindrome. :) And I couldn’t decide on just one. So I used three. Nametag/gateman, diva/avid and eros/sore. This one was great fun. Our challenge was to use a heteropalindrome and 129 or less. As for the picture, all I could see was some woman who thought that life would be so great and thinking she knew it all walking into a BDSM club. One where she thought she’d run the scene. However, even the butler sees through her and so labels her a Diva. :)