Eagle Lake Finale

Two days later, Taylor wasn’t sure if he could walk. He hadn’t had this much sex in the the last year. Hadn’t had as much fun either. Damn these women never stopped. To hell with the idea of getting two 20 year olds. I’ll take two 50-somethings anytime!” he thought as he walked to the kitchen table. He could hear the two women outside playing in the lake. When they came back, they’d promised him a treat. What in the world that might be, he didn’t know. They’d done spanking, bondage and sensory play yesterday. They’d fucked in the lake and the canoe. Or, to be honest, they started in the canoe and when they tipped it over, they fucked in the lake.

He sipped his coffee and waited to see what was next. It wasn’t a long wait. Nell and Rose came into the cabin giggling and dripping lake water everywhere.

“You coulda dried off,” said Taylor.

“Yeah, but we forgot our towels,” said Rose. She pointed to where they lay on the back of the chair before she grabbed them and handed one to Nell. The two women dried off and then grabbed a cup of coffee.

“So, what you two gonna do that you haven’t done before?” Taylor asked.

“Can’t tell you or it won’t be a surprise,” said Nell.

Taylor rolled his eyes. He finished his coffee and headed back to bed to see what was going to happen. He got comfortable while Nell and Rose drank their coffee and then grabbed things out of their bags.

Nell walked over to the bed and straddled Taylor as she wrapped a blindfold around his eyes. He lay back and waited. Next he felt a mouth on his cock, only the mouth had something else in it. He could feel his cock almost slosh in and out of the mouth and a tingle start at the same time.

“What the …” he started.

“Just wait,” said Nell.

Taylor knew then that it was Rose’s mouth on his cock. The blowjob as always felt wonderful. The tingling intensified. He was feeling giddy, almost drunk. Then Rose stopped before he got too wound up. One of the women slid onto his cock, which was warm and throbbing.

His mouth was being kissed and as the tongue touched his, he knew what they had done. Her mouth tasted of peppermint schnapps! He swallowed the bit of schnapps that was in her mouth and continued to kiss her as Nell rode his cock. The sensations were interesting. No wonder he felt a tingle. Reaching up, he grabbed Rose’s breasts and kissed and squeezed them. Nell bounced harder on his cock and before he knew it, he was coming.

“Oh! Jeezeuus!” he moaned. The orgasm was intense, seeming to pull up from his toes. Nell’s muscles clenched around him and milked him dry. Once he could do no more than twitch, Nell got off and cuddled next to him with Rose on the other side. She pulled the blindfold off.

“That was intense,” he said.

Rose smiled. “So glad you liked that. You get a double whammy, what with the alcohol and the peppermint oil,” she said.

“Sure does,” said Taylor.

“Feels good to fuck after too. I get to share that minty freshness,” said Nell.

He smiled and then cuddled with the women. They’d learned he needed about forty-five minutes to recharge. So, they spent this time cuddling and talking. Reaching over, he sucked Rose’s breast into his mouth while he fingered her. Nell came around and helped. Once Rose orgasmed, it was Nell’s turn. She was a little dry, so he turned her over his knee and spanked her. Yesterday, he’d learned that she sprayed like a fountain with just a little pain. After five minutes, his leg was dripping with juices smelling faintly of peppermint. It didn’t take Nell long to come after that.

By this point, Taylor felt his cock begin to swell again. He liked spanking both women, and so as he slid his cock into Rose from behind, he spanked her ass every other stroke. This made Rose moan and drip juices as well. He grabbed her hips and slid in and out of her pussy. He was still a little tired, and slowed down his rhythm.

Nell noticed that he was slowing down and reached between his legs to massage his prostate at that midpoint between ass and balls. It didn’t take much and Taylor was pounding into Rose hard and fast, his orgasm not far behind.

“Ggggghhh!” he moaned as Rose cried into the pillows. They collapsed to the bed and lay there panting. Once they gained their breath, Taylor and Rose moved to touch and kiss Nell until she came hard. Then the three of them lay there before getting up to make lunch.


Dinner was trout again, not that anyone minded. Rose had cooked it this time. She’d flaked the meat off of the bones after it had been poached. They she spiced it with pepper, dill and served it with a white sauce made with cream of mushroom soup over rice. It was heavenly.

After dinner, there was more sex. The toy bag came out and this time Nell placed a vibrator against Taylor’s balls and prostate. He was so hard so fast, he thought he’d burst. Rose held it in place while Nell rode him to orgasm. Then it was Rose’s turn. Taylor and Nell teased her with the glass dildo and the vibrator until she came so many times she passed out.

They fucked on and off all night. Taylor could barely come the last time. It took a long time. He joked that his balls had run out of cum. That made them all laugh. Curled up in a pile, they fell asleep.


Taylor woke up. He didn’t hear the women and sat up in bed. Looking around the cabin, he realized that it was nearly noon, and that their bags were gone. He got up quickly and looked outside. No one in the lake, or on the road. He cussed and turned back into the kitchen. On the table was a note.

Dear Taylor,


The last couple of days has been a fantastic delight. Our friend showed up this morning while we were bathing. Rose wanted to wake you, but you were sleeping so well, that we couldn’t do it. We figured if you woke while we were packing, we’d say goodbye. You didn’t, so we wrote you this note.

This has been one of our best vacations in a long time. We’d love to see you again. We’d love to play again. Eagle Lake has been such fun. Our contact information is on the other piece of paper.

Love and lust!

Nell and Rose.


Taylor sighed. It had been great. He looked at the other piece of paper and did a quick estimate. They didn’t live too far away. He smiled and scratched his balls as he walked outside.


Some days later in Fort Kent…


“So, Did you catch many fish Taylor?” asked one of the old codgers at the grocery store.

“Yeah, I did. Caught me a red head and a brunette as well,” said Taylor.

“Oh pull the other one! At your age? Two women would near kill you!” said another man.

Taylor smiled, thought about last week and smiled. “Nearly did,” he said as he left the store.

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  1. I really didn’t mean to take the women away from Taylor, but they were looking for something new to eat other than fish, and I had some great steaks with me. I hope my time with Nell and Rose is as good as Taylors. Damn it I just woke up another dream. I really enjoyed this story. Tip

    1. I think the trip was a success. As for the schnapps? 🙂 Um… well… It is one of my favorite ‘tricks’. 🙂 Glad you liked the way I play with my toys… boys… 🙂

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