The first of May! A holidday! Of pagan feasting and erotic joy. Flowers blooming and hearts rejoicing. Happy Beltaine to all my readers!

She lay on a bed of flowers, her wings folded on her back. Nectar made her lips sticky. Her dark curls curved around her breasts, letting her nipples shine like rubies. Her legs curled up to show her pert bottom and sex slick lips under her rose petal skirt. She was gorgeous. She was drunk as only a fairy could be.

He smiled as he looked down on her. Hovering above the flowers he couldn’t decide if he wanted to surprise her or let the pixies get her. Either way was delicious. She’d been such a tease earlier. Flitting about and showing off her delights just long enough to tease. Then flying off with that Daffodil clan lad and fucking mid-air like some dragonfly!

She stretched and rolled onto her back, knees off to one side. Bits of rose petals stuck to her skin. She slept.

He wrapped his hand around his cock jutting out from his oakleaf kilt. He stroked it and thought of what he’d like to do to her. Sucking those hard little nipples, fucking that tight little cunt. His wings vibrated with the intensity of his emotions. A few strokes more and his cum flew from the tip of his cock to rain down on the fairy below. He flew off as the last drops began to fall.

She woke to the feeling of rain. No, not rain, cum. She saw him fly off in the distance, nearly knocking two other fairies off their butterfly. Bastard! She stretched, and began to fly off towards him. She was still drunk enough to do something she might regret in the morning. She followed him.

He stopped to sip some nectar out of the punchbowl and then started to fly off when she caught up to him. She hauled off and decked him with a roundhouse punch. He went ass over elbows and landed in the middle of the punchbowl. Howls of laughter went up all round. He sputtered, and flew up out of the punchbowl, sending nectar drops everywhere.

She laughed and flew off towards the honeysuckle bush and hoped the petals would hide her. They didn’t. He grabbed her by the curls and pulled her tight to him and headed off into the deeper part of the garden. There he pinned her by the wings to a mushroom using rose thorns.

She squirmed, but couldn’t get away. If she struggled too much, she’d tear her wings. He’d taken his sword and carved as spot in the mushroom to stand between her legs. She shook her head no, to no avail. He’d used bindweed tendrils to tie her arms and legs wide open. He used another bit of bindweed as a whip to lash at her breasts and thighs.

She winced as the pain spread. Then she moaned as her body transformed the pain into pleasure and heat. Her lips pearled forth their own dew and soon her thighs were wet. She couldn’t hid her body’s feelings. She panted and gasped with each sting.

He watched as she began to glow with the pleasure of the bindweed whip. He walked up between her legs and let his tongue taste her nectar. She was sweet. Rose flavored and musky. He lapped at her, stirring in her the need to cum. She moaned, wiggled and arched as he licked her to pleasure. Then he stopped. She pleaded with her eyes, batting long lashes edged with tears.

He looked down on her and stuck one finger into her cunt. She moaned. He added a second and then a third and she squealed with the need to cum. He stopped. She sighed. She pouted. Her bottom lip a moist rose petal of desire and apology.

He looked at her with head tilted to one side and made as if to walk away. Then before she could cry out, he was back between her legs thrusting his cock hard and deep into her cunt. She gasped. She wiggled. She hummed. He used his wings to accelerator his thrusts. He delighted in the fact that while she tried to get away, she also thrust against him. As their pleasure rose, he grabbed her by the waist and slashed the bonds that held her with his sword. He unpinned her wings and the two of them still engaged, rose into the night air.

She held on tight as he fucked her harder and harder. She grabbed his tight muscular ass as they flew higher. She felt her orgasm, so long denied bubble up from within. She trilled her orgasm to the sky and held on tight. All senses lost except the exquisite orgasm.

He held her tight as her muscles contracted around his cock. He gasped as his orgasm boiled up from the tips of his toes. Her nails in his ass spurred him to fly higher and higher as each stroke took him deeper into pleasure. He came hard. Harder than he ever expected he could. It was as if his entire being melded with hers.

They floated on the breeze, their wings beating in time to their hearts. Still engaged, still entwined. Iridescent dust trailed from their bodies. They would float like this for hours.

Ah, Beltaine!

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