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Calm and calculating, she looked around the camera to take a better look at the scene she’d arranged. George was tied to two tripods with straps from various camera bags. His hat was tipped back and his press pass was clipped to a nipple. Lipstick prints covered his face and trailed down to his cock. A flexible gorilla tripod held his cock like a cybernetic hand. A drop of precum glistened from the tip surrounded by a lip print right on the head.

“Honey,” he started.

“Shut up! This is for all the kinky shit you’ve photographed with me as the subject. She checked the settings again. She was naked, having teased him into letting her tie him up.

“Please sweetie, I’ll never do it again,” he said.

“Bullshit! This is payment for that damn Flicker spread and the Youtube video. I’m going to blog Every Single Photo! Sorry my ass,” she said.

George took a deep breath. He’d fucked up and knew it as the shutter clicked away rapidly.


Ah! Flash Fiction Friday! Our prompt today was 171-175 words and the phrase payment. I wondered what would have a woman on that side of the camera. Why did she look almost bored? A bit more serious? Boom! I had it. Hope you enjoy my offering.

Thank you Ram for hosting!