Dom Doom

She thought that her Dom would never schedule a play date. It had been ages since they’d had time together. Part of it was because she just couldn’t commit to a lifestyle relationship. It wasn’t because of her work or another relationship, but simply because she was afraid she couldn’t do the whole D/s thing 24/7/365. She was afraid she’d piss off her Dom so bad that he’d walk out on her, probably leaving her in a kennel or tied to the bed.

The reason she worried was because she was such a Sammie. Smart Ass Masochist. Not that she meant to be, but it just flowed out of her like the juices that ran down her legs after a good spanking. She tried to stop. Tried to obey. Tried all of the things necessary to be a good sub. Some days she even managed it all the way through a whole scene without sticking her foot in it.

Last time they’d been at a D/s party. Lots of D/s couples, lots of play. Right in the middle of it, some asinine Dom opened his big mouth and said something stupid. Really stupid, and she had turned and spouted her opinion just like she would at work where she’s upper management. Her own Dom had turned on her and demanded an apology. Instead of shutting her mouth or apologizing, she kept right on arguing.

Her Dom had gagged her and pulled her by the ear to the car, but not before turning to the other Dom and saying that while she was wrong to speak that way while a sub, she was right. That had earned her a sound spanking, but no orgasms for a week.

She was thinking so hard about not fucking up while she showered and got ready, that she never heard him come into the house.

“Are you going to take all day?” he asked from the door.

She shrieked. “Oh! Sir! I didn’t hear you come in! You’re early!” she gasped as she rinsed off and climbed out of the shower.

“I’ll forgive you. Dry off and lay down on the bed. I have a present for you,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said. She hurriedly dried off and then stretched out on the bed. She knew he liked it when she laid horizontally across the bed and did so. It gave him more room to move about.

He moved across the room, dropped all but his sports briefs on the chair and then straddled her back facing her feet. His weight was on her upper back. This let him perch right over her ass. From a bag he pulled an oversized ping pong paddle.

“I bought you something new,” he said and first he placed it on her ass so she could feel the weight and size of it.

“Thank you Sir” she said her voice muffled by the bedding.

He smiled knowing what she really wanted to say was “NO!”, as he rarely spanked her with anything other than his hand. He raised his arm and swung, letting it pass just over her ass, but not touching it. He smiled as she flinched. Just when she relaxed, he made contact.

Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound nearly echoed, only to be covered up by her muffled cries.

“Ow! Ow! Owwww!” she cried. “Damn that hurt!”

“Don’t you like your new toy?” he asked.

“No Sir! Too stingy!” she gasped.

“Well then, how about this?” he said as he used his palm flat against her ass right over where he’d just spanked.

“Ow! Geeze Sir!” she gasped as she squirmed and tried to get away.

He laughed, knowing that there was nowhere for her to go. She was perfectly pinned. He rubbed her ass to provide a little pleasure and ease before he spanked her again. He landed three thuddy palmed smacks which made her gasp and cry out again. Then he smoothed her hot flesh.

“So, are you going to be a good subbie for me today?” he asked.

“I’ll try Sir,” she said. She really meant it and was trying to be sincere in spite of her difficulties breathing between the weight of her Dom on her ribs and the spankings.

“I would certainly hope so. I want to take you out to dinner at the Rosy Thorn, but if I can’t depend on you behaving, we won’t go,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said quietly. She really liked going to the local club. So many interesting people.

He spanked her again, making sure to hit just out from the reddest marks. This way the pain rippled across the whole of the red area.

She gasped with the pain and partially reared up. Her hands moved up equal to her breasts as if she might try and push up. Instead of making contact with the bed, she brushed across the bottoms of her Dom’s bare feet. As she realized what she had done, she pulled them back. All this did was serve to tickle his feet twice.

The next thing she knew, her Dom squealed, rolled back over her head in a ball in reaction to having his feet tickled and then flew off the bed and landed on the floor. She sat up quickly to see why her Dom had gone so quiet. He was laying on the floor, curled up against the dresser. Her Dom had knocked himself out cold.

She was so fucked.


Twenty minutes later, they were curled up on the bed. He had an icepack on his head where there was a bump forming. She was curled up beside him.

“Sir, I’m so sorry,” she said softly. It had taken a few minutes and smelling salts to wake him. She thought she’d killed him.

“It’s okay. I should have known better. Things never go to plan around you. I thought that sitting on you would be pretty safe. I never thought in a thousand years that you’d try and raise up let alone brush my feet,” he said.

“I didn’t mean to. It was pure reaction on my part and I didn’t know how ticklish your feet were! I really didn’t,” she said.

“I know. You’re one hell of a Sammie, but I know you’re never intentional about it,” he said.

“No!” she said. “I was so scared that I’d killed you and then I was worried that if you didn’t wake up I’d have to call the paramedics and…” she said, her voice taking on just a hint of panic.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. There will be a hell of a bruise in the morning, but I’ll be okay,” he said. “In fact, right up until the point I hit my head, I thought it was pretty funny.”

She looked at him and realized he was smiling. “Really?” she said.

“Yeah, Here I am trying to be all Domly and I was the one who squealed like a girl and flinched when my feet got tickled. Then I go ass end over off the edge of the bed and Bam!” he said.

She thought about it and started to giggle. Then he started to laugh.

“I’ve got a new name for you,” he said between laughs.

“Oh?” she said giggling.

“Yes… You’re not my slut, or sub, you’re my doom!” he said laughing.

“Sir!” she said, trying to decide whether to laugh or be hurt.

“Yes little Doom?” he said with a smile.

“Really? Doom?” she said.

“Yes. Now be quiet Doom, and we’ll watch a movie,” he said.

“Alright, Can we watch the Secretary?” she asked.

“Yes little Doom. Put in the movie and snuggle up to me,” he said.

She slid the movie into the DVD player and snuggled next to her Dom. It was going to be a good night after all.

7 thoughts on “Dom Doom

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  1. LOL! Loved this! Tickled on feet, getting knocked out, the nickname…Too funny. Oh, I never heard of “Sammie” before.

  2. This is great, He aptly named her for sure. I see a little bit of a few “bloggers” I read combined in this little sammie…hehehe

    As for the ping pong paddle, great little toy, have one that has the regular rubber side on it. The other side has fur, never know which side it will be.

    1. umm…. shuffles feet… Yeah. See my comment to TemptingSweets99. As for that ping pong paddle. When Wolf was making toys years ago, he and his partner in crime cut one out of 1/2 inch plywood. Polished, varnished, leather grip, nylon loop. It’s nickname is Armageddon. A love tap from it is um…. painful. Oh, and before you ask, Wolf and his partner always tried out the toys they made before they took them to the club… Tears to the eyes was the comment he made.

      As for that fur sided paddle. Hmmmm… 🙂

  3. Delightful story for sure WW. A little kink and romance in the same short story, you have to love it. Tip

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