Gulf of Happenstance part 2


“Wow! We made it!” said Nell. They’d gotten up early, drove west onto I-275 and headed for St. Petersburg.

“Yeah, but the Howard Frankland Bridge sucked!” said Rose.

“Well, I didn’t know that there was construction on it!” said Nell. It hadn’t been much, just some clean up crews dealing with accident debris, but it had slowed traffic down to a crawl. Nor had either woman been ready for the long transit over Tampa Bay.

“There’s a Tourist Information Center, They’ll have a bathroom,” said Rose as she pulled into the parking lot. “Never thought I’d have to pee so bad in my life!” Both women got out and after the bathroom, they picked up a variety of brochures.

“So, where do we want to go?” asked Nell.

“How about Anna Maria Island?” suggested Rose. She held out a brochure and Nell looked it over.

“Looks good to me,” Nell said. They got back in and headed fro Anna Maria Island. The radio played Nickelback and the two women enjoyed the sun.


“The Sunshine Skyway bridge was cool,” said Nell.

“Better than the HFB! But this last stretch of road, Manatee Avenue was cool. Bridge, land, water, land and then more water was great,” said Rose.

“You’re just finally getting how to drive around here aren’t you?” said Nell with a smile.

“Yeah. How much farther to our hotel?” asked Rose.

“It looks like about fifteen more minutes. Tropical Breeze is on Gulf Drive,” said Nell trying to navigate and still look out at the water. “There!”

Rose saw the sign at the same time as Nell hollered and pulled into the parking lot. Ten minutes later, they were registered and in their room. They tore through their luggage to find swimsuits, towels and other gear for the beach.

“Are you really wearing that?” asked Nell.

Rose looked down at her one piece bathing suit. “Yeah, what’s wrong with it?” she asked.

“Too much coverage! You need to get rid of some of that fabric,” said Nell as she modeled a conservative bikini.

“Right. You realize that we are both so white that the International Space Station will think two beluga whales have hit the beaches,” said Rose.

“They will not!” said Nell. “Come on, let’s get you a two piece suit. I’ll pay for it. Besides, when did you get body conscious?”

“I’m not, but its different swimming in a lake than in the ocean,” said Rose.

“Please, for me?” asked Nell.

“But…” Rose tried to protest as Nell dragged her out of the hotel to a nearby shop. Twenty minutes later, Rose had a new suit, a bigger hat and a quart of sun screen.


On the beach, there were people everywhere. Nell and Rose found a place to put their stuff and headed for the water. It was warm, and the water was like green glass. They played in the water for a while and then went to sit on the beach.

“Look at the ass on that guy!” Nell said as she nudged Rose and pointed.

“Daaaayyyym!” said Rose. The man was mid thirties, muscled and wearing almost as much fabric as Nell’s left breast. “Seems he has a boyfriend though.”

Nell nodded. The guy had walked over to another man and the kiss left no doubt as to the choice of sexuality. They continued to point out interesting people on the beach. Sail boats, kayaks, and wind surfers dotted the waters clear to the horizon.

“Want to swim a bit more?” asked Rose.

“Sounds good. It’s nearly sunset and inspite of all the sun screen, I’m feeling a little pink,” said Nell. She adjusted the top of her bikini and the two of them headed to the water. They swam and played in the water. Rose dunked Nell and the two of them splashed at each other like a couple of kids. Nell dove under to swim out a bit farther. Rose followed and came up about two feet from Nell. They were both treading water.

“Um, Rose, I have a problem,” said Nell.

“What? Sand dollar up your bottom?” teased Rose.

“No, um… my um… top. It’s gone,” said Nell. She bobbed up just enough to let Rose see that her top was gone.

“Shit. Well, it should float right?” asked Rose.

“Yeah,” said Nell. The two women looked around and then Nell pointed off in the distance towards the kayaker they’d seen earlier. “Is that it?” she called.

Rose looked. “Maybe. Let’s swim out,” she answered. Rose stroked out and headed at an angle to bright scrap of fabric. Nell went straight for it. The kayaker bisected them and in a moment of hilarity, caught the top on his paddle. As he struggled to disentangle it, Rose got close enough to holler.

“Hey! Hey there! Sir! Can we have that?” she yelled.

The man in the kayak turned and looked towards Rose. She shouted again and kept swimming towards the kayak. He skulled with his paddle to stay in place while Rose came closer.

“You lose this?” he called as she got near.

“No, my friend did!” Rose said trying to move faster. The waves weren’t helping and Nell was farther off.

“Oh! Stay put!,” he said and paddled closer. “This the right one?” he asked holding a loud floral print bikini top.

“Yeah, that’s Nell’s.” said Rose as she tread water.

“You want it or should I take it to her?” he asked.

“She’s right over there. Take it if you want,” said Rose pointing to Nell.

“Okay. Head towards the beach and I’ll meet you there in a minute,” he said. He turned the kayak and paddled over to Nell and handed back the top while Rose swam back to shallower waters. She watched Nell put her top back on and then swim inland. The man in the kayak paddled parallel to Nell as they moved to where Rose stood waiting in waist deep water.

“I am so tying that damn top tighter,” said Nell as she stood up adjusting herself.

Rose laughed. “And now you know why I wanted my one piece suit!” she said. As the two women stood there catching their breath, the man in the kayak floated up.

“Thank you for rescuing Nell’s top,” said Rose. “I’m Rose.”

“You’re welcome. I’m James,” he said holding out his hand. “And you must be Nell?”

“Yeah. Nell who can’t fucking tie her top tight enough. I feel so stupid. Sunburned my breasts too!” she said trying to ease the top around the tender buts.

“Is your hotel far off?” he asked. “Or are you staying with friends?”

“Our hotel is back that way,” said Rose pointing off towards the rows of hotels.

“Well then you probably want to get rinsed off and some aloe on that before you are a lobster,” said James.

“Thanks again for saving my top,” said Nell as she walked towards the beach.

“Yes, thanks. Saved her dignity too, what little there is,” said Rose with a smile.

“You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay,” James said. He paddled off as the women waved.


Nell and Rose picked up their gear and headed towards the hotel. “He was nice,” said Nell.

“Nice, polite and pretty good looking too,” said Rose.

“Oh… he sorta was your type wasn’t he?” teased Nell. “You know, dark, handsome and short.”

“Bitch!” Rose laughed. She swung her towel and snapped it at Nell’s ass. As it connected, Nell squealed.

“Ow! Damn! Okay, He’s dark, nice goatee, and that look that says he’s pure mischief in bed, which just wets your knickers,” said Nell. She knew full well that facial hair on men just did it for Rose. Better yet if they were muscular and dark haired.

“Okay, now you got me,” said Rose. “Where are we going for dinner? Or, are we just going to shower and fall in bed?”

“Shower, aloe and then food. I don’t care what, but I’m hungry,” said Nell.

“Okay. Maybe some prince will sweep us off our feet and liven up this trip,” said Rose opening the door to their room.

“Yeah, our trip to the lake was so much fun. Oh! Almost forgot. I got a waterproof toy!” said Nell. She dug around in her suit case and pulled out what looked like a rubber duck. She handed it to Rose after pressing on the top of it’s back.

“Oh my god! You got a Rub my Duckie!” laughed Rose. “First dibs in the shower!”

“Go ahead,” said Nell. “That one’s yours, I got Rub my Bondage Duckie!” Nell held up a yellow duck with a black corset, spiked collar and a gag in it’s beak. Both women cracked up laughing.

6 thoughts on “Gulf of Happenstance part 2

    1. They are a riot! A friend of ours has the bondage duckie. I have a penguin, because of course, I’m a Penguin Head. (Linux user). And another friend’s teenage daughter has one. The daughter left it on the edge of the bathtub and her stepdad handed it to her after a bath, totally clueless as to what it was. 🙂

  1. oh ho!! I finallly start to catch up on email and what do I see? of course, I clicked on part two and gobbled that up! Funny, very very cute and funny!


    now i have to go back and read part one later today. Glad it’s rainy and I don’t have to work outside too much!


    1. ROFLOL! Just wait for part three. It’s Wolf inspired, so you’ll just have to deal with it. Then again, I’m planning on having the girls visit Wolf and a few others. 🙂

  2. Glad the girls are having a good time. I was born in Sarasota know the area well. Nothing like a couple of horny women on the beach,looking toward to part 3

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