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Flash Fiction Friday Tag! You’re Hit!

He’d bounced up the stairs hitting every sensitive bit of skin on his body. The smooth silk of her panties was all he’d managed to hang on to as they’d rough housed playing a game of strip tag. He was down to one sock as he lay on the rough and scratchy carpeted stairs. His erection felt like it caressed sandpaper.

“You gonna lay like that forever?” she teased from the top of the stairs.

“No, I’ll be there as soon as I catch my breath,” he gasped wondering if carpet burn on his balls could be fatal.


My first thought was that this guy passed out drunk on the stairs. Then I thought maybe, just maybe he fell. So, I went for the mad crazy game of tag, and he lost. It was really difficult to tell what was going on in this picture, so this probably isn’t my best FFF work. Our challenge this week was the phrase “rough and scratchy” and 68-122 words.

Oh well… It’s been a rough and scratchy week here and I’m exhausted. Too many meetings. I won’t get to read any of the FFF posts until well into Friday night or Saturday as I have yet another eight hour meeting tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Tag! You’re Hit!

  1. This may not be your best FFF work – your words, not mine – but it’s an amusing read, and you tackled all the requirements perfectly. And we agree about the picture; it took us a few minutes before we were able to tell what was going on.

  2. I’ll take a rug burn if they don’t get crushed. You did well to come up with what you did from the picture. Tip

  3. Yeah, that carpet does look rough and scratchy. I’m thinking that if carpet burns on one’s balls isn’t fatal, it is definitely painful. I agree with your comment above, it will need a lot of kisses. 😀

  4. I agree-this week’s photo was a tough one! I couldn’t even figure it out until Saturday, then I didn’t come up with a story until Sunday. That was a good one, though

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