Gulf of Happenstance part 3

Thirty minutes later showered, well slathered in aloe gel and dressed in light sun dresses, Nell and Rose headed down the street toward a place the concierge had recommended. They only had to wait ten minutes to be seated.

“Am I just really hungry, or does it smell heavenly in here?” asked Rose.

Nell sniffed the air which was redolent with the scents of butter, fish and fresh bread. “Maybe, or you might just be horny. Smells like cat in here,” she said smiling.

“Cat? Oh! You mean pu…” Rose stopped before she said the whole word. “Yeah, it kinda does.” Both women laughed and went back to checking out the menu. They placed their order and nibbled on the fresh bread with honey butter that the waitress placed on the table.

“So, Where do you want to go tomorrow?” asked Nell.

“Not sure. Maybe farther up the beach towards Passage Key Inlet? Bean Point? You know, the north end of this little island?” said Rose.

“That might be fun,” said Nell trying to talk around a bite of bread. She looked up to see the waitress walking toward them with a man following behind her. He looked familiar, but she didn’t know why. She turned back to Rose to ask when he stopped next to them.

“Do you mind if I join you for dinner?” he asked.

The two women looked up still puzzled. “Um, do we kno… oh! James! I didn’t recognize you with clothes on,” said Rose who blushed as she realized what she’d said and hoped that no one had really heard her.

James laughed. “Yes, it’s me. However, I’d recognize you two beauties anywhere,” he said. “May I?”

“Oh geeze! Of course,” said Nell still laughing at Rose’s Freudian slip.

James sat down and took a menu from the waitress who’d been standing there the whole time and was smiling. He placed his order and the waitress headed off to have it placed with their order.

“I can’t believe I said that,” said Rose.

“Well, the last time you saw me I was wearing a kayak,” said James with a smile.

“Yes, you were. No telling what you had on under that kayak,” said Nell.

I assure you, there was a bathing suit. I had parked farther up the beach, and would have to walk to my car. I’m not doing that nude,” he said.

“Well, that might have been a nice view,” said Rose trying to regain her composure.

“It might be. I don’t tend to watch myself walk, so I wouldn’t know,” said James teasing.

Rose blushed.

“Wow! That’s brighter than my sunburn,” said Nell.

James laughed.

“You do realize that there will be no living with her now,” said Rose.

“You know, I’ve seen Rose’s blush. I haven’t seen your sunburn,” said James to Nell.

It was Nell’s turn to blush.

Dinner arrived and the three of them chatted like old friends. James explained how he’d found them. He’d stopped at their hotel asking for them when the concierge told him where they’d headed for dinner. They talked about all sorts of things including the trip to Maine earlier in the summer.

“So you really just jumped this guy’s bones?” asked James.

“Yeah. We hadn’t really planned it, but Rose is always horny and she dared me,” said Nell. She sipped the last of her wine.

“You dared her?” asked James of Rose.

“Of course. We tease each other all the time online. When we’re together, we’re twice as bad. Or, should that be silly? Outrageous? Daft? I don’t know, but we do crazy things when we’re on the road together,” said Rose.

“Sort of the Thelma and Louise without the cops?” asked James.

“No, more like Aunt Jet and Aunt Frances from Practical Magic,” said Rose. Nell nodded in agreement.

“But, they don’t travel,” said James a little confused.

“Not that you see, but you hear about the Mid-summer party and dancing naked around the May pole,” said Nell giggling.

James thought about it for a moment as it had been ages since he’d seen the movie. “So, are you trying to be sneaky and tell me you two are sisters or pagan?” he asked.

“Heartsisters, and pagan,” said Nell.

“Yeah, but mostly horny,” teased Rose.

“Rose!” squeaked Nell.

“You tell me you aren’t horny,” said Rose.

James watched the exchange with great amusement.

“Well. um.. I’m not,” said Nell. “Not in this one second,” she thought.

“Liar. Who said the room smelled of p…” Rose started.

“Shush! Damn!” said Nell getting all flustered and tongue tied all at the same time.

James broke out laughing.

“Ask her what she has in her luggage,” said Rose to James.

“Okay, Nell, what do you have in your luggage?” James asked.

“Clothes,” said Nell.

“And what else?” asked James a little more intently.

“Um… sunscreen, my hair brush,” said Nell a little less sure of her self.

“And,” James asked almost demanding in his tone.

“Vibrators, dildos and nipple clamps,” Nell said in a whisper.

Rose smiled.

“So, you are horny,” said James.

Nell nodded. “Always. So’s Rose. She lusts after dark haired men with beards,” she said.

“Oh?” asked James.

Rose gulped. Looking at Nell, she tried to compose herself and just broke into giggles. “Alright, caught,” she said.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see your toys,” said James.

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Rose. They caught the attention of the waitress and got their bills. James took theirs and paid for all the dinners. Then the three of them were out the door and heading back to the hotel.

4 thoughts on “Gulf of Happenstance part 3

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  1. TSA must have a field day checking their luggage 😉
    I hope James knows what he is getting himself into, but then I am pretty sure he does. Show and tell is always fun.

    1. Nell’s, yes. Rose’s, no. She drove.
      As for James, yeah, I think he knows what he has on his hands… (lol- nell juice) Just wait for the next few sections.

  2. Just goes to show you that some men have all the luck, then there is the rest of us. Now if I played my cards right, I could catch a plane to Tampa in the morning be there by 10:30 spend some time with the ladies, then head south to see my family, or maybe just spend time with the ladies and James. Tip

    1. Ah Tip, but other men don’t have their very own personal muses to write stories for them either. Well, not many, and you are one of those. Besides, didn’t you just finish fishing up at Eagle lake?

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