Gulf of Happenstance part 4

Nell unlocked the door and the three of them entered the room. It looked like a small cyclone had hit the room.

“Okay, did you two get robbed or were you really this messy?” James asked with a smile.

“We were hungry!” said Rose as she gathered clothes up off the beds and dumped them in the chair. As she found toys, she handed them to Nell who was trying to decide where to start. In a minute, the beds were clear and Rose turned on the TV and found a music channel turning it up to a decent volume. Then she lay across one of the beds on her stomach.

“Your show and tell Nell,” she said.

“Damn, Rose!” said Nell.

James laughed and sat down next to Rose. He traced his fingers along her shoulders. She wasn’t too sunburnt, just a little pink, which he was glad to see. So many tourists get burnt badly their first day.

“Fine. This one is a duck. A bondage duck. Then there is the regular duck, which belongs to Rose and…” Nell started listing.

“Whoa! Wait. Slow down Nell,” said James. “I can look at a catalog any day, and you have a very impressive pile of toys. Come here.”

Nell stood up and walked over to James. He stood up, wrapped his arms around her and proceeded to kiss her. It took Nell all of two seconds to respond. She wrapped her arms around him and melted into the kiss. His hands ran up her back and caught the tie of her summer dress and pulled. The knot fell apart and her dress floated to the floor. She was left standing there in her tiny lace panties and her sandals. James finally broke off the kiss and as he let go of Nell, his hands stroked her nipples that were beginning to grow hard.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as he pinched just a little.

James then turned to Rose. “So, you like dark and bearded men?” he asked as she rose to her knees on the bed to face him.

“Yes,” she said. She raised her face up to his for her kiss. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her to her feet. Her sun dress was a little more difficult to take off, but soon she was standing there in just her little green panties that matched the sun dress.

“I think you’re wearing too many clothes,” said Rose as she left his arms. With that she began to unbutton his shirt and then take it off. She tossed it over on a chair and proceeded to undo his belt and trousers. In a moment, he was nude. Powerful arms and legs covered with a fine down of dark hair were tanned except where his swimsuit covered him. A slightly lighter tan showed that he sometimes wore a wetsuit.

Nell and Rose wrapped their arms around him, kissing, touching and caressing. The three of them crawled onto the bed. Nell kissed her way up into James’ arms while Rose kissed her way down towards his cock, which had been standing proud even before they’d gotten his clothes off. Rose timed it just right. As he took Nell’s nipple into his mouth, her mouth covered the head of his cock.

“Oh,” he moaned deep in his throat muffled by Nell’s nipple.

Nell gasped as his teeth nipped at her breast. She knew she’d be soaked in a few minutes if he kept it up. She balanced herself on her knees and one hand on Rose’s hip. It was joined a moment later by James’ hand on Rose. Rose had knelt with her ass angled towards James’ head, which let him play and touch her as she sucked and licked his cock.

“Come closer Nell, and bring a toy,” said James.

Nell grabbed the bag of toys and pulled a glass dildo out of it. She handed it to James who smiled. He pulled her up to his face and as his tongue began to dance across her clit, he slowly slid the glass dildo into her pussy. He tried to time his thrusts with Rose’s mouth. One hand held the dildo as the other grasped Nell’s ass.

Nell began to moan as Jame’s tongue flicked back and forth across her clit. The dildo, while cool at first was heating up and hitting all the right spots as he twisted and turned it. She could feel her orgasm build and ground against his tongue.

Rose could hear Nell vocalize and knew how close she was to coming. She increased her own rhythm and stroked his balls with her fingertips. She could feel his cock begin to pulse and tasted the first drops of cum slide across her tongue.

James couldn’t believe how responsive Nell was to his tongue and the dildo. He was having trouble concentrating with Rose sucking his cock. “Feels so good,” he thought. He gave up trying to guide the dildo as Nell had locked his hand and the dildo to his chest as she partially sat on him. Her cries were reaching a peak. It set him off and the next thing he knew, they were both orgasming.

Nell felt so good. Her orgasm ripped through her and she felt her juices flood across James’ chest. When he stiffened with his orgasm, it drove the dildo in deeper and she shuddered with another orgasm.

Rose heard Nell go off and then had to concentrate on swallowing the cum that James had blasted down her throat. She kept sucking until there was no more cum, and James was twitching with every touch of her tongue. She sat up and smiled at James and Nell, who had fallen to one side of James. Both of them had silly grins on their faces.

“When I find my fingers, it’s your turn Rose,” gasped James. “Damn you have talented lips.”

“That’s what I’ve been told,” Rose said with a smile. “I think you need a towel.”

James looked down at his chest and realized that there was Nell juice everywhere. “Do you always cum this much?” he asked Nell.

Nell just nodded and giggled.

“She’s even worse if you spank her,” said Rose. “She’s turned into a real pain slut.”

“Rose! Don’t tell all my secrets!” laughed Nell.

“It’s true. You were dripping just from him tweaking your nipple,” laughed Rose.

“Yeah, but you can’t say you’re much better,” teased Nell.

“Okay, hold on,” said James trying to follow the conversation through giggles.

“Yes,” said both women at once.

“Nell’s into pain? And so are you Rose?” he asked.

“Yes and not so much” said Rose.

“How does that work?” asked James.

“Nell has a friend up where she lives and they play D/s games heavy on the spanking end of life. I on the other hand live with a man who occasionally spanks,” said Rose.

“Close,” said Nell.

“Close enough,” said Rose. “You up to making me feel good?” she asked of James.

“I think so. Let me see that toy bag,” he said to Nell. Nell handed it over and sat back to watch.

Rose stretched out on the bed and waited to see what James pulled out of the bag. She didn’t have long to wait. He had the new rabbit vibrator in his hand and a wicked smile on his face.

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  1. Can’t imagine why he would have a smile on his face. Would love to try it with two women just once before I get older, but unless the wife brings home a friend I don’t think it is going to happen. Tip

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