Flash Fiction Friday… Cruising

The scent of leather, tickled Hillary’s nose as she waited in Bradley’s jalopy. Ecstatic that she’d found it unlocked, she slid behind the wheel. She imagined driving off to some secluded spot to make out.

She decided to wait in the car and surprise him. She had ten minutes. She figured out if she bent her knees, she would just fit on the seat. Checking the angles, she adjusted her skirt and panties to best show off her ass and stocking clad thighs when he got to the car. Her nose just touched the passenger door. Crossing her ankles, she waited.


Bradley noticed a pair of high heels showing in the window of his car. He walked up, looked down into the face of Hillary. Her pert ass showed behind her. She smiled.



Our challenge this week was 100-135 words and the challenge prompt of “the scent of (noun). I found this picture delightful and in it’s own way sweet. I could just see her arriving at the car before her boyfriend and ‘arranging’ herself to her best advantage. Beautiful staging.

Thank you Panser for the fun of Flash Fiction Friday. It has been an easier week here in my crazy world and this prompt brightened my day.

18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Cruising

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    1. Agreed! When I was writing this I had a real giggle. In all our time together, Wolf and I have never gone “parking”. However, we intend to fix this as later tonight we are going to go out and see if we can spot the SpaceX Dragon capsule and ISS. Living with a geek is so funny!

    1. I’m happy you liked it. I have to admit that I always look at the title of the pic we get sent and see if I can work it in. This time I was easy!

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