Yes, I’m back. Feeling much better and with stories burning in my brain. Here is one to hold you over until I get back to Florida or that night club or better yet that horse stable. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

The phone ran shrilly against the backdrop of her dream. Groggily, she crawled to the end of the bed where the phone rested in it’s cradle.

“Hullo?” she said sleepily. “Oh hi Dad. No, we slept in today. Oh. Okay.” She rolled back and handed the phone to Quin, who was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“This is Quin,” he said. “Yes, I’ll be there later this afternoon. No, I have the oil and the filter. Okay. Bye for now.” Quin rolled and put the phone down by the side of the bed.

“Now that we’re awake hours before we planned to be, do you want to fool around?” Lynne asked.

“Sure,” said Quin. He rolled over and took Lynne in his arms. Their lips locked in kisses as his hands trailed down her ass and cupped the warm flesh. Lynne in turn tried to reach his cock which was pressing against her thighs. No luck. Quin held her tight as he kissed her.

“Quin,” she tried to say inbetween kisses. She wiggled her hands to show that she wanted to touch him.

“Uuhn-uh,” he groaned as he squeezed her ass tighter. Sliding a leg between hers, he brought it up against her nether lips. She was damp and he ground his leg hard against her. It was Lynne’s turn to moan.

Lynne kissed down his throat and nibbled his ear. She moaned again as his hand held her breast and rolled her nipple between his fingertips. She almost had his cock within her grasp.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Damn phone!” hissed Quin as he let go of Lynne. “Hello, Quin speaking. Yes, I think so. Just a minute,” he said as he got up out of bed. He walked over to the bedroom door and peeked out. Looking around he saw what he was looking for. “Yes. It’s hear in the living room. No, I’m busy right now. Do you think you could pick it up in an hour or so? Good. See you around 2pm”

When he turned to walk back to the bed he saw that Lynne was laughing.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You. You walking around in just your socks and a hard-on,” she giggled.

“Well, if your son hadn’t called wondering if he’d left his GPS unit here, I’d still be in bed and you’d have never noticed the socks,” said Quin.

“Oh, it was Ian that called?” asked Lynne.

“Yeah. He’ll be by around 2pm. That should give us plenty of time to play,” he said kissing her navel and working his way down.

“Ohhhh, yes,” said Lynne. She rolled on her back and opened her legs to let him kiss and lick her. She loved his kisses.

Quin propped himself up on one arm so that he could use the fingers of his other hand to touch and play with Lynne while he licked and kissed her pussy. As she arched up towards his tongue, he slipped a finger into her and slowly fingered her.

“Oh Quin,” Lynne gasped. She felt the heat building quicker than normal. It had been a long week with no time to play. She enjoyed the feeling of his fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy in time to the strokes of his tongue. She was almost there.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Fuck!” groused Quin. “Hello, Quin here. Yes. I have the right colored filter for the oil change. Yes, it’s orange. No, I checked because I wrote down the exact one from last time. See you this afternoon.” Quin shut the phone off and flopped onto the bed. His cool was blown and so was his erection.

“There are days I regret ever getting a phone!” he said.

“You know if we didn’t have one, he’d drive over here,” said Lynne.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” said Quin. He lay back on the pillows, one arm over his eyes trying to relax. Lynne got up and knelt next to his hip, taking his soft cock into her mouth. It was Quin’s turn to moan.

“Oh… uh… uh…uh..” he tried to talk, and all he could do was shudder as Lynne’s tongue rolled over his cock as she sucked and licked it. He finally wrapped a brain cell around a thought and brought his hand up between Lynne’s legs. His fingers slid into her pussy and he stroked her from opening to clit.

Lynne moaned and let the sound vibrate against his cock as he made her feel good. His strokes were making it difficult to concentrate on sucking his cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and held her close as he stroked upwards against her face.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Nooooo!” he gasped.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

With a growl, Quin answered the phone. Lynne had sat up and waited. Sure enough, Quin handed her the phone.

“Hello? Oh hi Pat. Yes, we were having a lazy day in bed. Yes, you interrupted us. No, Quin is just too damn polite. What do you need? Oh. I’ll make sure I send it off in the morning. Bye for now!” she said and hung up the phone.

“What in the hell did he need?” asked Quin as Lynne stroked his cock to bring it back up to full hardness.

“He wanted a recipe for waffles. You’d think with two of my sons being chefs that they could have a decent recipe book. But oh no! They have to call mom,” she said.

Quin laughed. “Come here,” he said and pulled Lynne to him. She straddled his hips and slid his cock into her pussy. Rocking back and forth, the two of them settled into a sweet rhythm. Quin grabbed her nipples as she moved up and down on his cock. Lynne in turn squeezed those inner muscles and pulsed his cock as she rocked.

“Oh,” Quin gasped. He loved it when she did that. It was like having a pussy and a hand play with his cock. He grabbed her hips with both hands and thrust harder. They both increased their pace as the pleasure grew. Quin felt his orgasm start to build. Lynne noticed the change in his face and sat up to thrust harder against him. It brought his cock up tight against her cervix.

“Yyyyyesss!” Lynne cried as her orgasm rocked her, pouring through her body.

“Arrrrr!” growled Quin under her as he too came. His body arched up off of the bed lifting the two of them. It felt like he came forever. When he finally melted back to the bed, Lynne was still twitching.

Lynne melted to one side and lay there trying to catch her breath.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Quin grabbed the phone. “Hello, Quin here!” he said with a bit of a gasp. He was still out of breath. “No, I will be there in an hour. We agreed on 11am. Right. See you then,” he said and hung up the phone.

“Dad again?” asked Lynne.

“Yeah. He forgot again. I know he’s nearly 80, but damn!” said Quin. He put the phone down and rolled towards Lynne. Cuddling her up in his arms, he reached between her legs and found her clit. He knew she liked a little extra pleasure and wanted to leave her smiling. He flicked her clit and held her as she began to orgasm. Lynne arched, cried out and came. She melted into his arms.

“That was nice,” she said sleepily.

“Agreed. Best yet, no phones!” Quin laughed.

Lynne nodded.

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